Monday, April 27, 2015

Good Afternoon!!!!

GOOD AFTERNOON!!!!!!!! :)))) how is my beautiful family! hopefully still full from that DELICIOUS birthday dinner you all had!!! ;) thank you for thinking of me!!! birthdays in the mission are pretty cool!!! we wake up and do all the normal stuff, but it just feels different!!! :) here in guatemala there is a tradition that when its your birthday, early in the morning they light off firecrackers outside your house. well it was like 8:45 when they went off but i did receive the fire crackers! :) hermana rosas and hermana garcia (the other hermanas that live in the house) did it for me and they bought me a cake! i also opened up the package that you sent me for my birthday..yes i waited a WHOLE WEEK to open it!!! THANK YOU!!! so much for the food!!! and the "cake" haha we sure enjoyed it!!! :)))) also hermana ruiz, the wife of presidente ruiz, came with us to our citas, and brought me a BUNCH of needless to say hermana canty doesnt need to buy snacks for the rest of her mission!!!! ;)))))) also on friday a member invited us over to celebrate a little! and they have a tradition here that they sing happy birthday, in english, and then they sing a song, "ya queremos pastel, ya queremos pastel, aunque sea pedacito, ya queremos pastel." and then they count to your age!!! :) it was really fun!! and after they have to bite the cake!!!! birthday in gautemala was GREAT!!!!! :))))) 

well this week was also a good one! a little rough on the finding investigators side, but thats just part of missionary work!!! :) we had a goal as a mission to find 20 new investigatores for every companionship..and we only found 13! but WE FOUND 13 NEW INVESTIGATORS!!!! :) thats 13 more people who we are going to teach about the gospel!!! and one of them is a family! (let me tell you the story lol)

about a week ago we were talking with a member and we asked her if she knew anyone who we could visit, and she told us, "my neighbors, they are a young family and i think have gone to church before..visit them." well we went immediately to their house...and they werent home..haha but we went back this week and they were! were taking a little break outside the house of the member and saw them playing with their kids outside and so we went and talked to them! they didnt have much time right then but told us we could come back the next day..and we did!!! it was really a great lesson! the husband said, "i have been to a lot of churches but i have always noticed how much emphasis the mormons put on the family, and i really like that!" it was in that moment that we could testify of the reality of ETERNAL FAMILIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))) we have another lesson with them tonight and i am so excited to see how it goes!! :) its also kinda funny bc the wife looks a lot like whit...wierd!!! ;) 

a lot of things happened this week but that experience was one of my favorites!!!! i am so thankful for you all and the love you ALWAYS give me!!!! keep being the great family that you are and know that i love you all so much!!!!! :))))))))) be strong and press on!!! :) I LOVE YOU!!!!

 con amor,

Hermana Canty