Monday, July 27, 2015


Christmas in July!! :))

Hola Familia!!:))))

this week was a good week!! we worked hard and saw lots of miralces, but also saw some challenges. we have 5 investigators who are SUPER postive and super pilas!! but we had to put them in pause this week! some things happened with their families to help things calm down they asked us to give them a week or two to cool down. of course we are sad, 2 had fechas.., but i also know that Heavenly Father has a plan for each one of them! and we are here to help in his plan! we cant change his timing, we just have to accept it!! :) so although it was hard to walk out of their houses this week, i left with the PEACE of knowing we will return shortly!!!

but the miracle of the week is Brandon (the niño in the fotos). we were able to get permission from his family (who all go to a DIFFERENT church) for him to get baptized. its a little more challenging with him bc he is a niño but we also konw that he is super pilas and really has a desire!! it was great too bc his mom came to his baptism! the baptism was great! (he told me before his baptism as we were sitting in the room of the font hesaid, "i have a weird feeling in my stomach when i am in this room but it goes away when i walk out" he was nervous for his baptism but was so cute and so happy after!!!!!) 

their are ALWAYS challenges in life and ALWAYS hardships but it is nothing when we remember that we have Christ on our side!!! he is ALWAYS there for us even when we arent there for him! i know that my savior Jesus Christ lives and that he died for each one of us, i dont know how many drops of blood he had to suffer for me, but i am IMMENSELY grateful for each one he did shed so that i could have the opporutnity EVERY DAY to be better!!! i see it every day in the mission, the power of the atonement! i see christ enter into the hearts of these people and i feel so happy that i get to help them!! we are members of the only true church on earth! the only church that has ALL the authority of god and ALL the things we need to return to live with him!!! :))) stay strong and remember that i love you all so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))) 

Feliz Tarde!! :) Nos Vemos Pronto! <3

Hermana Canty

Monday, July 20, 2015


How sweet the joy

buenas tardes!! :)))

i dont have much time but i will give a good run down of the week! :)

well this week was a good week for sure!! our investigator Fernando was baptized!! :))) he was a reference of a girl in our ward and has come to church for a while!! but he is really great!! :))) and his baptism was great! we saw the advesary trying to stop us from having the baptism, but it didnt work! (for example there wasnt electricity for like 3 hours before his baptism and came on like 20 mintues before!!!!) but thankfully everything went great with his baptism and he even came to church the next day with a white shirt and tie!!! :)

ALSO!! our recent convert, Jose Antonio, BLESSED the sacrament yesterday!!!! it was so great!!! he was practicing all week to do it! and did great! i felt like a proud mom!!! :))))

its very sad to see people who KNOW the church is true and you have RECEIVED answers not act on that knowledge!! we have a few investigators who we will have to put in pause for a while because they dont want to act on the answers they have received!!! but its also SO amazing when they do act!!! :))) 

i know that this is the work of the lord because whenever i teach a lesson a can FEEL him there!! these people are being prepared long before we come to meet them!! and there are some that we are helping in this process still!! but its such a joy we have when we can help them and they are READY!!!! 

i konw without a doubt that the book of mormon is true!! i know this church is true! and that it IS THE WORK OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST!!!!

i love you all so much!! thank you for your love and support in everything!!!!:) have a great week and keep working hard!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

Hermana Canty

Monday, July 13, 2015


Home Sweet Malacatán

hello familia!! 

well i have some news for you all, 

IM STILL IN MALACATAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))))))))))

yay!!! changes were this past week and i didnt have them! neither did my comp!!! so she goes to win the award (so far) of my comp that i have been with for the longest time!!! :))) i was really surprised when i didnt have changes! but also so happy bc we are seeing miracles in malacatan right now!! i just want to share a few with you all!! :)))

#1 Fernando
he is a friend of one the members in our ward and has been coming to church for almost 2 months! and he has a fecha for this weekend! he is super shy but is really great and a really big desire to be baptized!!! :))) 

#2 José Antonio
HE PASSED THE SACRAMENT IN CHURCH YESTERDAY AND CAME TO VISIT WITH US AFTER CHURCH!!!!!! :)))) (maria ines came too!! there are our recent converts!!!) 

#3 Zila, Alexandra, and Analouisa
Zila is the mom of alex and ana! and we met them like 2 weeks ago contacting! (we started talking about her purse!! :P) and they are super positive!!!!! them came with us to church yesterday and had so many questions and wanted to learn practically everything!! it was great! also the members helped so much with them to sit by them and answer questions!! its was really cool!!! :))))) 

#4 Sandra and her children (5)
we met her this week and they came to church yesterday!!!! :)))))))) sandra is the mom and she has 6 kids!!!! only 3 are older than 8 but she came yesterday with 5 of them!!! it was great to see! and she really enjoyed church as did her daughters!!!!! 

#5 Brandon
he is a little niño of 10 yrs that has come to church 2 times! it was so cute bc yesterday he came with a white shirt and dress pants! and he was helping the other investigators we had sing and was sharing his hymn book and everything! lol 

we had 8 investigators in church yesterday....thats like a RECORD! (not that numbers matter at all!) but it was great to see how they all loved the church and how happy they were there! a while ago hna leon and i were having some troubles with the work! but just like the rainbow that comes after the rain, so do the miracles come after some time!!! i know that my heavenly father is helping these people! i can feel it everytime i visit them and every time i see them progress!

i felt the love of heavnely father so strong this week!!! one time in particular was when we were in a lesson with an investigator named Karina! we have taught her for a while and she is not progressing very much! we talked about the importance of doing the prayer to know if its true. we asked her that if she recieved her answer that the church is true if she would be baptized and she said, idk maybe! and in this moment i started to cry as i bore my testimony to her! i dont remember everything i said but i do remember that i told her that if she recieved her answer and didnt act on it than it would be a very sad day. everyone of us with stand before our heavenly father and give an account of what we did with the opportunties he gave us. and how sad it willl be when those who HAVE the opportunity to join this church dont act on it and have to stand in front and say that. i just cried and told her i didnt want that for her! i seriously feel such a strong love for these people that it almost breaks my heart into 2 pieces when they dont progress! but ialso kow tht heavenyl father has a time for everything!!!! 

i am so grateful to be a missionary and to feel the love of heavenly father everyday!!! i hope you all can try everyday to feel his love stronger! THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR EXAMPLES!!!!! i love you all so much and i konw that you are doing great!!! be safe and pray hard!!!!!!!! HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!!!:))) 

con mucho amor,

Hermana Canty

Monday, July 6, 2015


Rainbows Come After Rain

Buenas Tardes Familia Canty!!! :))))

thank you all so much for the emails and prayers and fastings and EVERYTHING!! i really felt your love! well last week i was a little sick (and friday was the worst day) but other than that i have been great and i feel great right now! its true that Heavenly Father protects the missionaries!! THANK YOU ALL!!! :)))))

well this week lots of things happened! we started reading the Book of Mormon as a mission, we are reading it in 1 month!!!!!! and let me tell you, we need to always read this book i have already learned so many news things that i didnt before!!! i am so grateful for the book of mormon! this week i really saw that the questions and concerns taht the investigators had could be answered with the reading i did that morning..super crazy but a huge testimony to me! we also had the oportunity to testify A LOT of the book of mormon! and the thing i have learned is this: 

if the book of mormon is true, than joseph smith is a prophet, if he is a prophet than the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints is the true church, and if the church is true than the people should be baptized. so what does that mean for all of us? READ THE BOOK OF MORMON!!!!! its that simple, read, ponder, pray!! 3 things is all we have to do to know that this book is true! and i have really seen the difference in the investigators when they actually do these things, THEY GET BAPTIZED!!!!!!! 

I love being a missionary and being able to testify everyday of this gospel!! i had this oportunity to teach a lesson in english this week!! and super awkward doing it!!! but it was amazing to see how the spirit spoke through me (i have no idea how to teach in english and i was able to do it) i am Hermana Canty, missionary for the CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS! i love being able to say that!!! 

this week we had the oportunity to have some mini missionaries with us! the stake did a mini mission and we got 2 hermanas for the stake! it was really cool! it was fun to help them learn more about the life of a missionary!! 

also!! JOSE ANTONIO WAS CONFIRMED YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!! whoooo!!!!! he is super pilas and even came to teach menos activos with us this week!!! its so true that the joy of a missionary really is seeing people enter the celestial kingdom!!!! i am so blessed!! this week is the week of cambios (transfers) and i think im leaving malacatan :( but we will see!!! i love malacatan so much!!! but the will of the lord is what i will follow!!!

well sorry my letter is a little all over the place but thats me for ya!! ;) i love you all so much!!!!!!!! have a great week and be safe!!! good luck with everything!!!!!


Hermana Canty