Monday, January 19, 2015

Smiles (:

 The niƱos that we play soccer with at night! (they live by us and ALWAYS ask us to play with we play for 10 minutes sometimes) 

 The sunset the other night! I LOVE GUATEMALA!!

 The hermanas in my zone (Hermana Terry, Hermana Rosas, Hermana Hernandez, and me)

 Armando (he turned 8 the same day as chance..his mom is menos activo and his dad isnt a member so he was a convert baptism!!) 

they are  amazing!!!!!! they have a son who is the red who is 7 and the other lady is just a friend of theirs!! their names are William and Laura!! SO AMAZING!!! (william was the first very first baptism!!)

Venid a Mi


To start off...i had my first baptisms this week!!! I HELPED PEOPLE COME UNTO CHRIST!! i got to watch people that i have taught, cried over, laughed with, and prayed for daily, enter the waters of baptism and OPEN THE DOORS TO HEAVEN!!!! we had 4 baptisms with 1 family this week!!! ( it was on January 17, my 4 month mark!!!!!! ) 

Let me just say that satan works hard!! he knew that these people are going to be strong members and he tried very hard to prevent them from being baptized!!!! 

story 1: we called the familia galindo around 10 am on saturday to try to get their interviews (they are very hard to find in their house lol) and they told us they were in san marcos (4 hours away) and werent going to be able to make it in time! we were really sad but tried to be positive bc we had 2 others!!! so around 3:30 we sent a text to the guy who was going to baptize them and told him that he didnt have to come bc they were going to get baptized! literally 4 minutes after we sent the text..william galindo sent us a text and said that they were going to make it in time to get baptized!!! but the earliest they could be here was 5:30...their baptism was at 6! but we said okay!! and ran around for the next 2 hours like crazy people trying to get everything done!!!! 

well heavenly father blesses us and his power is greater than that of satan!!! (we went back to our house after we got the text and thanked heavenly father for his blessings...we are truly blessed!!!!!) up until every single one of the people getting baptized walked into the church i was nervous!!  but everyone came and they were all baptized on saturday night!! there were tons of people who came too (almost 40, all crammed into the little baptismal room!) and the spirit was so strong!!!!!! 

i have been so blessed in my mission! and i am so grateful i was able to be an instrument in the hands of the lord for these 4 people!!!! i still have so much time in my mission the help so many more people and i have to make the mostof everyday!!!! 

know i love you and pray for you all each day! have a great week and remember who is on our side...THE LORD!!!!! :)))

with love, Hermana Canty

Doctrine and Covenants 18:15-16 love you!!