Monday, November 23, 2015

* Bonus : Just to make you smile

well a funny experience for you all this wonderful monday, and it goes like this:

two hermanas (hermana canty and hermana aguilar) were hungry one thursday afternoon, and decided to go to Asado Franca (a place they had been to before) to eat RamboPan (a very large sandwhich with 5 different meats.) the pan was delicious..until the end when hermana canty saw a meat she didnt recognize...white..squishy..gross..after eating almost the entire sandwich she took out the gross meat she had just found and finished calmly. however as they were leaving said hermana felt REALLY the point she was a little sick to her stomach. but they went to work. after getting off a bus she mentioned to her companion that she felt the need to throw up..not very strong but lightly. while in the lesson with an investigator the stomach of hermana canty was swing dancing, so much so that she couldnt speak, for fear of puking on the feet of the wonderful investigator. she was pulling a "BRAVE" moment and tried to wait it out..but couldnt and had to ask for the bathroom and had to RUN to it before puking all of RamboPan up. to make it worse...the bathroom is RIGHT next to where the lesson was. so instead of feeling the spirit..she smelled lunch. it was very emabarrassing...but it doesnt end there.

after going with a member..and MISTAKINGLY drinking some grape soda..the two hermanas got in a taxi...they didnt drive but 20 feet when hermana canty had to scream "PULL OVER, PULL OVER!" and jumped out of the taxi..and puke up all that was in her stomach. IN THE SIDE OF A BARDITCH!! she had lots of spectators (the people in the taxi...the people in the small restaruant..and the people in the streets) after concluding, the hermanas got in a different taxi and headed home. and that is the story of when hermana canty ate INTESTINE!!!!!

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p

Hermana Canty

Agradecidos En Todas Las Cosas


eventhough they dont celebrate it here...we are going to this year. so thats definitely something to be grateful for!! :))) i hope this week we can all remember the things we are truly grateful for and the MANY BLESSINGS our heavenly father gives us each day!!!! :))) 

this week was good and wet!! we got soaked everyday and it was GREAT!! :))) the people think we are crazy walking and working in the rain storms that happen here..but we are in the work of salvation and a little water cant stop us!! ;) but on a serious note this week was really good. 

we had some great lessons with our investigators, we have this lady named Amarilis (we contacted her in a bus a few weeks ago and she is really great!) she is a single mom and is way great! we taught her a lot about prayer and the holy ghost this week. she has been reading every assignment we have given her and is praying to know if the church is true...she just hasnt recieved her answer yet. hermana aguilar and i were thinking a lot about that this week and decided that maybe she wasnt praying in the right way. (here is guatemala almost EVERYONE goes to a church..mostly evangelical, and so they know how to some way or another. but as we know..God has instructed us how we should do it. so we decided to have a lesson with her about that and how we need to KNEEL to our father and ask specifically for the things we want. it was a great lesson..and to make it better we went with Hermana Johana...she is the super pilas ex-missionary in the ward!! :) it was great to have her because she was able to bear STRONG testimony to Amarilis.

also we have another investigator whos name is carlos. he is the son of another investigator...elizabeth (she and her partner..hector cant get married for a BUNCH of complicated reasons that are personal and long so just remember that they can get baptized right now lol) anywho with carlos. he is super great!! really pilas and like amarilis, reads and prays!!!! but still is hestitant about accepting a fecha for baptism! but i know that heavenly father is working in him!! we have some super lessons planned for him this week and we hope to help him accept a fecha for december!! :))) 

one thing i learned this week is that we can lead a horse to water but cant make him drink!! we can do all we can for people, but its up to them to decide, but we MUST DO ALL WE CAN!!!!!!! :)))) I LOVE MISISONARY WORK!!!! its the best work and we are all members of it!!! just want you all to know how GRATEFUL i am for each one of you and the blessings you are in my life!!! i am the luckiest person in the world to have a family like you!!!!!! please eat LOTS of food for me this week..and even more pie!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Hermana Canty