Monday, September 14, 2015


 I ate duck this week!!

 Cooking dinner :) 

 Dinner time!

My companion and I :))))

From Colorado to Guatemala in 12 Months.

Well, Good Morning Canty Family! 

how are you doing? great i hope!!! well as you can see i am writing a little early today bc this friday we are going to Xetulul so we are having a half day of preparation! :)) 

but anywho...about my week!! 

First, our investigators are super pilas, Dilan and Beatriz are progressing but arent sure when they want to get married and baptized, hopefully soon!! :)) la familia hernandez was doing great, but for some unexpected difulculties of neighbors, we are in a pause with them...but they are great!! :))) we have found some REALLY cool people this week, really its been a good week for la obra misional! :)) but just a couple of specific experiences:

1) Frandy
he is our investigator. he was a reference from a menos activa family that we contacted 2 weeks ago. we his a single dad and studies in the morning and works at 5 pm everyday so its a little dificult to have a lesson with him but he is so pilas!! every lesson we have is so great!! he is reading the book of mormon and always shares with us the things he liked most!!! :)) and he came to church yesterday!! and is going to get baptized this saturday!! :)))) the lord prepares people, IM TELLING YOU HE DOES!!!!! :)))) 

2) Diego and Brayan
They are menos activos, they got baptized 4 years ago and havent been to church or read the book of mormon for 3 years...... we had a lesson for the time with them this week, and in the lesson i asked Diego (the older brother) if he remembered the reason why he got baptized, and he told me he couldnt remember. when i heard that it made me so sad! i thought about my baptism and why I got baptized, i was only 8 years old, but i knew it was important and i wanted to do it. i made it a goal to always remember the reason for which i got baptized. but we invited them to church and they said they come, we didnt think too too much about it bc almost all of the menos activos tell us they will come but dont. but we passed by his house in the morning on sunday (we go to church at 2 pm so we have time to work in the morning.) and he said he was gonna go..again we kinda doubted..(bad missionary moment...) but when we got to the park to meet the bus that takes us to church, DIEGO, BRAYAN, AND THEIR LITTLE SISTER were already waiting in the park!!!!! I was so happy to see them!!!!! they could only stay for sacramente meeting but i know that with time they will stay more. it was a reminder to me that sometimes even just one visit can help people come back to church!!!

3) Martín
he is a convert of our District Leaders. this weekend we helped them with his baptism. a little history about martin, he is VERY poor, in a wheelchair, and VERY humble. the elders had talked about him before i didnt picture him like he was until i saw him, when i saw him i just felt such a spirit!!!!!! his baptism was amazing!!!! when i asked him how he felt, he said GREAT!!! and when we took pics before the baptism his smile was so genuine!!!!!! i gave a short message in the baptism and the whole time i wanted to cry bc i just felt the love of the lord for this humble small guatemalan man. i looked at his feet, which were dirty and didnt have shoes, and at his small body and the only thing that came to my mind was that jesus christ loves him!! there is a reason that only the humble with inherit the kingdom of god, its because only those who know what it feels like to hit rock bottom fully appreciate the GRACE of jesus christ! i have seen lots of baptisms in the mission, some of my converts and some of others, but this was one of the most spiritual baptisms i have been to!!! i dont think i can fully explain the feelings i had that day but itwas a great day!!! another soul was able to enter the celestial kingdom!!!

well this week was really great! hermana romero and i are working really hard to keep san carlos living!!! we are really seeing the hands of god in our work, and i am so grateful for that!!!! i know this work is HIS work and that it is the greatest work i can be doing right now!!!! i never knew i could love complete strangers so much!!!!! but i do!!!! thanks for eveything and good luck with alll this week!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! :)))))

con amor,

Hermana Canty

ps: funny story of the week, monday my comp and i got really scared in our house bc we heard some weird noises on our roof and we had to call our District Leader to help us!!! 2 grown young women, calling their leader bc they got embarassing lol and to make it worse...the noises were made by a CAT!!!! there ya go, laugh at me now! ;