Monday, September 28, 2015

Well hello there everyone!!! :))

i hope this past week was great for all of you!!! :) :)

well my week was a good one! a little slow with the work but its okay!!! :) this week our hermana leader, hermana galland, came with me!! (its funny because it reminded me of the time we did divisions in mazate and neither of us could speak bc i BARELY had 3 months and she had 2! needless to say this time was a lot better...we could actually understand!) it was really great!!! she and i think a lot alike!!! but it was a little weird to be comps with a gringa finally.... but we had a great time and i really learned a lot about the SPIRIT!! thats the main thing that matters in missionary work is the spirit!!! and in our lives really :)))

i was also studying this week and found a quote that i LOVED. it was from President Boyd K. Packer. and it said (more or less) " there is a great power in the church, in all of us, that is untapped bc we are too busy trusting in our knowledge and power rather than in the Lord´s. if we would REALLY pray and ask for his help we would be able to accomplish MIRACLES!" i love that! i saw that this week, there were times when we just trusted in our own abilities and we didnt have any success, but the times we trsuted in GOD´S power, we saw miracles!! its the same in our everyday life. he wants us to talk to him about the small things, so did it!!!! 

this week is General Conference, and i want you ALL to watch at least ONE SESSION!!!! (there are six so it shouldnt be too hard!) i know you are very busy but i promise you that this general conference will change our lives! we are the only true church on the face of the earth and we will get to hear the voice of the ONLY PROPHET OF GOD!!!!! that is your assignment this week for FHE to watch the conference and tell me about your favorite talk!!! :)))) INVITE YOUR FRIENDS!!!!!! :)))))) i love you all so much and hope this next week is great for all of you!!!! thank you for eveything!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

con amor,. 
Hermana Canty favorite food...pigs feet.. ;)