Monday, July 13, 2015


Home Sweet Malacatán

hello familia!! 

well i have some news for you all, 

IM STILL IN MALACATAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))))))))))

yay!!! changes were this past week and i didnt have them! neither did my comp!!! so she goes to win the award (so far) of my comp that i have been with for the longest time!!! :))) i was really surprised when i didnt have changes! but also so happy bc we are seeing miracles in malacatan right now!! i just want to share a few with you all!! :)))

#1 Fernando
he is a friend of one the members in our ward and has been coming to church for almost 2 months! and he has a fecha for this weekend! he is super shy but is really great and a really big desire to be baptized!!! :))) 

#2 José Antonio
HE PASSED THE SACRAMENT IN CHURCH YESTERDAY AND CAME TO VISIT WITH US AFTER CHURCH!!!!!! :)))) (maria ines came too!! there are our recent converts!!!) 

#3 Zila, Alexandra, and Analouisa
Zila is the mom of alex and ana! and we met them like 2 weeks ago contacting! (we started talking about her purse!! :P) and they are super positive!!!!! them came with us to church yesterday and had so many questions and wanted to learn practically everything!! it was great! also the members helped so much with them to sit by them and answer questions!! its was really cool!!! :))))) 

#4 Sandra and her children (5)
we met her this week and they came to church yesterday!!!! :)))))))) sandra is the mom and she has 6 kids!!!! only 3 are older than 8 but she came yesterday with 5 of them!!! it was great to see! and she really enjoyed church as did her daughters!!!!! 

#5 Brandon
he is a little niño of 10 yrs that has come to church 2 times! it was so cute bc yesterday he came with a white shirt and dress pants! and he was helping the other investigators we had sing and was sharing his hymn book and everything! lol 

we had 8 investigators in church yesterday....thats like a RECORD! (not that numbers matter at all!) but it was great to see how they all loved the church and how happy they were there! a while ago hna leon and i were having some troubles with the work! but just like the rainbow that comes after the rain, so do the miracles come after some time!!! i know that my heavenly father is helping these people! i can feel it everytime i visit them and every time i see them progress!

i felt the love of heavnely father so strong this week!!! one time in particular was when we were in a lesson with an investigator named Karina! we have taught her for a while and she is not progressing very much! we talked about the importance of doing the prayer to know if its true. we asked her that if she recieved her answer that the church is true if she would be baptized and she said, idk maybe! and in this moment i started to cry as i bore my testimony to her! i dont remember everything i said but i do remember that i told her that if she recieved her answer and didnt act on it than it would be a very sad day. everyone of us with stand before our heavenly father and give an account of what we did with the opportunties he gave us. and how sad it willl be when those who HAVE the opportunity to join this church dont act on it and have to stand in front and say that. i just cried and told her i didnt want that for her! i seriously feel such a strong love for these people that it almost breaks my heart into 2 pieces when they dont progress! but ialso kow tht heavenyl father has a time for everything!!!! 

i am so grateful to be a missionary and to feel the love of heavenly father everyday!!! i hope you all can try everyday to feel his love stronger! THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR EXAMPLES!!!!! i love you all so much and i konw that you are doing great!!! be safe and pray hard!!!!!!!! HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!!!:))) 

con mucho amor,

Hermana Canty