Monday, May 18, 2015

Ups & Downs

Hello Hello! :)

this week was definitely not what we expected!!! (i´ll give the bad news first lol) remember Abi?? our fecha for this past weekend?? well we went to visit her this week..and she told us some really sad news....she told us she was going to move to live with her brother and go to church with him...who is not a member... we were so devastated!!! that is the hard part of the mission..watching people turn away from the gospel, watching them not accept it!!! but dont worry fam..Heavenly Father knows us and watches over us!! after she told us that we were really sad..but we didnt give up! we were contacting later that day in a part of our area at about 6 pm. the thing with this part of our area is its pretty sketchy and dangerous so we cant be there past 6:30. we were debating whether or not to stay there and try to contact more or head back to Malacatan. and so we tried, "one more door" and that is when we met Brayan! we were really looking for another person but we started talking to him and realized that he is who we were supposed to find!! we had a short lesson with him..bc we had to leave soon but we found out that he has actually been to the church before, and has a lot of friends who are members!! we have another lesson with him this week and i am SUPER excited to see how he progesses. it seems God always put the "light at the end of the tunnel" just as we are about to stop our journey through the tunnel.

Also this past week in Latin America was the week of the Family!!! and so we had lots of activities to help strengthen the family!! and to end the festivities..yesterday there was a devotional from the area presidency that talked about the family and the area plan. the area plan for Central America is SO COOL!!!! its all about doing the small and simple things to be better! they talked a TON about being better in the family prayers, scripture study, and FHE!!! they said something that is loved!!!! they said that as parents "its not just about giving the best world to your kids but about giving the best kids to the world!" how true is that! the teaching comes from the home!! HOW BLESSED I AM TO COME FROM A HOME THAT TAUGHT ME THE GOSPEL!!!!!!!!!! i have thought sometimes that it would be much easier to relate to the investigators if i had been a convert (that way i would know their feelings of changing their lives, of the fears and doubts, of everything!) but then i remember the BLESSINGS i recieved and still recieve from the family and life i have..and those desires go away! its true...i dont understand how it is to change my life and join the church, but the thing is..we all have to go through the conversion process!! even if we have known the church since we were born, we still have to make the choice to FOLLLOW the teachings and to LIVE the gospel..we all have to be converted at one point or another!!! :) 

the area presidency invited everyone to do 5 things, i am inviting you all to do them too!! :))

1: Be better at praying and reading the scriptures DAILY!
2: Do Family Home Evening and INVITE others to join you!
3: Search for your Ancestors
4: Strengthen the love in the home
5: Have a Family:Proclamation in the house, and study it!

i was really impacted by this devotional!!! i know it takes time to make habits..but we can all start with at least ONE thing out of those 5! :))) anywho...i think thats about all i have for now! but i just want to thank you all for being such a great family!!!! i seriously have the best family in the whole wide world!!!!!!! :)))))) KEEP BEING YOU!!!!:)))) I LOVE YOU!!!

Con amor,

Hermana Canty