Monday, August 31, 2015

Small Miracles :)

Hey Hey Hey!! :) its a beautiful SUNNY day here in Reu!! :)) 

well i loved your emails, thank you so much for emailing me each week! i love hearing about how you all are! good luck with ALL activities this week!! :)

anywho! this week was a week of Small Miracles!! :)) it started Tuesday, we were trying to contact this lady who we met last sunday (super cool!) but she wasnt home! and as we were standing outside of her house this other girl passed by and i just felt the need to talk to her so i asked her if she knew where the other lady was, well she didnt and then continued on her way. well as we were standing there waiting to figure out what to do, this guy started whistleing at us, like all the men do here...but the girl who passed by turned around and said, "hes telling you girls to come here" in a joking voice. but we didnt have anything else planned so we walked over there. we went with the mentality that it was just gonna be a weird lesson and nothing was gonna come of it. but it turns out that this girl, whose name is Beatriz, and the guy, Dilan, live together, dont go to a church, and want to learn more. MIRACLES!!!! normally we ignore the men, but we listened! and we found a family!! :)) also to make it even more miraculous, they came to church this sunday!!!!!:)) i know that heavenly father is watching over san carlos! its not an easy area, and there are days where we walk around without finding anyone, but i also know that heavenly father is there with us and has people ready for this gospel!!!! 

also i just want to give a little advice, this week is the elections here in guatemala and things are super crazy haha and so we are buying a bunch of food storage for emergencies! but do we as a family have food storage?? or at least a 72 kit ready and put together?? idk, just htis week i was thinking about that. for 2 days we didnt have electricty and we were a little unprepared for that, abnd it got me thinking about home and if we have the preparations. just a thought... :)))

well this week was a good week, but i dont have too much time!! good thing i have my journal!! ;)) anywho! just want you all to know that God works through many ways! he has a plan and he works by small miracles everyday. keep your eyes open for these miracles and if you can,w rite them down and read them again in a few months! you will be amazed!!! :))) i love you all so much and i am so grateful for you! i love this gospel and my Savior Jesus Christ! he lives and we are in work!! :)) have a great week!!! :))) I LOVE YOU!!

Monday, August 24, 2015



well today is a beautiful and hot day in the grand city of RETALHULEU!!!!! :))))) yep thats right la hermana canty had changes!! i still cant believe i am here in reu, but here i am and im ready to work! i am in an area called San Carlos. its like 15 min from Reu but we have to come here 3-4 a week so i feel like im in Reu!! my companion is la hermana Romero! she is 19 and is from Nicaragua!! :))) i like it, even though its SUPER different from malacatan! (not gonna lie it was harder to say bye those people than it ever has been in the misison! they were my family for 6 months!!!!!!!) but i am super excited for this area! its super big and there is lots of ground to cover and lots of almas to save!!! :))) (mom your prayers for a new challenge were answered in GRAND measure!!!!)

well this week we had a GREAT opportunity!!! we got to listen to the voice of President Russel M. Nelson. (he was going to come to Xela tomorrow but because a of a storm that is coming in and his health he couldnt come to guatemala, so we watched it live video cast from Honduras!!!!) there are so many things that i learned!!! a few about marriage ;) and a lot about missionary work!!!! :)))) he gave 14 topics to study to help our investigators GO TO THE TEMPLE!!!! the thing here in central america is that there are a TON of male members who dont have the preisthood! and they are menos activo!! so he encouraged us to help them return to the church and RECEIVE the preisthood!!!! he talked alot about family history work (by the way, grandpas work!?) and how we need to help our investigators go to the temple!!! it was so amazing to hear his voice and feel of his spirit, even if we werent in the same room!!!! 

we also got to listen to the area president, Elder Duncan and his wife! and some thing that hermana Duncan said really stuck out to me! she said that our circumstances depend on us!!! life can be hard, unfair, boring, unsuccessful, and everything else bad! but it can also be easy, just, exciting, SUCCESSFUL and everything else GOOD!! it depends on us, and then she said, "CHOOSE JOY!!!!!!!!!" i invite all of you to do the same! no matter the circumstnaces, CHOOSE JOY!! it makes all the difference!! 

but President Nelson said something in the conference that helped me a lot! he was ending his talk and gave us all a blessing. but more he gave our families a blessing. a blessing of HEALTH and PROTECTION!!! i konw that our family is going through something very hard right now, and i know that heavenly father has a will for everything! but i also TRUST in the words of the apostle!!! we will be protected and we will be able to accept the will of God. i know that heavenly father is watching over you all and know that i pray for you everyday! keep praying hard and working hard! I LOVE YOU!!! :))))))) have a great week and know that we are in the work of the lord!!! :))) THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!! :))))


Hermana Canty

ps: there is a video on youtube i think that has the baptisms of the mission reu!!! and its misionretalhuleuAgosto15, i think! im not sure look it up! theyre really cool!!! :)))) LES QUIERO MUCHO!!! :)

Monday, August 17, 2015


Hello hello!

Good Afternoon to the world´s greatest family, EVER!!! :)))

well this week was a great week!! its all kinda a blur and so my email might be all over the place but i will write what comes to my mind first!! :))

FIRST! :) yesterday in church, Fernando and José Antonio blessed the sacrament!!!!! our two converts!! it was so cool to see them!! and they did so great!! i was smiling like a proud mom!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))) they are super pilas! it was also really cool because brandon (the little 10 yr old) was already sitting in church when we got there!! :)))))

SECOND!! yesterday we had this joven come with us to church whos name is katherin (she was going to get baptized in may but then she moved to another town and was almost baptized with the elders there but then moved again and now lives in our area again!!) and she hasnt come in a long time but was able to come yesterday!! and she told us that she just felt so happy to be there and that she actually wanted to be in the church!! it was also cool because two other jovenes came (a brother and sister, miguel and yoselin) they are super shy but so cool!!! it was a cool experience! 

one thing i have learned from this is that the jovenes are more receptive to the gospel (because they dont have as many commitments as the adults) but its also so true that satan works very hard against the youth of the world and the church! i read an article today in the liahona that talked about that it said,
In order for us to be “an example of the believers” (1 Timothy 4:12), we ourselves must believe. We must develop the faith necessary to survive spiritually and to project a light for others. We must nurture our testimony until it becomes an anchor to our lives. Among the most effective ways to gain and keep the faith we need today is to read and study the scriptures and to pray frequently and consistently. To the youth of the Church, I say, if you haven’t done so, develop now a habit of daily scripture study and prayer. Without these two essential practices, outside influences and the sometimes-harsh realities of life can dim or even extinguish your light.
its so true!! i invited you all...not just chance and start the habit of DAILY scripture study and prayer, trust me, it will change your life!!!! its the small things that make the big difference! 

also this week i learned  A LOT about patience and humility. i learned that while eventhough i thought i was helping, i was actually making it worse. it was a moment of reflection and i really saw the atonement of jesus christ come into play. i know that we are given all that we need and i know that everything has a purpose! 

changes are this week so who knows what will happen. i have been in malacatan for almost 6 months! and so i might have changes! if i do it will be hard to leave because these people have become my second family! but its also part of the mission!! :) i will "go and do as the lord commands!" :))

anywho, i just want you all to know that i KNOW this is the lords work and that we are very blessed to be members of the church of JESUS CHRIST!!! i love this gospel and i love this work!! thank you all for your love and prayers! keep working hard and praying hard!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have a great week!!!

con mucho amor,

Hermana Canty!!! :)

Monday, August 10, 2015

Doctrina y Convenios 76:22

"Y ahora, después de los muchos testimonios que se han dado de él, éste es el testimonio, el último de todos, que nosotros damos de él: ¡Que vive!"

Buenas Tardes Familia Canty!!! :))))

how are all of you today!? it sounds like your week was a VERY eventful week!! congrats chance and em on your fair projects!! whit and jeff i am VERY excited to be the aunt of Grayson!!! mom i am so glad you like your night shifts and that you have been able to go to church!! and dad you also deserve a congrats for fair bc i know you helped alot! and now youre gettin ready for school so enjoy your potatoes a little longer!!!! well this scripture that i wrote to you all describes what i have learned this week!!!!!! and it starts with this!!

President Ruiz challenged us to memorize the 1st 4 paragraphs of The Living Christ before the 19 of Agosto!! and i have been memorizing it all week!!! to be honest im not sure if ive ever read it, but i did and now that i am memorizing my testimony is growing so much!!! yesterday i had to give a talk in church (i didnt know i was going to give a talk until the sacrament was being passed.... but thats the life of the missionary right!?) anywho!! i wasnt sure what to talk about but this scripture came to my mind! and so i shared that and basically just bore my testimony!! I KNOW THAT MY REDEEMER LIVES!!! Jesus Christ is the son of God and HE LIVES!!! we are not members of a dead church, we are members of the ONLY TRUE CHURCH on earth! we are members of CHRIST´S church!!! how blessed are we!!!!! it was something that presidente Ruiz said taht got my attention, he said that if we dont gain a testimony of anything else here in the mission we need to gain a testimony that we know that Christ lives!!!! my testimony is FAR from perfect or great or complete but i can say with MORE ASSURANCE now, that i know that Jesus Christ lives!!! (if you havent read The Living Christ, DO IT!!!!!!!) 

also! we saw how much faith can do!!! remember Nancy!? the jovencita who lives 2 hours away and came to church last week!? well she came again!!!! her mom was really sick this week and had to go home to help her and wasnt sure how she would come to church. well we werent sure either, but we did as the scriptures say and we fasted and prayed for her! well Heavenly Father gave her the way! she showed up to church on sunday. and boy did we have lots of questions for her! the first one, "HOW DID YOU GET HERE!?" and she told us that her AND her mom left their house at 5 am and had to catch a bunch of rides to finally make it to a town where a normal car was coming to malacatan!!! THIS GIRL HAS 17 YEARS!!!!!!!!!  and her faith is so much bigger than mine!!!! she trusts so much in the lord and never doubts!!!!!!! if all of us could have the faith of Nancy, WOW!!! miracles!!!! 

also with faith!! our recent convert brandon (he has 10 years) is super pilas!! we werent sure if the member could pass by for him to bring him to church and so we went to get him sunday. but to our surprise when we got to his house he had already left to the church!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and when we got there, sure enough he was there sitting in the front row!!! WOW!!!!! its amazing the effect this gospel has on all of us! it doesnt matter our age! if we have a desire to follow Christ, he will put the way for us to do so!!!! 

lots of things have happened this week, within our family! the news of grandma libby makes me very sad while the news of whit and jeff makes me very happy!! i know that these are all trials and blessings that come from a LOVING heavenly father. may we have the faith sufficient to see the miracels he has prepared and may we follow his commands so that when he needs us we will be prepared!!! 

i love you all so much and am very blessed to be a part of this family!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE SUPPÒRT PRAYERS AND EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are my strength in those tough days!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Con MUCHO amor,

Hermana Canty

Monday, August 3, 2015


Miracles Come When We Least Expect Them


i hope you are all enjoying the beginning days of Fair!!! :))) im sure you are all very excited for ALL that it brings!! :) GOOD LUCK SHOWERS!! ;))

well this week really was a great week!!! 

FIRST!! we had a multi-zone conference with Presidente Ruiz on Wednesday! and wow!! it was great!! it started with a test of the Book of Mormon! (we were challenged to read it in 1 month! and i did it!!! it was a LOT of reading, 8 chapters everyday, but it was so great!!!!) we also had some REALLY great workshops about teaching by the spirit, finding families, and having a lot of success in august! but my favorites talks were from Presidente and Hermana Ruiz. they truly are inspired people!!!! i am truly blessed to be able to learn from them and have them as my leaders in the mission!!! :))) but we saw a true miracle in this conference. ¿do you remember the elder i told you about who was really sick and we were fasting a lot for him? ¿elder portillo? well anyway, him! we were able to video chat with him! it started out with presidente ruiz talking about the book of mormon and how it is a HUGE testimony of Jesus Christ. and how if we dont have a testimony in anything else it needs to be that Jesus is the Christ and that he Lives!!!! :)) we then watched 3 testimonies from the movie "Special Witnesses" and to close Presidente was talking about how if we have this testimony in Christ that when our "Gethsemanes" come we will be prepared to endure them and will endure them with faith. he then told us he had a surprise. it was then that Elder Portillo´s face showed up on the screen. he then proceded to share his testimony with us of the Living Chirst. wow!! how powerful his testimony is! i only knew elder portillo for 1 change and we didnt talk to much but one thing i do remeber of him is that he was a great missionary and has a greater testimony!!! and i was reassured of that testimony wednesday!! (the miracle of this is that tuesday he had a big tube in his neck, which he had had for 2 months, and they took it out!! MIRACLES!!!!) we will all go through our own trials but if our testimony of Christ is strong. WE WILL NOT FALL!!!!! :)))

SECOND!! we have this investigator Nancy, who we have been teaching for a while but hasnt been able to come to church bc she lives 2 hours away and isnt here in malacatan on the weekends. she is SO pilas and has been since we first met her! but we were thinking about droping her bc she hasnt been able to come and her family doesnt give her permision to get baptized (shes 17) and so we went tuesday to visit her one last time and she told us the best news i had heard all week!!!! HER PARENTS GAVE HER PERMISSION!!!!! she talked to them and they finally said that if she wanted to do it that it was her choice and that she could!!!! well that was amazing! but we were still worried about how we were going to get her to church bc she lives so far away. well we called her friday night and she said that she wasnt going to go to her house bc she had a lot of homework and that she was going to come to church sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!! thats right! after 3 1/2 months she was finally able to come to church!!!! she has a fecha for the 15th of August!!! and she tells us every time we go taht she NEEDS to baptized!! this little girl will do GREAT things in her life and even greater things for the Lord!! this experience taught me that it isnt our timing that matters but the timing of the lord! he knows when the people are ready! he knows when they need to be baptized! and we just need to trust in his timing more!! i also learned PATIENCE!!!!! 

we saw many miracles this week and it was a true blessing! but my testimony of fasting grew so much! this week we saw EVERY SINGLE THING we asked for in the fast come to pass! EVERY THING!!!!! and even more miraculous is that it happened within 5 hours of starting the fast!!!! HEAVENLY FATHER DOES NOT LIE! if he promises us something, and we are obedient, he will bless us!!! i also want to share my testimony, but in spanish bc its a little easier to do so right now... ;)

testifico que esta iglesia es verdadera y realmente es la iglesia de JESUCRISTO!!! solo por medio de esta iglesia podemos regresar y vivir con nuestro Padre Celestial. SÉ que Dios nos ama y NUNCA olvida de nosotros!! somos imperfectos pero la ayuda de él podemos ser mejores cada dia! JESUCRISTO NOS AMA! el Libro de Mormon es verdadero y cambia las vidas de las personas! somos una familia eterna! LES AMO MUCHISIMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! have a great week and good luck with all your shows and sales and work and everything!!! work hard, pray harder!!!!!!! :)))

Hermana Canty