Monday, July 27, 2015


Christmas in July!! :))

Hola Familia!!:))))

this week was a good week!! we worked hard and saw lots of miralces, but also saw some challenges. we have 5 investigators who are SUPER postive and super pilas!! but we had to put them in pause this week! some things happened with their families to help things calm down they asked us to give them a week or two to cool down. of course we are sad, 2 had fechas.., but i also know that Heavenly Father has a plan for each one of them! and we are here to help in his plan! we cant change his timing, we just have to accept it!! :) so although it was hard to walk out of their houses this week, i left with the PEACE of knowing we will return shortly!!!

but the miracle of the week is Brandon (the niño in the fotos). we were able to get permission from his family (who all go to a DIFFERENT church) for him to get baptized. its a little more challenging with him bc he is a niño but we also konw that he is super pilas and really has a desire!! it was great too bc his mom came to his baptism! the baptism was great! (he told me before his baptism as we were sitting in the room of the font hesaid, "i have a weird feeling in my stomach when i am in this room but it goes away when i walk out" he was nervous for his baptism but was so cute and so happy after!!!!!) 

their are ALWAYS challenges in life and ALWAYS hardships but it is nothing when we remember that we have Christ on our side!!! he is ALWAYS there for us even when we arent there for him! i know that my savior Jesus Christ lives and that he died for each one of us, i dont know how many drops of blood he had to suffer for me, but i am IMMENSELY grateful for each one he did shed so that i could have the opporutnity EVERY DAY to be better!!! i see it every day in the mission, the power of the atonement! i see christ enter into the hearts of these people and i feel so happy that i get to help them!! we are members of the only true church on earth! the only church that has ALL the authority of god and ALL the things we need to return to live with him!!! :))) stay strong and remember that i love you all so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))) 

Feliz Tarde!! :) Nos Vemos Pronto! <3

Hermana Canty