Monday, December 15, 2014

Picture Time

 Hermana Canty and Hermana Beckstrand
  Zona Brillantes

This big tower thing in Xetulul

Hermana Canty's new friend in the museum of toys

 Their last district/zone meeting together
Hermana Canty, Hermana Beckstrand with Vilma!!!! :)

This is Wilder, an investigator that we became super good friends with!! (when we said bye he was crying, and so was i!) he is a super awesome person!

Hermana Canty's new area! pretty isnt it!?

we had pizza hut!!!! (mazate is the little america!! it has everything from burger king and mcdonalds to pizza hut!!)

No Growth in the Comfort Zone!

well good afternoon my amazing family!!

well if my title and pictures didnt give away my secret im going to now! I WAS TRANSFERRED!!!! yep! thats right! i was transferred!!! we had distrcit meeting on tuesday and afterward we met as a zone to find out who had changes, my zone leader wrote down all of the names of missionaries in our zone and then he circled the ones who had changes! name was circled, and so was hermana beckstrand! needless to say i was shocked! when i got to the field i was sure i would be in san martin for at least 4 1/2 months! (bc of my training, and then one more cambio after hna beckstrand left) however, the lord had a different plan!! i was super sad!!! not only was i leaving a super cool area, but i was gonna get a new comp! well that day we had a lesson with vilma (remember the MIRACLE of last sunday!!!!!) and we challenged her with a FIJO baptism date, and she accpeted!!!!!! she is going to get baptized!!! i started crying!! i was so sad that i wasnt going to be able to be there for her baptism but i remember feeling SO HAPPY because she is going to take that step!!!!! she is scheduled to be baptized this coming saturday!! i cant wait to see pictues of her!!! it was super sad and i will miss san martin! but change is part of mission life

we had the cambios meeting and 27 missionaries left!! (thats why i left san martin..they closed our area bc there were 17 hnas leaving and only 4 coming in! so they had to close some areas!) i remember saying earlier in the change that i wanted to go to the change meeting bc it would be super spiritul and what not..well the lord has a way of answering the desires of our hearts! lol

i am in Mazatengango (Mazate for short) with Hermana Hernandez! she is from El Salvador and is SO cute!!!! when i found out i was going to have a latina comp i almost cried!!! i was so nervous! but the lord provides!! i have been able to talk with her and for the part understand her! she is super good at english! and even though we only speak spanish she understands when i need help!!! :))) my new area is called oriente! its a super big area! and its was different than san martin! but i love it!!!! :)) i will take some pics of the casa and send them to you next week!! my zone and district are huge! and way different than my last zone and district but i really like them!!!

we have a ton of investigators!! and a tons of famillies that we work with! we tenatively have a baptism set for this weekend with a family! but who knows..we still have some things to teach them!! but i am super excited to get to know the inestigators better and the ward members!!! we had stake conference this past weekend which was super super good!!!!! i know the lord sent me here for a reason and i cant wait to find that reason out!!!! :)))

a ton of other things happened but i cant remember! and i am out of time! so i will make sure to keep a good journal!!! :))) i just want you all to know that i love you each so much! i miss you all everyday! but i know i have your love and support with me and that gives me the strength i need!!! thank you for your example!! and keep working hard and keep doing the things that you need to!! :) i cant wait to talk to you all soon!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! :))))))))))))))

with much love,

Hermana Canty