Monday, September 7, 2015


Un Area de Fe, un Area del Señor! :)

this week was an amazing week!! so i will get right to it!!
we had a baptism saturday of hermano Sarbelio. he was truly prepared of the lord! he already had a fecha when i got here and so we just basically prepared him!! he truly understands the importance of baptsim bc he had done things in his life that he knew were NOT good and he knew that he NEEDED baptism!!!! he shared his testimony after he got confirmed and it was so great!! he is truly a humble man, prepared by God!!! :)
also! we have 2 families that we are teaching!! one is dilan and beatriz, from last week!! they are so great!! and are preparing for the wedding and baptism!! :)) and also la familia hernanadez. the elders found them last week when we did an area attack!!! and they are so pilas! they want to just learn nad learn and learn!!! TRULY PREPARED!!!! its amazing to see how the lord works in the lives of everyone!!!! :)))))
this is the month of "abrir la boca!!!" and la familia de oro!! we are opening our mounths and sharing the gospel with everyone!!! NOT FEARING!!! and finding the family of gold! (mom, dad, kids) i invite you all to OPEN YOUR MOUTHS!! and share this amazing gospel that we are apart of!!!!! i promise you, your tesimonies will grow way more!! :)))
i love this work and i love the lord! i konw this is his work! the gospel truly changes lives!!! we are so blessed!! thanks for all of your prayers and love! i truly have the greatest family ever!!! sorry its a short letter but just know that hte lord of working MIRACLES IN SAN CARLOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
con mucho amor!

Hermana Canty