Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Last Days Before the Real World

Hello my amazing family!!!
how are all of you?? i hope great! thank you so much for the emails! i love hearing from all of you!! :)
Well the week was really good! last Tuesday after emailing we got to go to a market here. it was super weird! i loved it but i was so scared bc people actually spoke spanish! after that we went and played volleyball..only it was cut short bc of the rain! it started to rain about 2:30..and it didnt stop til almost 6 pm..and im not talking a light sprinkle..im talking like BUCKETS were being poured on us for that whole time!! it was a neat experience to have!!! and im very grateful for my rain coat! haha i have used it like 3 times this week!!! it rained almost everyday!!!! but i love it!!! :)
on wednesday we got 6 new norte hermanas!!! its so weird having so many but they are in the other district so we dont see them too often! but its also really fun having them! also..we got roommates! they are latinas and they are so funny!! they help us with spanish!! i have learned how to say "im gonna turn on this really bright light at 6:30 every morning so be prepared" haha so i havent learned to say the whole thing..but parts of it haha also there is another hna..latina..who is going to my mission!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so this week was crazy! haha one of our investigators told us that he didnt want to take the lessons anymore and that we should come back later..but he woulndt set a date..so we went back a few days later to see how he was doing..and he let us in!!!! we had a great talk with him!! we read him some scriptures and just tlaked! we bore our testimonies that we knew this church was the only way to return to live with god and the only true church here. we told him how we wanted him to have all the blessings that god has in store!!! and he agreed to let us teach him again! we taught about hte plan of salvation and it was kinda hard bc he had so many questions that i dont even know the answer to in english..much less spanish! but after the lesson our teacher, who is also our investigator, told us that we did great!!! so that was really comforting!!! :)
also we went street contacting this week...it was TERRIFYING!!!!!!!we were so nervous! but i prayed that heavenly father would help us be able to give a libro de mormon out! and he did!!! there was this girl that was getting her car towed..probably not the best time but hey! i was told to do it lol and it was super quick and we didnt get any contact info her but we gave her a l de m and bore testimony to her...in spanish!! i was so scared to do it but i knew that if i didnt act on the gift that was placed in front of me..i wouldnt get anymore!!!! it was scary but i cant wait to do it again and to actually get some contact info!!!! :))) im becoming a missionary!!!
so my teacher challenged us to write our letters in spanish this week and since i dont know too much i will just leave my testimony with you..in spanish!! google translate it :) i love you all so much and pray every day for you!!!!
yo se que jesucristo es nuestro salvador y redentor. yo se que el sufrio para todas nos pecados y que el expiacion es real! yo se que mediante la expiacion podemos ser perfector y vivir con Dios otra vez. se que el don del lenguas es verdadero y que sin no puedo enseñar los personas! yo se que mi mision es el mejor cosa para mi ahora. se que podemos vivir juntos para eternidad!! yo se que la ilgesia de Jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos dias es verdadero!
thats all for now!! i love you so much!! Remember God loves you and wants you to be happy!!! just like i do!! :)
hermana canty


 Guatemala Temple

Hemana Canty & her MTC District at the Temple

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Livin la vida en Guatemala

Hola Famillia!! 

I am so happy i get to write you!! I love reading your emails because i miss you all so much lol you are seriously the best family in the world!!! also..its fun to see how things are back home! sounds like everyone is  super busy oh my goodness..2 semanas..CRAZY CRAZY! im so excited! i would like some  pics please! haha but speaking of pictures...i dont have any because here in the Guatemala CCM we are not allowed to have cameras...but we took a rama picture yesterday and they are supposed to send it to us so when i get that i will forward it to you! but other than that..no pics from hermana canty for the next little while! lol  

Well a little about the  ccm here..its tiny! like a very small hotel..except its the ccm! there  are 2 ramas (branches) and like 10 districts..so its super small! i  think in total there are only 116 missionaries here..and only 22 hermanas! and guess what is even crazier..there are only 6 norté hermanas.. that means only 6 Caucasian\north american sisters! its so crazy! there is also another rule here that we have to sit with the Latinas at every meal..which isnt too hard because there are only 6 other caucasian hermanas haha but we also have speak to them in spanish because a lot of them dont know any english. we are supposed to help them with english and they are to help us with spanish..but we hardly ever do the english because we are too busy trying to learn spanish haha so needless to say i have spoken more spanish in the past 6 days then probably ever...i have also gotten very good at acting out what im trying to say hahaha but there are tons of norté elders here and almost an entire district is going to my mission!!!!! whoooooo!!! but...no hnas haha another rule we have here is we can only talk to the elders in our district..its to help prevent the whole flirting  thing! its weird but we do it anyway and besides my district is pretty cool!  

Another rule we have is that we have to eat EVERYTHING on our plates....normally that would be fine..but the portions here are HUGE! you have no idea..i wish i had my camera to show you but youll just have to trust me when i say that! ive never eaten so much food! It feels like thanksgiving everyday..3 times a day!! but the food is equally as delicious! they have a 5 star chef here who cooks full course everyday...ive gained a lot of weight since being here.... haha but its okay! 

Another thing about Guatemala is that it rains almost every day! and when it rains..it pours! the first day we were here it rained and the thunder sounded like a bomb! it still scares me but im gettting more used to it! it is the cool time of the year..and i feel like im gonna melt sometimes..so i cant wait to see what the hot time is... hahaha but guatemala city is beautiful! we dont go outside very often because everything is inside but we have lots of windows to see out of! there is a window by the stairs that we walk everyday that is directly facing the temple..it is beautiful!!!!!!!!!! we do get to go outside for deportes..which is fun! i usually play volleyball with one other hna and the elders! its super fun!!

The first day we got here we got to the airport like 6 am and no one from this ccm knew we were coming..so we waited at the airport until a nice shoe shiner man let us use his phone! he called the ccm for us because he saw our name tags and knew we were lost...the church really is true! we got picked up and then came to the ccm! they let us sleep til lunch which was amazing! we then met the presidente and his wife! they are Presidente and Hna Cox! they are super cool and really great! we also go put into a district of just elders...10 18 year old boys in one  room..just think about it! haha they are super crazy but also really cool! and they all have super strong testimonies which helps mine grow even more! my companion is the hermana i came with! her name is hermana campbell! and she is from seattle!! she is amazing! she is super cool and is basically fluent in Spanish..so whenever the latinas talk to us i look to her if i dont understand..which is alot of the time hahaha but its really nice! she helps me a lot with spanish and we have gotten really close in the short time since being here bc we are both still adjusting and getting used to everything here! but i really like her!! 

Our teachers are both natives from guatemala but they do know english..they have to explain some stuff to us still but it is getting better to understand!!! also..if we want to talk to any of the workers..we have to do it in spanish because like 99 percent of them dont know english..back to the game of acting lol but my spanish is improving! it definitely helps being immursed in it!! but for general conference we got to watch it in english! it was so good!! i seriously felt like a little kid on Christmas morning during conference! I appreciate it a lot more now! but how cool was it that they gave their talks in the native language!!!!! i loved that! my favorite talks (if i had to choose bc they were all amazing!) were president monsons talk on Sunday Morning when he talked about walking as jesus did not just where jesus did!! and also elder bednars talk about why we share the gospel! they both just hit me to the core! they were all about my purpose as a missionary and explained what i need to do and why i do it!!! also..elder hollands was great too!!! i hope you all got to watch it and if not..do! haha it was amazing! Also i knew like 20 elders who sang in the priesthood choir! crazy haha!

We got to go to the Guatemala City Temple today!! and because there were tons of norte missionaries..it was in english! this temple is tiny!! like seriously but nonetheless the session was great! it is always comforting to go to the temple!!! It is a beautiful temple!! i wish i had my camera (again haha) to take pics!! but oh well...i will just have to come back after my mission and takes pics haha but im sorry my email is so spacey and crazy! 

I feel like i have tons to tell you and not enough time! in order to make the email go faster im on a super simple format..and i dont have any idea how to work it haha but i want you all to know that i know this church is true! and i have felt the spirit empower me to teach and to understand spanish! i feel the gift of tongues work everyday! and i know that the lord answers my prayers!! you all are the reason i serve! i want others to be as blessed as i am! just know im thinking of you all and pray for you protection everyday! i love you all and cant wait to talk to you next week! con mucho amor 

-- Hermana Kelli Canty