Monday, July 6, 2015


Rainbows Come After Rain

Buenas Tardes Familia Canty!!! :))))

thank you all so much for the emails and prayers and fastings and EVERYTHING!! i really felt your love! well last week i was a little sick (and friday was the worst day) but other than that i have been great and i feel great right now! its true that Heavenly Father protects the missionaries!! THANK YOU ALL!!! :)))))

well this week lots of things happened! we started reading the Book of Mormon as a mission, we are reading it in 1 month!!!!!! and let me tell you, we need to always read this book i have already learned so many news things that i didnt before!!! i am so grateful for the book of mormon! this week i really saw that the questions and concerns taht the investigators had could be answered with the reading i did that morning..super crazy but a huge testimony to me! we also had the oportunity to testify A LOT of the book of mormon! and the thing i have learned is this: 

if the book of mormon is true, than joseph smith is a prophet, if he is a prophet than the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints is the true church, and if the church is true than the people should be baptized. so what does that mean for all of us? READ THE BOOK OF MORMON!!!!! its that simple, read, ponder, pray!! 3 things is all we have to do to know that this book is true! and i have really seen the difference in the investigators when they actually do these things, THEY GET BAPTIZED!!!!!!! 

I love being a missionary and being able to testify everyday of this gospel!! i had this oportunity to teach a lesson in english this week!! and super awkward doing it!!! but it was amazing to see how the spirit spoke through me (i have no idea how to teach in english and i was able to do it) i am Hermana Canty, missionary for the CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS! i love being able to say that!!! 

this week we had the oportunity to have some mini missionaries with us! the stake did a mini mission and we got 2 hermanas for the stake! it was really cool! it was fun to help them learn more about the life of a missionary!! 

also!! JOSE ANTONIO WAS CONFIRMED YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!! whoooo!!!!! he is super pilas and even came to teach menos activos with us this week!!! its so true that the joy of a missionary really is seeing people enter the celestial kingdom!!!! i am so blessed!! this week is the week of cambios (transfers) and i think im leaving malacatan :( but we will see!!! i love malacatan so much!!! but the will of the lord is what i will follow!!!

well sorry my letter is a little all over the place but thats me for ya!! ;) i love you all so much!!!!!!!! have a great week and be safe!!! good luck with everything!!!!!


Hermana Canty