Monday, September 21, 2015

Parade time in Guatemala!!

 INDEPENDENCE DAY IN GUATEMALA!!!! and typical things everywhere! ;))) the little boy is a nephew of a member!! 
INDEPENDENCE DAY IN GUATEMALA!!!! The girls are random... but i liked their dresses!! :))) i have a lot of pics but dont have enough time to send them all so this is just a preview!!! :))))))


HELLO FAMILY!!!! :)))))

this week was a great week!!!! we really saw miracles!! we found a family of 6 this week, their name is the familia velasquez, and they are so great!!! :))) they are so open to hear the gospel and to make it even better, the 3 daughters came to church yesterday!! it was a really great experience to be able to see how excited they were to come to church!! :))) we have only had like 2 lessons with them but i am VERY excited to see how they progress!! :)

also, FRANDY GOT BAPTIZED!!!! :))))))) thats right! it was so great!!! his baptism was at 2 pm and when we got to the church, he was already there!!! (that like never happens, the people here run on CANTY TIME!!! its actually even a little worse than canty time lol) it was so cool! and he was in a white shirt and dress pants ready to go!! his baptism was really great! and he got confirmed on sunday (again he was there before we were...slackers...) Frandy really is a testimony that God prepares people in remarkable ways. i was reading my journal and my agenda to see when was the first time we met him, and it was August 28. HE GOT BAPTIZED IN 3 WEEKS!!!!!! he was VERY ready for this gospel! and he wants to go to the temple!!! :))))) 

this week i was reminded of the PRIVELAGE AND BLESSING i have had to be a missionary. i saw some of the hermanas who are serving in mazate, and they were telling me about my converts there. cristian, remember him!? always goes to teach lessons with ALL of the missionaries, in the entire zone!!! and he is preparing to start his mission papers!!!!!!!!! its people like Cristian who make all of the hard days worth it!!!!! i know that he was really prepared by the hand of god to be baptized!!! (as are all of the people who get baptized, but he was so fast!!)

also my comp and i have a phrase that we really like that she found this week!! "No one is predestined to receive less than ALL that the Father has for his children." WOW!!! we were sent here to receive a body and the ordinances necessary to return to live with god, and if we do tht we are promised WORLDS!! and even if we think we arent worthy of these blessings, they are promised to us! and we are PREDESTINED to receive them, why would we strive to receive anything less than ALL that god has for us!? WE DONT WANT TO BE THE FIRST LOSERS!!! we are striving for the state championship, not a 2nd place trophy. we must do ALL we can to receive that blessing!!! :))))) 

this week we also wnt to Xetulul!!! it was cool because we went the day after i hit one year in th mission! i have little time left in the mission but also a lot of time! and i want to make the most of this time and be sure i find those people who i promised i would find in the premortal life!!!! i have a great work to do, and its the greatest work i will do!!!! i love you all so much and am very grateful for the famil i have!!! thanks for everything!  your prayers are felt and your love even more!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!! :))

Hermana Canty

ps..we went to mazate today for pday and i saw Lourdes, my favorite member from mazate!!! SO COOL!!!!!!!!!! :)))))