Monday, March 30, 2015


La Semana Santa

hello hello my beautiful family! 

this week was a good week and also a crazy week!

so i just have to say...guatemala is amazing! we have so many opportunities to share the gospel!!! on wednesday we went to this school in the area of teh elders of our ward (long story but lets just say we had to do a presentation for them bc they werent there lol) it was just supposed to be about the states (like they ask questions about the culture and we answer) but almost all of the questions were about the church! the teacher that set it all up is a member! :) it was really cool!! we went around the different classrooms and answered the questions they had baout the church and everything! it was so great to be able to share our testimonies of the gosple with them!!! it was also really cool to see how the teacher was not afraid to share HER TESTIMONY!!!! (if only we could do that in our schools lol) 

ALSO!! on friday our entire zone (18 missionaries) went to this school! (the owners of the school are members also) and we watched "to this end was i born" with the entire school!! we did it in 3 different sessions! (background: this week in guatemala is semana santa! i dont really know what happens but its like easter lol and they have their "spring break" right now) we introduced ourselves before the video and passed out little papers that they could right their information on so we can visit them!!!! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY HERE!!!!! it was also really great to see how these members shared the gospel! they were not afraid to say that they are members and even less afraid to have us come!!! :) it was a really really cool experience that we had!!! 

also, we had to chance to go to the general womens meeting on saturday!!! :) it was in spanish and i could understand!!! :) so thats really cool! #gift of tongues!!! :) we have such a great opportunity as members of the church to be able to listen to our prophet! i hope that you all will make the time to watch at least one of the sessions this weekend!!! I PROMISE YOU, YOU WILL RECEIVE THE BLESSINGS!!!!!!!! i love the general conference!! :) but i also remeber when i was in the CCM watching it and was like, "wow, at the next conference i will have 6 months...." we are!! how fast the time goes! i know that this work is the work of the lord, and i have the chance to be apart of it! president ruiz wrote me this today, (in spanish so i used google translate..)

"Elder Holland said he has the feeling that the first apostles, prophets, priests and kings-the missionaries of the antiquity "knew that they would not succeed in his time, but could continue working because they knew that we make it. In that sense they could sing and prophesy and take heart, not his age, but for ours. "
He added: "This is the generation in which the work will not fail. This is the dispensation to receive the Son of God as the Lamb of God, and we will deliver to him the Church of the Lamb. "
Follow with courage Sister Canty, this work will not fail."

HOW TRUE THAT IS!!!! :) this work will not fail! but it also needs our help!!! :) how blessed we are to be members of the CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS!!!!!! i love you all so much and hope that this week goes great for all of you!! thank you for your love and support!!! :)


Hermana Canty

Monday, March 23, 2015


Yo quiero Ser Soldado Fiel

Hello family!!!! 

well this was a good one for sure!!!! on thursday we had the opportunity to go to san marcos (the land of cold here in guatemala..its like 2 hours from my area!) for a multi-zone conference!!! it was great!!!!! we were really helped to be better!!!! i love the multi zone conferences bc eventhough we always get a "good talking to" (if you know what i mean lol) we are always made better! i always feel so much better after them, like i can do anything!!!! but one thing we talked about was the general conference and how we are gonna have lots of big plans to help alot of people come to the conference! its so cool to see how big this is here...and to see the invitations they are making for it!!! i hope each of you is preparing for the conference and that you are inviting people already!!!! :)))))) WE HAVE A LIVING PROPHET AND WE GET TO HEAR HIS VOICE!!!!!!!!!!! 

also we had a baptism yesterday! he is the nephew of our ward mission leader and is super cool!!! we had his baptism at 7 am on sunday bc his other uncle came from the captial to baptize him and wasnt coming until late saturday night! so it was kinda a long day but also really special!!!!! :)))))) 

also today we finally had a pday lol what i mean when i say that is we have a new rule in the mission that every week, as a zone, we have to baptize a certain number, our goal as a zone is 4, and if we dont meet that goal we cant have a pday as a zone (like we normally did before). but if we meet the goal or pass the goal we can!!! :) well this week we had 5 baptisms as a zone and it was really cool!!!!! :)))))) we just went to the church to play basketball but still it was nice to play again lol i was picturing in my mind state basketball ;) hahaha so have no fear, i can still play lol

i love being a missionary..even though its hard and a lot of times i dont know what to do, i love it!!! the lord has prepared so many people and its a huge blessing we have to be members of the church! one thing i learned this week is that help from the members with the new converts is ESSENCIAL!!!! they need help..and its our responsibility as members to help them! i have met a lot of less active people who say that if someone had visited them, the situation would be different! so please VISIT THE RECENT CONVERTS!!!!!! 

i love you!! have a great week!!! :)

con mucho amor, 

hermana canty

Monday, March 16, 2015


Felicidades sanford indians!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))))))))

Wow! Let me just tell you that this weekend i was doing my exercise, and all of sudden i thought, "whoa! Tonight is the championship night for basketball..." and from that moment on, i forgot hahahahahahahaha its crazy how different the thoughts are when im not right in the middle of basketball! But i am so excited and proud!!! Of both chance and ember!! You guys really showed you heart and your love the game!!!! :) congrats!!!!!!!! 

Well my week was a good one! But also kinda hard! Tuesday my comp got sick with this new sickness that is going around, chikinguya! Its kinda like denguea..but different! Well she was really sick this week so she couldnt work too much! We couldnt find sisters who could leave with me and stay with her too much! So our work was a little slow! But we did see miralces! Everyday i was able to leave with a sister to work at least 2 hours in the area! It is a lot less than normal..but we were able to do it!!:) but last night i was giving the dats for the week to my district leader, and i was a little bummber because they were low! But he asked me, "hermana, do you feel the lord is pleased with the work you did this week?" and i answered, "not really, our dats are super low!" and then he said, "do you feel your investigators are increasing their faith in christ?" "yeah.." "do you feel they are starting to repent of their sins?" "the majority.." "ok, now i will ask again, do you feel the lord is please with the work you did this week?" "yes :)" that really helped me! I know that the mission isnt about numbers, but i was feeling kinda down! But after talking with him, i felt a lot better! Its true! We are here to help people increase their faith in jesus crhist! If we help them do that, they we are successful and the lord is pleased! There is always more we can do, but we arent doing this work alone!!! :) 

Also this week we did a bunch of service projects! Friday we went with the other sisters to help an investigator build his house! But we really just watched the elders dig a big a hole and we made fresco! :) hahahaha but saturday we helped!! We went up into the mountains (like 30 minutes in a taxi) to help haul wood for an investigator of some elders! Let me tell you...the guatemalans are rockstars!! They carry the wood on their heads and backs! And its insane! But it was great to help him! He said that the amount that we hauled would have taken a whole day to do! And we did it in less than 2 hours! The people here are so humble and dont ask for help much! So it was great to be able to help them anyway!! :) also..i hope you like the pics! :) my camera doesnt do guatemala justice, but believe me, its beautiful!!!! :)

So something i learned yesterday in church, (sorry its in translate lol) "el testimonio es una de las pocas posesiones que podemos llevar con nosotros al dejar esta vida!" it says that our testimony is one of the only things we can take with us when we leave this life! That means that we need to first, have a testimony!!! Also, that we need to work everyday to make it strong! If the only thing we have to go on is our testimony in the next life, it better have a lot of battery life!!!! :) so thats our challenge this week canty family! (and bradley family, and biergier..ha sorry for the!) Strengthen our testimonies!!!!!! :) 

I love you all so much and am so glad you are my family! You are such a strength to me and i hope you feel my love!!!!!:) good luck with every thing this week and hopefully you can all make it to spring break ;) 

Con amor,

Hermana canty

Hauling wood... Guatemalan style!!!

 brock and tandi sent me a package of carmels!!!! :))))

 the sunset the other night

 we did a huge service project this weekend!!!! hauling wood!!! :) dad..we are gonna use the Guatemalan way when i get home hahahaha

some of our zone and the family we helped on saturday!

Monday, March 9, 2015


teaching the kids here the "white girl tricks" lol

me and an investigator in mazate! her name is stephany and she is gonna get baptized this week :)

Me with the familiy marroquin! I LOVE THESE PEOPLE!!!! #foreverinmyheart

lourdes and hermana felizamy. last night in mazate..and it rained!!! "the heavens are crying for you!"

me and carmen! :)))


me and hermana rosas and elder kahl! elder kahl is from Colorado and is in my group!! :)

me and my comp! hermana Mendoza!!!

MALACATÁN!!!! :) the new home of hermana canty! (for at least the next 6 weeks!) 

the four hermanas in the zone!!! :) hermana rosas and i are still together hahahaha

a mountain in our area...we have tons of them and had to climb up that to get to a house of some menos activos! (my legs are gonna be ripped after this area lol)

me and the familia GALINDO!!!!! :) (they are amazing!!!!!!)

me a little girl here..she is kinda a terror but is SO ADORABLE!!!! :) so its okay!