Monday, November 3, 2014

Pictures from week 10/27 - 11/03

Hermana Canty's comp at the CCM

 Their pila (where they wash clothes)

 Hermana Canty, her comp, and aroldo (he is a member who goes w/ them to like every lesson!)

Hermana Canty & Her comp on the first day

Fiambre: its what everyone eats here for all saints day..its better than it look!

Week of October 27th - November 3rd

hello my amazing family!
so about my week!! well we got to reu like 12 pm on tuesday and had a bunch of training things! and then we met with president! i love him! he is super funny and really awesome. we had dinner at his house on Tuesday night and it was amazing!!!!!! :) Wednesday we had change meeting. and i had to bear my testimony in front of like 150 other missionaries, in Spanish!!! it was so scary but i did it :) i also met my companion! her name is hermana beckstrand! she only has 3 months left, so she leaves after she trains me!!! but she is really awesome!!! and she is a gringa so she helps me with my Spanish when i struggle, which is a lot lol she is super good at spanish and is a really good missionary!!! also, i am in a zone with elder fillmore! (he is the one who came with me from provo!) so that is kinda nice to actually know someone haha im still getting into the swing of things..and idk when the feeling of being a new missionary will wear off, but i hope soon haha 

I am in an area called San Martin! its super awesome! we live with another set of missionaries and they are latinas so we get lots of practice speaking spanish! haha the area i serve in actually really big!! we cover like 4-5 small little towns, but they are all mushed together. i have a hard time deciding which is which lol but i love it! its definitely a culture shock!!! lol also, our house is SO nice!!!!!! it has running water and everything!! i am seriously being spoiled here!!!! i love the members here! they are super awesome, and we eat lunch with them everyday but sunday and monday!! i wish i knew more spanish so i could actually get to know them, but for now i will just do as i can haha also in every area of the mission the bishop of the ward gives the new missionaries a blessing, its super cool! i cried through the whole thing haha and i couldnt really understand what was being said but i did feel better afterward! 


we have some really cool investigators who we play basketball with everyday morning at 6! its super fun and is way better than normal exercise haha we have quite a few investigators! also this weekend was All saints day and day of the dead (nov 1) and there were tons of people! they all go to the cemetary and eat food by the graves of their family, its super weird but also really cool! we went and passed out plan of salvation pamphlets haha it was fun!!! but as soon as the sun went got kinda sketchy!! so we ended up going home early! i had my first encounter with a drunk person lol and he was speaking in spanish so it was even better lol welcome to guatemala! and then yestderday san martin had this cowboy fest! and in front of our house is a big soccer feild! and they just set up this arena type thing in front of our house and had horse shows all day! and the music was SO loud! haha we didnt teach too much this weekend :( but hopefully this week we can get more!!! :) 

so funny story: we were going to a lunch appointment on friday! and we stopped to talk to some teenagers. after we were done talking to them we went to leave and as i stepped off the porch onto the sidewalk, i fell. there was like a huge gap between the sidewalk and the porch...and i fell right into it hahahaha i have a pretty good scrape from it! so that was a good way to welcome myself to guatemala!! haha also, i have like 35 mosquito bites (that will be my new weekly stat for you lol) 

today for pday we came to Reu to eat lunch and email!!! :) the buses here are so crazy!!! like pack like 30 ppl into a bus that should only hold like 10! but they are super cheap so its okay! i also rode in a tuktuk for the first time!! haha after we finish emailing we are gonna go buy some food, so i can hopefully stop eating corn flakes for every meal haha but hey! i dont mind corn flakes!!! :)) 

the mission is back and shoulders hurt almost always and i feel like crying almost daily because i dont understand! but i know that it will get better! i know that the savior is here to help me!! and the people are super patient with me!! so that helps! i love this gospel so much and i love you all so much too!! please stay safe and stay amazing!!!! i cant wait to hear from you again next week!!! good luck with everything this week!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

with more love than you can imagine,

Hermana Canty