Monday, December 7, 2015

Soy la Luz Del Mundo

thank you all so much for the letters and updates and everything!!! it sounds like your week was full and that everyone had a fun time with all the activities!! :))
well just a little update of the work here in GUATEMALA!! :)
1) Franklin is doing great!! we went to visit him this week and he was super happy from church!! he really liked it. we taught him about the book of mormon..even though he had already read all the way up to nephi 1, he read all the intro including the testimonies of the witnesses and joseph smith!!! :) (i dont know who the member is in malacatan who he worked with..but i want to thank him for being such a GREAT member missionary. he taught a lot of things to franklin and it has really helped move the teaching on our part along!!) we also watched the video of the restoration with him!! he is super pilas and wants to learn!! he is reading the book of mormon..even the 3 chapters we left him bc he wanted more to read...! but when we asked him if he had prayed he said yes, but that he hasnt asked specifically if the church is true. and we asked him if he was afraid of the answer..and he said yes! he knows its true but is afraid of receiving the answer..bc when he receives it, he will have to act! his family is SUPER evangelical!!!! but they are really nice to us, and they are glad he is listening to us bc before he wasnt going to a church..and that worried them. i think he is just nervous about changing and being the only one in his family, but i know lots of people (mom included for many years..) who have done it..and i know he can too!!! ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE!! dont be afraid of the answer....the answers god gives are ALWAYS what we need!! :)))))))
2) our district leader saw the hand of the lord really big in his area last week!! they had 38 people in church..INVESTIGATORS..and the normal attendance for their branch is 25.... these people came from a finca (farm) that is in their area. well needlesstosay they were very surprised and have LOTS of work to do! so as a zone we went to their area on friday on to help them visit these the farm. now just to give a little idea of where this place is...we went 30-40 minutes in bus to get to the area of the elders..and then we walked for 20 min until a truck gave us a ride about 7 more minutes up the road. and then we got off and entered into a FOREST and walked about 40 minutes to get to the finca. AND WE WALKED THE ENTIRE WAY!!!! well we got their and started talking to the people who came to church. and they all wanted to learn more. so we put citas for the elders and on sunday they went and gave a big combined lesson to everyone. it was a super far walk..even farther in the dark lol but it was so cool to see these people. i have no idea how they got to the church, other than the hand of the lord taking them there!!! i am super excited to see how these people progress..and who knows..maybe they can start a branch their in the finca!! :P it was so beautiful too!! my testimony of the creation grew!!!!
3) i hope you all had the chance to watch the christmas devotional last night...if not..PLEASE WATCH IT!!!! it was amazing!!! but the things that stood out most are the talks by elder bednar and president uchtdorf!! Elder Bednar seems to have taken my personal study journal and used it as his talk! i have been studying exactly the chapters that he talked was cool. but he talked about how christ is the light of the world. well the signs of christs birth were signs of LIGHT (the day, night, and day without darkness and the new star!!) its because CHRIST BRINGS LIGHT INTO HE LIVES OF THOSE WHO FOLLOW HIM!!!!!! one of my favorite lines in the living christ is "He is the LIGHT, the LIFE, and the HOPE of the world" without christ this world would be dark and sad and terrible. i am so thankful that more than 2000 years ago he was born so that all of us could live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you havent seen the new videos of the church please watch them!!! is the website...WATCH THEM AND SHARE THEM PLEASE!!! :)) i love the savior and i love this time of year!!! :)))
well thats about all i got today!! i just want you all to know that i love you and that this work is the work of the SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!!!! he is our hope and our reason in everything!!!!! i love you!!
con amor,Hermana Canty