Monday, September 22, 2014

La Photografias 1

                               Hermana Canty (second from the right) with her MTC district. 

                                                   Hermana Canty & Hermana Ward

Hermana Canty and the famous map!

                           Hemana Canty & her district at the Provo Temple on P-day

Hola Familia

Hola mi familia! :) Como estan!?!?! 

I hope you are all well!! its so crazy to think that I've only been in the MTC for 3 whole days!!! I feel like its been months!! a good way! I seriously love the MTC! I have a little bit of a different experience because since I am Spanish speaking, I study and live and eat at the MTC West Campus!! let me just say that it is a mini heaven on earth!! :) It's way smaller than main campus and its only Spanish speaking missionaries so I hear spanish everywhere! West campus is basically just like main, but smaller, and we study in apartments instead of classrooms!! 

So first! my companion is AMAZING!!!!!!!! her name is Hermana Ward, she is going to Mexico City West, along with 2 other sisters and 3 elders in my district!! so like i said we live in apartment buildings, and it is me and the 5 other sisters in my district! we all share 1 it gets a little crazy when we get ready haha but its so fun because we grow so much! The hermanas in my district are: hermana ward (my companion), Hma Davis (going to Rochester, NY), Hma Adamson (going to Montreal, Canada), Hma Harmon (going to Mexico City West), and Hma Dungan (going to Mexico City West)! they are seriously great sisters! i love them and will be sad when we leave to go to different missions! the elders are equally great!! :) Elder Cazier, Elder Farnsworth (the elder who took our picture at the temple mom and dad..yeah he's in my district haha) and Elder Thompson are all going to Mexico City West. Elder Oswald is going to Canada Montreal!! My district is the best! last night we practiced saying our purpose in Spanish for like 2 hours!! i think by the end of the night we may have got it! but we have already grown so close!!!! :) 

So the MTC is basically a baptism by fire all day everyday! The first day I got here after I put my bags in my room (after hauling the 53 lb bags up 2 different flights of 3 story stairs) I went to the classroom and met my instructor! Her name is Hermana Bair, and she is the sweetest and prettiest and funniest and best Spanish speaker in the world lol i love Hermana Bair!! She only speaks to us in Spanish!!! Yeah! Talk about no comprehende!!!!! She is great and I'm already learning a lot!! 

We got to go to the temple today as a district and it was so good!! the Provo temple is absolutely beautiful...and huge hahaha it definitely is deceiving! but i love the temple and am so glad we get to go every P-Day!

Well i have so much more to tell you but i don't have enough would think that an hour is sufficient...its not! But i just want you all to know that i love you so much and i love the MTC! i will probably cry when i have to leave because it is so great!! the food is good, my district is good, and my companion is even better!! keep praying for me! please hahaha my Spanish is coming..slowly but the gift of tongues is real! i can now bear my testimony in Spanish and I'm still working on the praying haha but its coming too! have a great week!!!!

con mucho amor,
Hermana Canty!! :)