Monday, September 29, 2014

Picture time

 Hermana Canty's first selfy as a sister missionary

 from left to right: Hermana Davis, Me, Hermana Harmon, Hermana Adamson, Hermana Dungan, and Hermana comp! :)

  Hermana Ward and I after our running experience and we were twinning! :)

Our district with Hermana Bair (she is the short one in the black shirt)!! :)

 The toilet

The elders in my district (from left to right): Elder Thompson, Elder Oswald, Elder Farnsworth, Elder Cazier)

My Adventures in el CCM

Hola! Como esta? Yo soy muy bueno!! :)) 

I was trying to speak more Spanish but i couldn't think of any more so that's what you get! haha but how was everyone's week!? i hope good!!! :) Thanks for the pictures everyone! i love you all and love seeing the pictures!! i miss you guys a ton but don't worry, I'm not coming home! instead.. I'm being shipped further away! 

I AM GOING TO THE GUATEMALA MTC ON TUESDAY!!! yeah! that's my big news...i got my flight plans on Monday and they told me i was leaving!! i am super sad because I'm just getting into the swing of things here at the MTC and my teachers and companion and district are amazing! but when i signed that acceptance letter, i signed away my travel plans! ;) so besides my whole mtc world being turned upside down this week has been really good!! :) 

To start it off...last Saturday night it was about 10:25 pm so we were all getting ready for bed..when all of the sudden we here Hermana Ward (my companion) screaming from the bathroom "HERMANAS! HERMANAS! I NEED YOUR HELP!!" the toilet was overflowing with was so bad it ran out into our hall!! and we were trying to help her turn it off but we weren't explaining it very well and we couldn't get in the bathroom because she had no clothes on!!! So after she finally got her clothes on and unlocked the door i ran to the toilet and PUSHED the black lever!! it finally stopped over flowing but we were left a bathroom covered in 1 in of water and a wet hallway! needless to say we didn't get to bed on time that night..a plumber came about 11:15 to help and check out the toilet!!! we were all laughing so hard..but i felt so bad for hermana ward!! its the joke in our apartment now!! :) so a few lessons i learned that night..1) DO NOT PULL THE BLACK will dump every drop of water into the toilet..and 2) never use the bathroom with out clothes on... (also..i have a mini heart attack every time i flush the toilet!!!) 

Our district must have a curse when it comes to toilets because Elder Cazier broke the mens toilet in the classroom! he says that someone "put a pen in the toilet and that's why it broke" but we all know it was because he drank the orange juice that morning!!! we have lots of fun times with the district!! :) its a good thing i have a journal because there is NOT enough time to tell you every funny thing that happens here..but when i get home we will read my journal!! :)

This week we also continued to teach Felipe and the lessons went WAY better than the first! he actually told us he wanted to be baptized and we set a date (pretend of course) for the 18 of October! it was so cool to see how the spirit touches people! and its crazy how real the gift of tongues is...i was able to speak Spanish in those lessons! well Thursday was our last lesson with him though... :( we were so sad!! but have no fear family..we saw Felipe again..only this time the perfect wonderful investigator we taught about the gospel was standing in front of us as Hermano Vargas!!! yeah that's right...WE WERE TEACHING OUR TEACHER!!!!! i was freaking out!! poor hermano vargas had to struggle through our bad Spanish! (sorry i ruined it for you chance..i just had to tell you!!) (whit: WHY DIDN'T YOU GIVE ME A HEADS UP!?) anyway..hermano vargas is super cool and i like him a lot but he is very intimidating..he is Mexican and has a British accent..scary! haha but hes really good! On Friday..we had to take running shoes to his class..yeah he made us run too!! but its was all to help introduce our lesson..stress management haha it was a much need lesson after the night before!!!!! 

also! on Sunday i got to watch the re-dedication of the Ogden temple!!! its was amazing!!!!! i have never been to one before and so it was so cool..we got to hear president monson speak and elder bednar!!! :) also that night we got to watch a video of elder bednars! it was called "The Character of Christ" and whit..i think this is the same devo he gave on the Christmas you were at the MTC!! on my 4th day in the MTC i watched the same talk you did on your 4th day at the MTC!!!!!! :) it was an amazing talk!! :) For Tuesday devo we heard rumor that president uchtdorf was gonna come speak to us! but it was actually Elder Ballard..and was AMAZING!! the mtc is a spiritual power house!!!! :) i love it!!!! :)

i love the hermanas in my district..we all get along really well and are all progressing with the language! we try to Hablo Se Idioma (speak your language) a lot but we cant do it all the time..yet!! :) today i am doing laundry and packing for Guatemala...i thought i just did this 2 weeks ago! :) but esta bien!! :)
Time fly's by during email time so i have to go! but i love you all so much and i pray for you each everyday!! and our district always prays for our families (partly because that's all we know how to say in Spanish haha but still!) so know i think about you everyday!! and i cant wait to talk to you on tuesday!!! you are the reason i am serving my mission!!!!!! Yo Amo ustedes mucho!!!!!! :))))

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Kelli Canty

Monday, September 22, 2014

La Photografias 1

                               Hermana Canty (second from the right) with her MTC district. 

                                                   Hermana Canty & Hermana Ward

Hermana Canty and the famous map!

                           Hemana Canty & her district at the Provo Temple on P-day

Hola Familia

Hola mi familia! :) Como estan!?!?! 

I hope you are all well!! its so crazy to think that I've only been in the MTC for 3 whole days!!! I feel like its been months!! a good way! I seriously love the MTC! I have a little bit of a different experience because since I am Spanish speaking, I study and live and eat at the MTC West Campus!! let me just say that it is a mini heaven on earth!! :) It's way smaller than main campus and its only Spanish speaking missionaries so I hear spanish everywhere! West campus is basically just like main, but smaller, and we study in apartments instead of classrooms!! 

So first! my companion is AMAZING!!!!!!!! her name is Hermana Ward, she is going to Mexico City West, along with 2 other sisters and 3 elders in my district!! so like i said we live in apartment buildings, and it is me and the 5 other sisters in my district! we all share 1 it gets a little crazy when we get ready haha but its so fun because we grow so much! The hermanas in my district are: hermana ward (my companion), Hma Davis (going to Rochester, NY), Hma Adamson (going to Montreal, Canada), Hma Harmon (going to Mexico City West), and Hma Dungan (going to Mexico City West)! they are seriously great sisters! i love them and will be sad when we leave to go to different missions! the elders are equally great!! :) Elder Cazier, Elder Farnsworth (the elder who took our picture at the temple mom and dad..yeah he's in my district haha) and Elder Thompson are all going to Mexico City West. Elder Oswald is going to Canada Montreal!! My district is the best! last night we practiced saying our purpose in Spanish for like 2 hours!! i think by the end of the night we may have got it! but we have already grown so close!!!! :) 

So the MTC is basically a baptism by fire all day everyday! The first day I got here after I put my bags in my room (after hauling the 53 lb bags up 2 different flights of 3 story stairs) I went to the classroom and met my instructor! Her name is Hermana Bair, and she is the sweetest and prettiest and funniest and best Spanish speaker in the world lol i love Hermana Bair!! She only speaks to us in Spanish!!! Yeah! Talk about no comprehende!!!!! She is great and I'm already learning a lot!! 

We got to go to the temple today as a district and it was so good!! the Provo temple is absolutely beautiful...and huge hahaha it definitely is deceiving! but i love the temple and am so glad we get to go every P-Day!

Well i have so much more to tell you but i don't have enough would think that an hour is sufficient...its not! But i just want you all to know that i love you so much and i love the MTC! i will probably cry when i have to leave because it is so great!! the food is good, my district is good, and my companion is even better!! keep praying for me! please hahaha my Spanish is coming..slowly but the gift of tongues is real! i can now bear my testimony in Spanish and I'm still working on the praying haha but its coming too! have a great week!!!!

con mucho amor,
Hermana Canty!! :)