Monday, December 1, 2014


how are all of you wonderful people!? i hope great!! i cant believe its already december, where has the year gone??? i also cant believe there is no snow here :( lol its definitely weird that its the 1st of December and i am SO hot lol but i wont brag too much because you all are probably freezing!!! Guess what i ate for lunch thanksgiving day..SUBWAY!!!! lol i hope you all ate some for me!!!

anywho, i decided that this week i would try to make my email a little better than last week´s!! but i dont have as many pictures...maybe at some point on my mission i can get a lot of pictures and a good email written in the same week!!..but i still have lots of time to practice lol

this week was a weird week! for the whole change we have had a schedule of one good week one bad week! and unfortunately this week was the turn for the bad week! (when i say bad week i just mean like we didnt teach too much and things like that) we didnt find any new investigators this week which is super sad but hopefully this coming week we can!!! we wanted new investigators so bad that on Saturday we literally contacted houses all day!!! it was hard because not too many people were interested in our message (here the PROMINANT religion is Evangelico..there are like 100000000 different churches..literally one on every corner but they are all different!) but we did meet some really nice people..eventhough they werent interested they were still nice!! but i just have to say..contacting is hard and not very fun!! but when all else fails..we have to do what we have to do!! :)

the highlight of this week though was thursday! we had a multi zone conference in Mazate (its like 45 minutes east..i think..of san martin!) we were combined with 3 other zones and presidente y hna ruiz spoke to us! the main message was about repentance and the atonement!! it was AMAZING!!! they showed this video about the atonement and missionary work and i just cried! there was a talk by elder holland playing that was saying that sometimes missionaries ask "why is it so hard? why do i have to do this? why dont people accept our message?" (all questions that i asked this week..) and he related to christ and his life and his mission! his mission was harder than anything in this entire world! and people rejected him..the son of god!!!!! elder holland said "in order for missionaries to truly understand the atonement, they have to feel even the slightest bit of what christ felt" needless to say hermana canty was humbled!!! i am going to print out the talk of elder holland and tape it to every surface of my house!! but it was a really good conference!!

we also talked about a new initiative that the church is doing for christmas and it is called "He is the Gift" it is to help bring others into the church! if you go to you can find the video! and SHARE IT!!!! its times like these when i wish i was in a mission that used facebook bc i just want to share this video!! but i i am asking you to please do it for me!!! every mission in the world is using this as a finding opportunity!!! how cool is that! also..this thing is so big that the megatron in TIMES SQURE NEW YORK will have it playing for a month! also it is on the home page for youtube like 10 different countries!! please watch it and share it!!! :)) the conference they talked a lot about people getting sick bc 150 of the 208 missionaries in my mission are sick in some way!!!!! so they gave us this pabellons (little nets to sleep under) to help prevent from mosquitos! and everytime i sleep under it i feel like a princess lol but sad news...elder fillmore had to go home (i came with him from the provo mtc) because he has been sick for like 3 weeks and cant walk!!! :( also hna beckstrand and the 2 other hermanas i live with have dengue...not super bad like whit did but they are not too good! so yesterday i had to go with the mini missionary to teach the lessons..

it was kinda scary!!! but also really fun! unfortunately all of the citas we had planned fell and they only had one that worked out! so we onyl taught one lesson yesterday..but I DID IT BY MYSELF!!!!!!!!! it was so weird because i have been so used to my comps leading the lessons (even in the mtc and ccm i didnt lead) but i did yesterday!! i know the lord helps me and i am soooooo grateful for that!!!!!!!

i also got a priesthood blessing this week because my left shoulder has been hurting pretty bad..thats what missionary life does to ya lol...but in it my district leader said "you are a solider in the lord´s army and will have the strength you need to fulfill your purposes!" it was super cool!!!!! :) ...sorry just a little random story for you lol

well i am not too sure i have too much else to say (other than our investigators didnt get baptized this week...but next week hopefully!!!!!) i love you all so much and i hope that your week coming up is great!!! i read this really good quote in personal study the other day and it says "love is also spelled t-i-m-e, time!" just remember to enjoy the time you have together!!!! thank you all for being such great examples to me!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Hermana Kelli Dawn Canty