Monday, March 30, 2015


La Semana Santa

hello hello my beautiful family! 

this week was a good week and also a crazy week!

so i just have to say...guatemala is amazing! we have so many opportunities to share the gospel!!! on wednesday we went to this school in the area of teh elders of our ward (long story but lets just say we had to do a presentation for them bc they werent there lol) it was just supposed to be about the states (like they ask questions about the culture and we answer) but almost all of the questions were about the church! the teacher that set it all up is a member! :) it was really cool!! we went around the different classrooms and answered the questions they had baout the church and everything! it was so great to be able to share our testimonies of the gosple with them!!! it was also really cool to see how the teacher was not afraid to share HER TESTIMONY!!!! (if only we could do that in our schools lol) 

ALSO!! on friday our entire zone (18 missionaries) went to this school! (the owners of the school are members also) and we watched "to this end was i born" with the entire school!! we did it in 3 different sessions! (background: this week in guatemala is semana santa! i dont really know what happens but its like easter lol and they have their "spring break" right now) we introduced ourselves before the video and passed out little papers that they could right their information on so we can visit them!!!! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY HERE!!!!! it was also really great to see how these members shared the gospel! they were not afraid to say that they are members and even less afraid to have us come!!! :) it was a really really cool experience that we had!!! 

also, we had to chance to go to the general womens meeting on saturday!!! :) it was in spanish and i could understand!!! :) so thats really cool! #gift of tongues!!! :) we have such a great opportunity as members of the church to be able to listen to our prophet! i hope that you all will make the time to watch at least one of the sessions this weekend!!! I PROMISE YOU, YOU WILL RECEIVE THE BLESSINGS!!!!!!!! i love the general conference!! :) but i also remeber when i was in the CCM watching it and was like, "wow, at the next conference i will have 6 months...." we are!! how fast the time goes! i know that this work is the work of the lord, and i have the chance to be apart of it! president ruiz wrote me this today, (in spanish so i used google translate..)

"Elder Holland said he has the feeling that the first apostles, prophets, priests and kings-the missionaries of the antiquity "knew that they would not succeed in his time, but could continue working because they knew that we make it. In that sense they could sing and prophesy and take heart, not his age, but for ours. "
He added: "This is the generation in which the work will not fail. This is the dispensation to receive the Son of God as the Lamb of God, and we will deliver to him the Church of the Lamb. "
Follow with courage Sister Canty, this work will not fail."

HOW TRUE THAT IS!!!! :) this work will not fail! but it also needs our help!!! :) how blessed we are to be members of the CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS!!!!!! i love you all so much and hope that this week goes great for all of you!! thank you for your love and support!!! :)


Hermana Canty