Monday, March 14, 2016

"You Have to See the Big Miracles Too"

Well hello there my wonderful family!! 

first of all, CONGRATS TO THE CHAMPION!! and all teams that played this weekend!!! it sounds like it was a great weekend for sure!! i am very proud of you all!! :D

but like my title says we saw MANY big miracles this week!!! 

the first one was with hermana Janeth and her son Lester. THEY GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!! :) it was such a great baptism! hermana janeth was so happy and she told me, "hermana i want ALL of my family in white!" i almost cried. we had some really good lessons with her this week to prepare them and it truly was a miracle they got baptized. SHE WAS PREPARED. there were also lots of obstacles that tried to stop her (i.e. being sick on saturday morning and we had to heat up water on the stove to fill the font, her mom gettig sick, lester almost not getting confirmed) but she didnt let it fase her. Janeths testimony and DESIRE to be baptized really changed me. from the first day we met her she was ready. she truly is so special to me. 

also we met a lady named glendy this week. she was a reference from the sisters in another zone and we tried to contact her on wednesday. well we were looking for her house for like 20 minutes and she wasnt answering the phone but FINALLY she did and explained a little better. but as she was explaining the directions became really familiar to me and it dawned on me that she was an old investigator and that we had already tried to contact her before but she wasnt very positive. so i kinda went with lower hopes (#littlefaith..bad idea.) but when we got there she was waiting happily for us and we started talking and she was SO positive!!!! she wants to get baptized like NOW!!! so many things have changed since hte last time i saw her and i really had to fight myself from wondering if it was really the same person! she is way cool and im really excited to be able to work more with her.

on the mission ive come to appreciate and recognize the small miracles everyday. and i am so grateful for that. but since being here in mazate ive seriously seen BIG miracles. one of the hermanas told me, "hermana you cant jsut focus on the small miracles god does BIG miracles and we can see them too." after that my eyes opened and i saw them! i dont know if the small miracles just became the big miracles for me or if really truly so many BIG miracles have happened. but either way i am so grateful. i feel like we dont deserve to see so many amazing things but then i remember that its not for us, but for the people. and we are just lucky enough to be apart of them. i KNOW that god is a god of miracles and that he can truly change our lives. WE NEED TO LET HIM!!!!

i love you all so much!! good luck this week in everything and have a great week!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

con amor,

Hermana Canty