Monday, February 9, 2015


the typical snack food (fake chicharrones with ketchup, mayo, and chili sauce!)
and the PIG i found :)
 our lunch one day!! chicken soup and fired chicken!! :) WITH TORTILLAS!! :))))
 corn!! with mayo, ketchup, and chili... they eat that on EVERYTHING!!!

the son of a menos activo family that we work with! :) he is super cute and finally likes me!!!

 we made trenzas!!! :) they are DELICIOUS!! and i have the recipe so when i get home we will make them!!!! :))))

Happiness, Love & Missionary Work


como estan!? pues hoy voy a decirles todo en espaƱol!! :) listos??

well this week was great!!! we had interviews with president ruiz this week!! and it was really good!!! i am just a little nervous bc he told my comp some stuff that could mean some BIG changes for hermana canty..but who knows exactly what the lord has planned!! :) i will keep you all updated on the craziness for sure!!! :) i love presidente ruiz and hermana ruiz! they are seriously so cool and so loving!!! :)) 

also i am pretty tired!!! but its a good tired!! its the kind of tired like after playing 4 quarters of basketball and beating the team that thought they were going to beat you! and youre in the locker room with your teammates after coach left and you just sit there on the chair with sweat dripping down your face and you smell bad and your body hurts..but you did it! and you just look at your teammates who are the same way and just smile and say "we did it! we beat them!" thats how we felt this week! dead tired but so happy and so worth it!!!!:) we had a ton of lessons this week and found a ton of new investigators!! and a bunch of them are really positive!!!! :))) but i am gonna tell you a little more about friday! (#thedayofmiracles!)

friday schedule: 

we left the house at 9 am bc we had a lesson with a invest. who could only meet us at 9 but then he ended up not even being there and we were already far from our house so we started our proselyting! we had a lesson with an old man and it was a normal lesson lol but one of the elders called us and gave us a reference of this guy they met the night before and told us that "he is super calidad!" so after that lesson we went to find this reference! we called him and ended up walking all over part of our area for like 20 minutes searching for his house and getting the wrong direction!! but we finally found it!! but while we were looking for his house we had the CRAZIEST expierence! we came to this house that we thought was the reference´s and this old man was sweeping his floor! and when we said hello he looked up and said (in spanish lol) "hey! i have been waiting for you guys!! i have this book of yours, and ive read a little of it but i cant read anymore because i cant see! can you help me read it!?" we were VERY shocked and said of course..and told him to bring the book! (i thought it was going to be a book of another religion) but no it was the BOOK OF MORMON!!!! he said that some missionaries gave him the book a while ago and he read it but couldnt read it anymore! he told us to come back another day bc he was cleaning but that he wanted to read it with us! we are going tonight to read it with him!!! 

we also found the reference finally and had a great lesson with him!! he said that he had googled what the book of mormon was and wanted to learn more!! its so crazy the power of this book!!!!!!!!! :)))) our whole day was full of crazy experiences when people told us things like "hey! sisters i want you to come teach me!" or "i have been wanted to talk to you guys!" we really saw the hands of the lord this week!!!!! :)  this work is so crazy! 

our district meeting message was so good this week! we talked about how literally we are soldiers in the lords army in this battle we fight everyday!! and that we have a huge responsibility to help our lost brothers and sisters!!!!! also..YOU ALL HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY!! :) be members pilas! i know things are kinda crazy right now..but trust in the lord and help his work progress and you will see the blessings!!!!! :)) 

also..yesterday we had a meeting with one of our bishops (we have 2 wards lol) and he gave a message! he said that we need to help the work of hte lord progress! we need to not be so focused on the worldy things because "the best things, the VERY best things will be in heaven! we shouldnt worry so much about having the best of everything in this life bc if we work to have heaven, we will gain the best things!!!" remember that!! :) i wrote it in my agenda!! :) WORK FOR HEAVEN FAMILY!!! we will be able to enjoy the very best things there together!!! :)

well thats about it for this week family!! :) sorry if it doesnt make sense...but hey! thats me!! :) i love you all so much and know the lord will bless you!!!:) please remember that you are loved and that i pray for you each everyday!! dont forget your little blondie in guate!!! :) LOVE YOU!!!! :)

Hermana Canty