Monday, December 28, 2015

AÑO NUEVO!! 2016

Wow!!! it was so great to talk to you all on Christmas Day!! and look what this week brings, A NEW YEAR!!! i cant believe another year has passed!!!! its crazy how many things happen in a year! 

well i dont have too much to share because we talked about most of it on christmas, so i will give you guys some challenges!!! ;))) with the new year we always like to make goals..and many times we dont complete them for MANY reasons, but this year i want you all to think about a goal, but a SPIRITUAL goal!!! we always want to be much better than we currently are, and that is a process we need to start now! but we also need to keep in mind that we must start with ONE THING AT A TIME. so i hope you can all make at least one spiritual goal for the year of 2016. it can be anything; read the book of mormon everyday, pray morning and night, fast every month, go to all meetings in church, whatever it is..PLEASE MAKE THE GOAL!!!! the thing i have learned most on the mission is that the spritiual goals matter more!!! its so weird because i will have to think about life goals too this year, but the spiritual goals are the most important because they will help acheive all other goals we have. so that is my challenge to you all!! make a spiritual goal and keep it!! :D

also, la familia mejia is doing great!! unfortuantely their little boy got really sick this sunday and couldnt come, but they were so sad they couldnt come. i know that satan is putting lots of trials in their way but i also know that heavenly father is helping them. they read the book of mormon and hermana karla is so excited and loves learning more and more each time we visit them. i know that they are a miracle family and i am so excited to be able to know them and help them. please keep them in your prayers too that they will be able to overcome the trials that they are having right now!! 

i know that this is the work of the lord, if it wasnt, we as missionaries would have already destroyed it, but i am SO THANKFUL for the oportunity that i have to be a representative of jesus christ and to be able to testify every day of his life and his power. like i said when we talked...if you have doubts of that READ THE LIVING CHRIST!!! keep a copy close by so that you can read it anytime. I KNOW he lives and that he is our savior. he truly is the LIVING CHRIST. 

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!:)))) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! :)))) 

con amor,
Hermana Canty

Monday, December 21, 2015


WOW!!!! ITS ALREADY CHRISTMAS TIME!!! it feels like just last year it was this time!!!! ;)) but either way MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!! :))))) well this letter will be a little short..because WE ARE GONNA TALK ON CHRISTMAS DAY and i dont want to ruin all of the surprises, but here was a little about my week 

When i got here to Lincon we didnt have too many investigators, and even though we are still trying to find more, last week we found a FAMILY!!! :))) its a couple and they are so cute. there name is the la Familia Mejia (Karla and Gilberto) we me Karla first and Gilberto this week. well we talked to them about the Book of Mormon and left them an assignment in it to read. well when we went back 2 days later we were GREATLY surprised. *one of the challenges here is that the people dont read very often so when they do its a BIG thing!!* well Karla told us that she was waiting for Gilberto to get home from work to read it, but that she was curious and wanted to read it sooner. but when she picked up the book she felt something tell her, "wait for Gilberto..this is for the 2 of you." and so she waited until he got home and then they READ IT TOGETHER!! she said they were a little scared to read it because they werent sure how they were going to feel or what would happen..but they said a prayer first and felt better and then started reading. and as they read she said they felt more confident in reading it and felt the spirit. I TESTIFY THAT THEY DID FEEL THE SPIRIT!!!!! i was so happy when she told us that. they are so great!!! i know that the lord is working in their lives and that they will continue to progress!! #christmasmiracle

we also had a christmas devotional with Presidente Ruiz and it was so great!! can i just say that i love christmas!!!! i am so grateful that our salvador loved us sufficiently to WILLINGLY leave the presence of our heavenly father and be born HUMBLY in a stable. the king of all the world was born in the most humble way, and he lived his life like that too. HE is the reason for christmas, HE is the life of the world, HE is the hope of the world, HE is the SAVIOR OF THE WORLD! and we must always remember that!!!:))

well thats about all i have today! i love you all so much!!!! have a great christmas eve and day and we will see each other at 6:00 pm mountain standard time and we will talk more!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! dont forget to think of 2 gifts that you have received from christ, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))

con amor,
Hermana Canty

Monday, December 14, 2015

Have I Been Here Before!?


well the big news of the week... HERMANA CANTY HAD CHANGES!! AND IS AGAIN IN MAZATENANGO!!!!!! :D

but other than that this week was good! like i said im in mazate again. but not it the same zone...there are 2 zones here and now im in zona lincoln. its the zone that covers more of the city part of mazate...its kinda weird to be in the city city but i love it. i work a lot in an area thats called San Gabriel, and its really big actually!! im still learning the area, but i love it. my new companion is hermana chan. she is 24 and is from CANCUN MEXICO!! she is super short and a little we are opposites but she is so great!! she keeps wild hermana canty under control!! ;) she is a great missionary, she is a convert and has such a strong testimony!!!!! i am very lucky and happy to be her companion!! :) i dont know too many member yet bc this weekend was stake conference, but the ones i have met are great!! :)

well we saw some miracles this week!!! 

1) on Saturday we received a reference of a guy named Jorge, and we called him and invited him to the conference sunday morning. well he couldnt come in the morning, but at 5 pm there was a missionary/musical devotional and we invited him to that...AND HE CAME!!! he really liked it! we are gonna meet with him this week to actually teach him but he is really great!! :)

2) the choir last night was from stakes in malacatan and coatepeque...and guess who i saw...PEOPLE I KNOW FROM MALACATAN!!!!!!! i saw my favorite family and members from malacatan!! i was so happy to see them i was jumping around like tiny when we get home!!! ;) these people really are my family!!!! also the choir/orchestra was AMAZING!!!!!!!! there is such a spirit in music!!!!! :)

also just wanted to share somehting with you all...SHARE THE GOSPEL!!! we have the truth and should not be afraid or ashamed to share it!!! :))) but if you are afraid to open your mouth and share it...FIND OTHER WAYS!!! there are so many ways you can share the gospel...use them and share it!! :))))) 

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! i love hearing your stories and experiences and i love being able to share mine!! the mission is the BEST! there is nothing better than being a missionary. I TESTIFY OF THAT!!!!!! :)))) have a great week and be safe! enjoy the snow and we will be seeing each other soon!! :)

Hermana Canty

Monday, December 7, 2015

Soy la Luz Del Mundo

thank you all so much for the letters and updates and everything!!! it sounds like your week was full and that everyone had a fun time with all the activities!! :))
well just a little update of the work here in GUATEMALA!! :)
1) Franklin is doing great!! we went to visit him this week and he was super happy from church!! he really liked it. we taught him about the book of mormon..even though he had already read all the way up to nephi 1, he read all the intro including the testimonies of the witnesses and joseph smith!!! :) (i dont know who the member is in malacatan who he worked with..but i want to thank him for being such a GREAT member missionary. he taught a lot of things to franklin and it has really helped move the teaching on our part along!!) we also watched the video of the restoration with him!! he is super pilas and wants to learn!! he is reading the book of mormon..even the 3 chapters we left him bc he wanted more to read...! but when we asked him if he had prayed he said yes, but that he hasnt asked specifically if the church is true. and we asked him if he was afraid of the answer..and he said yes! he knows its true but is afraid of receiving the answer..bc when he receives it, he will have to act! his family is SUPER evangelical!!!! but they are really nice to us, and they are glad he is listening to us bc before he wasnt going to a church..and that worried them. i think he is just nervous about changing and being the only one in his family, but i know lots of people (mom included for many years..) who have done it..and i know he can too!!! ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE!! dont be afraid of the answer....the answers god gives are ALWAYS what we need!! :)))))))
2) our district leader saw the hand of the lord really big in his area last week!! they had 38 people in church..INVESTIGATORS..and the normal attendance for their branch is 25.... these people came from a finca (farm) that is in their area. well needlesstosay they were very surprised and have LOTS of work to do! so as a zone we went to their area on friday on to help them visit these the farm. now just to give a little idea of where this place is...we went 30-40 minutes in bus to get to the area of the elders..and then we walked for 20 min until a truck gave us a ride about 7 more minutes up the road. and then we got off and entered into a FOREST and walked about 40 minutes to get to the finca. AND WE WALKED THE ENTIRE WAY!!!! well we got their and started talking to the people who came to church. and they all wanted to learn more. so we put citas for the elders and on sunday they went and gave a big combined lesson to everyone. it was a super far walk..even farther in the dark lol but it was so cool to see these people. i have no idea how they got to the church, other than the hand of the lord taking them there!!! i am super excited to see how these people progress..and who knows..maybe they can start a branch their in the finca!! :P it was so beautiful too!! my testimony of the creation grew!!!!
3) i hope you all had the chance to watch the christmas devotional last night...if not..PLEASE WATCH IT!!!! it was amazing!!! but the things that stood out most are the talks by elder bednar and president uchtdorf!! Elder Bednar seems to have taken my personal study journal and used it as his talk! i have been studying exactly the chapters that he talked was cool. but he talked about how christ is the light of the world. well the signs of christs birth were signs of LIGHT (the day, night, and day without darkness and the new star!!) its because CHRIST BRINGS LIGHT INTO HE LIVES OF THOSE WHO FOLLOW HIM!!!!!! one of my favorite lines in the living christ is "He is the LIGHT, the LIFE, and the HOPE of the world" without christ this world would be dark and sad and terrible. i am so thankful that more than 2000 years ago he was born so that all of us could live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you havent seen the new videos of the church please watch them!!! is the website...WATCH THEM AND SHARE THEM PLEASE!!! :)) i love the savior and i love this time of year!!! :)))
well thats about all i got today!! i just want you all to know that i love you and that this work is the work of the SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!!!! he is our hope and our reason in everything!!!!! i love you!!
con amor,Hermana Canty

Monday, November 30, 2015

Its the Most Wonderful time of the year


how are all of you wonderful people doing today!? well i hope your thanksgiving day was full of turkey and stuffing and rolls
and pie!! (mine was too!!!...weird!! :))) 

well as i was thinking this week on Thanksgiving Day i realized that i have LOTS to be grateful for!!! for you all as my family, for my health, for the chance to be a missionary, for the people i have met here, for the church, but most of all, FOR MY SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!!!!!  without him all of the other blessings i have would not exist. i am beyond grateful for him and everything he did/does/will do for me!!!! that is why i LOVE this time of year!!!!! its the time where the entire world can focus on him! there is a new video out from the church, PLEASE WATCH IT AND SHARE IT!!!! we are so blessed to have the gospel and we must share it!!!! :))))

well just a few updates for the week...

carlos came to church this week!!! :)))) he has been hot and cold but he really like the classes yesterday and is progressing really well!! :))) also lorena came too!!!! she had to leave early to see her family (she only sees them on weekends...) but we werent even sure if she was gonna come!!! :)))))))) and we also met a really cool guy this week! his name is franklin. he was studying MALACATAN for 4 months and just got back!!! and he was working with a member who talked to him a lot about the church, and then BAM we showed up to his house. he is super cool and really positive. we told him we would call him sunday in the morning for church, but when we did he didnt answer. we were kinda bummed but also really happy because carlos was there. well when we walked into the church one of the elders asked, "hermana is that guy in the green shirt your investigator!?" i thought he was talking about carlos (who had a red shirt lol) and i said "no.." but as i looked at him i shouted..."YES!! FRANKLIN!!!" i was so happy to see him!! he had gotten to church early and was sitting there. luckily the members were pilas and immediately starting talking to him and one even sat by him :))) it was a great surprise!!! :))))

also this week as a zone we went to a nursing home to visit the elderly. and it was so fun!!! :)))) first...the nursing homes here are a bit different then at home...but still cool! :P we met some really cool people from lots of religions and lots of places but it was great to sing for them and share some juice and cookies!! it really made there day better. but i had a great experience. we walked in and we were saying hi to all of them but there was this one lady sitting on a chair in the hallway and as we said hi to her she just stood up and wrapped him arms around my stomach and hugged me!!! she has some mental disorder, and couldnt talk, but as we stood there hugging i knew our spirits were talking...i couldnt tell waht they were saying but i know they were talking!!! and i just let the tears flow. i will probably never see that lady again but i know we will be friends in the next life! and i look forward to getting to know her more personally!! it was a super cool experience visting the elderly.

i love this work and i love my savior. he is the reason for everything! and as december comes in i hope we can focus on him!!! have a great week and keep up all the good work! enjoy the snow and cold!! :)))  I LOVE YOU!!!!! 

con amor,
Hermana Canty

Monday, November 23, 2015

* Bonus : Just to make you smile

well a funny experience for you all this wonderful monday, and it goes like this:

two hermanas (hermana canty and hermana aguilar) were hungry one thursday afternoon, and decided to go to Asado Franca (a place they had been to before) to eat RamboPan (a very large sandwhich with 5 different meats.) the pan was delicious..until the end when hermana canty saw a meat she didnt recognize...white..squishy..gross..after eating almost the entire sandwich she took out the gross meat she had just found and finished calmly. however as they were leaving said hermana felt REALLY the point she was a little sick to her stomach. but they went to work. after getting off a bus she mentioned to her companion that she felt the need to throw up..not very strong but lightly. while in the lesson with an investigator the stomach of hermana canty was swing dancing, so much so that she couldnt speak, for fear of puking on the feet of the wonderful investigator. she was pulling a "BRAVE" moment and tried to wait it out..but couldnt and had to ask for the bathroom and had to RUN to it before puking all of RamboPan up. to make it worse...the bathroom is RIGHT next to where the lesson was. so instead of feeling the spirit..she smelled lunch. it was very emabarrassing...but it doesnt end there.

after going with a member..and MISTAKINGLY drinking some grape soda..the two hermanas got in a taxi...they didnt drive but 20 feet when hermana canty had to scream "PULL OVER, PULL OVER!" and jumped out of the taxi..and puke up all that was in her stomach. IN THE SIDE OF A BARDITCH!! she had lots of spectators (the people in the taxi...the people in the small restaruant..and the people in the streets) after concluding, the hermanas got in a different taxi and headed home. and that is the story of when hermana canty ate INTESTINE!!!!!

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p

Hermana Canty

Agradecidos En Todas Las Cosas


eventhough they dont celebrate it here...we are going to this year. so thats definitely something to be grateful for!! :))) i hope this week we can all remember the things we are truly grateful for and the MANY BLESSINGS our heavenly father gives us each day!!!! :))) 

this week was good and wet!! we got soaked everyday and it was GREAT!! :))) the people think we are crazy walking and working in the rain storms that happen here..but we are in the work of salvation and a little water cant stop us!! ;) but on a serious note this week was really good. 

we had some great lessons with our investigators, we have this lady named Amarilis (we contacted her in a bus a few weeks ago and she is really great!) she is a single mom and is way great! we taught her a lot about prayer and the holy ghost this week. she has been reading every assignment we have given her and is praying to know if the church is true...she just hasnt recieved her answer yet. hermana aguilar and i were thinking a lot about that this week and decided that maybe she wasnt praying in the right way. (here is guatemala almost EVERYONE goes to a church..mostly evangelical, and so they know how to some way or another. but as we know..God has instructed us how we should do it. so we decided to have a lesson with her about that and how we need to KNEEL to our father and ask specifically for the things we want. it was a great lesson..and to make it better we went with Hermana Johana...she is the super pilas ex-missionary in the ward!! :) it was great to have her because she was able to bear STRONG testimony to Amarilis.

also we have another investigator whos name is carlos. he is the son of another investigator...elizabeth (she and her partner..hector cant get married for a BUNCH of complicated reasons that are personal and long so just remember that they can get baptized right now lol) anywho with carlos. he is super great!! really pilas and like amarilis, reads and prays!!!! but still is hestitant about accepting a fecha for baptism! but i know that heavenly father is working in him!! we have some super lessons planned for him this week and we hope to help him accept a fecha for december!! :))) 

one thing i learned this week is that we can lead a horse to water but cant make him drink!! we can do all we can for people, but its up to them to decide, but we MUST DO ALL WE CAN!!!!!!! :)))) I LOVE MISISONARY WORK!!!! its the best work and we are all members of it!!! just want you all to know how GRATEFUL i am for each one of you and the blessings you are in my life!!! i am the luckiest person in the world to have a family like you!!!!!! please eat LOTS of food for me this week..and even more pie!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Hermana Canty

Monday, November 16, 2015


 and baptism of ana!!! :))))

temple with hermano frandy

Soy Chapina Adoptada


how are you all doing!? it sounds like the normal excitement of basketball is finally back in the house...with that brings Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a New Year! well i will get to updating you!! :))

first things first, ANA GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we have been teaching Ana for about a month, and she was ready to get baptized the day we met her!!! partly because she is so pilas, and partly because she has listened and met with missionaries for 9 years!!!! needless to say it was a VERY spiritual baptismal service!!!! watching her enter the waters of baptism was so amazing. she told that over all the years she has talked with missionaries not once had she gone to church. she kept telling us that we made the change in her life, but thats a lie. she made it and god made it. we were just lucky enough to be there. 

also, CHANGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yep there is a new change in the mission of hermana canty!! my new comp is hermana aguilar!!! she is 21 and is from honduras...and I LOVE HER!!!!!! she is so cute and so pilas!!! we are having a great time!!!! :))) 

we were able to see many miracles this week!!! thats is a goal i have to pay more attention to the small mirclaes we see everyday!! i know they are there and you can see them too! we just have to look for them!! :)

we had a special stake broadcast yesterday and Elder Bendar said something that really stuck out to me...he said, "Living the gospel and keeping the covenants isn´t hard, but NOT doing it is" HOW TRUE THAT IS!!!!!!! this gospel is comes down to LOVE and OBEDIENCE!!!! we just have to trust in our heavenly father for what we need and we will be blessed!!!!! that is what i have truly come to learn on the mission...obedience is first!! when we are obedient..we are blessed and when we arent...we dont receive those blessings. i hope that each day we can strive to be more obedient to the SMALL things of the gospel (the big things are easy to do...its the small things that take the effort!)

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!! thanks for your love and support and everyuthing you do for me!! have a great week and we will talk more next week!!! GO BIG GREEN..AND RED..AND BLUE!!!!! ;)))

con mucho amor,
Hermana Canty

Monday, November 9, 2015



i hope you are all enjoying your brisk november days! :) please enjoy them for me, Guatemala is starting to heat up again!! :)

well enough about the weather..THIS WEEK WAS FULL OF MIRACLES!!!!!!!! :))

1) Hermana Galland came with me again this week and it was one of the greatest days i have had on the mission. GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS! we decided that day that we were going to talk to EVERYONE! and not have any fear!! so thats what we did. we got on the first bus and started talking to these 2 women who were seated in front. and it turns out that one of them, Amariliz, is SUPER positive, we have taught her twice already and she is really interested!!! (also her eyes are literally golden!!!..thats the conversation starter!:P) we then just talked to every person we saw in the street..every tienda we stopped in! and in one of them we found a super cool family!!!!! we found lots of new investigadores that day and even more we saw that when we ASK god for righteous things he gives thm to us. and if we show him we are willing to do HIS will and NOT ours...even more blessings we will receive!! 

2) My comp sprained her ankle this week (doing an example in zone meeting...oops..we were running for some cookies..and she sprained it...not very bad but its the first time so it hurt a lot!!!) and the nurse told her that she cant walk for a week!!!!!! we were so sad bc we had found lots of new people and wanted to go with them to help them learn more..but nurses orders. so we started calling the members..and luckily..EVERY DAY i was able to leave for at least 3 hours to work!!!!!!!!!! i did divisiones with members and other missionaries to be able to work but i was able to and we helped these new investigators progress. my comp was sad she couldnt leave but was also so grateful for the BLESSINGS that the Lord gave us these week. (i also learned that EVERY LITTLE THING IN OUR LIVES HELPS US ON THE MISSION...for example..all of the times i sat on the table and watched dad tape my ankles helped me be able to do that to my comp this week!! :P)

3) In my study this week i learned lots of things but one stood out to me. its a quote from President Brigham Young. "The men and women who want a place in the Celestial Kingdom will discover that we must battle DAILY!!!" i love this!! because in this life we are battling the evils of the world to be able to overcome them and enter the celestial kingdom...and so its a DAILY battle, not just a "once a week" battle!!!! we are not part time members, or even part time children of god...ITS A FULL TIME JOB!!!!!!!! i love having this knowledge and this tesimony. 

4) I have learned more of the Living Christ (Presidente Ruiz has asked us all to memorize spanish of course lol but its so cool!!) but to memorize this declaraction and be able to say in my head whenever i want has really strengthened my testimony of MY savior!! HE LIVES AND IS THE REASON FOR ALL WE DO!!!!! i am his representative for this time of life and it is such an honor to be able to wear his name!!!!!!!!!! if you havent read the living christ i invite you to read it and try to memorize it!!!! IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!!!!

well that was about all that happened this week...its another week of amazing work in guatemala!! with corte and tortillas!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

con amor,
Hermana Canty

Monday, November 2, 2015

Where can I turn for peace?

Well first things first, HAPPY DAY OF THE DEAD!!!!! here in guatemala they dont celebrate Halloween, just Day of the Dead (Nov 1 y 2) so there ya go! we welcomed it in with LOTS of people in the streets, fairs, and FIAMBRE (which was WAY better this year!!!!! if you would like to remember what it looks like, look back at my pics from the beginning of the mission...i know i sent one home lol) it was a good day!!! i hope your weekend of halloween was equally great!!

well a little about this week. Hermana Canty is learning patience and trust in the Lord´s timing. sometimes we expect our efforts to be like the fireworks, that blow up right away, when really they arent anything like that. but its also so great to feel the reassurance that God is pleased with the work we do. speaking of pleasing God, this week i was reading in the Book of Mormon and came across a scripture that got my mind going, its in 3 Nephi 11:15 its when Heavenly Father presents His Son and it says, "For behold, this is my beloved son, in whom i am well pleased. hear ye him." well my question is ¿how would God present us? are we living the manner that he wants so that if he had to present us he could say, "For behold, this is my beloved daughter Hermana Canty, in whom i am well pleased?" that made me think this week. i hope that we can ALWAYS strive to live in such a manner. we should not be so worried about what everyone else thinks of us and if we are pleasing them, but we should PLEASE GOD!

also this week we were able to find A LOT of peace. so the stake has been planning a huge event for like a month and it came to pass yesterday! we were able to go to the temple in Xela!!!!!!! we went with our recent convert Frandy!!! (the event was for recent converts to take a name to the temple and do the baptisms and confirmations for them there. and if we took a convert we got to go!!!) IT WAS SO GREAT SEEING THE LOOK OF FRANDY´S FACE WHEN HE WALKED OUT OF THE TEMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we werent able to go in the temple bc it was a saturday and there were lots of people (and we cant do baptisms anyway..) but we were able to sit outside and give some tours of the temple to some investigators which was great!!! the spirit of the lord TRULY is there!!!! these people are so blessed!! they have 2 temples in their country and one of which is only 2 hours away!!! i seriously love the temple. and to make it even better i was able to see one of our converts GO AND DO BAPTISMS!!! he took a name of his grandpa and was able to be baptized and confirmed for him!!!! when we asked him how it went when he walked out he just sighed deeply and said, "AMAZING!!!!" i almost cried i was so happy!!!! he was able to feel of the spirit!! i was glad he could go bc he has been having lots of difficulties lately in his life and to go to the temple just helped him relax. it also helped me! this week, like i said, was one of learning and struggling, but just being at the temple for 2 hours helped me forget all of the stresses i had and remember why i am doing what i am doing. I LOVE TO SEE THE TEMPLE!!!! ( i took lots of pics..but have lost LOTS so i will be saving them for when i get home to show you!! :P) 

i LOVE being a missionary! this week we had a multi-zone conference with Presidente Ruiz, and let me just tell you, HE IS TRULY CALLED OF GOD!! for the entire time we were there i just felt so strongly the spirit! he is one man who truly is willing to do everything in his power to help us!

well i hope that your week has been great! and that everyday you are striving to be better!! that is the greatest thing, we dont have to be perfect but we have to be in perfect in TRYING!!!! i love you all so much! thank you for your love and support ALWAYS!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

Hermana Canty

Monday, October 26, 2015

El Momento Es Ahora

HELLO FAMILY!!!!!!!!!! how are you all!? well i would just like to appologize now in advance if this email is kinda hard to understand...the keyboard is a special one and doesnt work to well but hopefully the spirit can help you all understand what i would like to share haha

well a little about my week! we had a great lesson with ana and her daughter! we went with the zone leaders to meet with her and without even asking she shared with us a challenge that she has. she smokes( it was like a brick wall that came out of nowhere!!lol) but she has ALL the desire to stop and since meeting with us has reduced the amount she smokes everyday. ITS PROGRESS!!!!:))) to help her we made cute little scriptures and rolled them up like cigarettes (we even colored them..) so that when she feels the urge to smoke..instead she can read a scripture. she was very greatful for that. (small acts of LOVE go a long way!) but what is even cooler is that they are gonna get baptized Novemeber 7th!!! we were inthe lesson and she was telling us that she was thinking about throwing a big party for her birthday!!and then she thought `i can spend a lot of money on alchol or i can get baptize this day..iwill get baptized` it was a super cool experience!!!! she is SO prepared and will be so pilas in the church!!! :)))

also! FRANDY BLESSED THE SACRAMENT!!!!!!! and he is going to the temple this weekend and will take a name of one of his family members in to do the baptism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is so pilas!!! i realized this week that if i have had no other reason for coming to Reu, its for Frandy!!!!!!! he is seriously a miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

also this week we had interviews with Presidente Ruiz, and they were really good!!!:)))) he shared with us about Pride!!!!! and wow...since then in my scripture study i have read nothing but pride!!!! let me tell you, WE NEED TO BE HUMBLE!!!!! he also said something that stuck out to me, "the lord is speaking to us, but we are NOT listening" that hit me! the lord is advancing his work and is calling us to prepare PROMPTLY! but yet we are prideful and put the things of the world ahead of the things of God and we dont prepare. that is what i have learned this week, that while the worldly things (school, work, friends, etc) are important to live, without the spiritual things (prayer,scripture study, repentance, church,etc.) we cannot live HAPPILY!!!! 

I LOVE YOU ALLL SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! thank you for your examples to me!!!! keep working hard and be safe this week!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!:)))) 

Hermana Canty

Monday, October 19, 2015

Pero Vendrán!

HELLO FAMILY!!!! :))))
we met a single mom this week named Ana. (she is friends with a member in our ward and she and her daughter came to general conference. and we were finally able to have a lesson with her this week!!) her daughter is also named And, and so we call them Ana Squared!! ;) anyway...THEY ARE SO PILAS!!!!!!!!! Ana has listened to missionaries for almost 6 years! but has never been baptized. when we went with her she shared that she KNOWS the church is true and wants to join it, but she is afraid of failure! she is afraid that she wont be worthy to enter the waters of baptism and that she wont be able to live up to the standards of the gospel. (i saw a little of myself in her that night.) WE SHOULD NEVER LEFT THE FEAR OF STRIKING OUT (OR MISSING THE SHOT) KEEP UP FROM PLAYING THE GAME! fear of failure is satans way of keeping up from progressing. its true, the gospel requires a lot, but its NOT hard!!!! and its even easier because Christ is with us EVERY STEP!!! we just bore testimony to her that she is not alone and that she IS worthy to be baptized!!!! and yesterday in relief society she shared her experience and i was able to FEEL her testimony!!! she said "i think now really is the time for me to join.." I KNOW GOD PREPARES PEOPLE!!!!! i am so blessed to be a part of ana´s life! and see how the spirit of the lord blesses the people!!! :)))))

also, yesterday in church one of the hermanas said in her talk (she was talking about the youth and "for the strength of the youth" pamphlet!) she said that "many time the youth (or us as people) think that the blessings will never come, but THEY DO COME!!!!!" i really testify of this!!! if i have learned nothing else from the mission its that THE BLESSINGS DO COME!!! not when we want them or think that they will, but when we NEED them and when GOD SAYS they will!!!! DONT EVER GET DESPERATE FOR THE BLESSINGS!!!!!!!!!!!! as it says in Mosiah 23:21 "Nevertheless, the Lord seeth fit to chasten his people; yea, he trieth their patience and their faith." THE LORD WILL TRY US BECAUSE HE LOVES US!! and if we endure it well, we will receive the blessings!!!! 

well i love you all so much!!! i cant believe how amazingly blessed i am to have a family like you all!! thank you for everythign!!! have a great week and be safe!! good luck with work, games, school, and all other things you do!!!! :)))
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!! :)))

Con Amor,
Hermana Canty

Monday, October 12, 2015

No Fear to Share!!

Well hello there my beloved family!!! :)) :))))

My week was really good!!! we are working in 2 areas now, bc we share areas with the mission nurse and she is VERY busy so we are helping to keep the ward strong!! :) and so that has been a fun adventure for us the last 2 weeks. but also kinda weird bc we started with ZERO investigators on monday here in concepcion (the "new" area) and so we were working really hard to find people. well monday as we were walking to our area, i was just praying to Heavenly Father that we would find ONE person, just anyone to talk to. and we went to work. well it was like 7:40 (and we have to enter the house at 8 and live outside our area so we were walking home) and we saw this guy sititng on the ground, i had seen him when we entered and kinda wanted to talk to him but i was a bad missionary and didnt listen in that moment. but thankfully heavenly father kept him there for another 2 hours so we could meet with him. we started talking to him and didnt have too much time to havea  really lesson but we did put a cita for wednesday with him. i have always known that god answers prayers, but he REALLY did it this time!!! it was really cool! and we went to the cita this week and he is really postive, his name is jose cajas. he has some challenges that he will need to overcome but has such a desire to change and learn about the gospel!!! 

also, yesterday in the testimony meeting an older hermana named Alida shared her testimony. and it was SO funny but so true!!!! (now to understand this a little better you have to know hermana alida!! she is about the size of gma janeen, with red old lady hair and is a FIRECRAKER!!!! and has a testimony very strong!!) she was bearing her testimony of the book of mormon and told a story. she was listening to the radio and they were talking about christopher colombus (i think its colombus day today...anyway doenst matter to much lol) and how it was a miracle that he found the american continent. and this old lady just went off, almost screaming at how it wasnt a miracle! that the holy ghost guided him and that he was chosen to do that bc we can read about it in 1 nephi!!! well she wasnt pleased with jsut sitting in her house thinking these things, so she decided to call the radio station and tell them what was on her mind (how they should read the book of mormon and then they would find out that god already knew columbus was gonna come LONG BEFORE HE DID!) but sadly, as she says, the call wouldnt go through. she was very sad that she couldnt share her testimony with the whole city of Retalhuleu. even though this old lady is a little wild, I KNOW SHE KNOWS THE BOOK OF MORMON IS TRUE!!
She was not afraid to call the radio station and tell them the truth!!! i honestly dont knwo if i havet he guts to do that!!!! i dont want you to think that the only way we will have no fear in sharing is by calling radio stations and shouting our testimonies in the crowd. but we must NEVER HAVE FEAR TO SHARE OUR TESTIMONIES BY THE WAY WE LIVE OUR LIVES. 

i know that this church is true and i am so blessed to be a missionary for it. i hope you all know how much i love you and pray for you!!! youre the best family ever!!!! thanks for your love and support. i pray that this week you will have NO FEAR TO SHARE your testimony!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

con amor,
Hermana Canty

Monday, October 5, 2015



thats the only word that comes to my mind when i think about this conference! HOW GRATEFUL I AM TO KNOW THAT THE PROPHET AND APOSTLES ARE CHOSEN OF GOD!!! i fully sustain the 3 new members of the quorum and am very excited to see what plans god has for them, and for us!!!
how was conference for you all!? i knw you are all very busy but PLEASE!!! find 15 min and chose one talk!!!! i would like to reccomend any of the talks from the the sessions, Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon!!!! hahaha they were all AMAZING!!!!!!!! but i would also like to challenge you all to do as invited the 70 (sunday afternoon session..but dont remember which one...) to PONDERIZE A SCRIPTURE!!!!! i am going to try to do that from now on and see how well i get by the end of my mission!!!! :))
this week was one of testing for me. i LOVE san carlos. and i love the people here..but they are the cause of ALL the stress in the life of Hermana Canty. we had a slow week, but also a week of learning. i know that there are people here for us to find and we will keep working until we find them. i would like to share something that presidente ruiz sent me today. he said, "No hay absolutamente ninguna otra forma de triunfar en la vida misional si no es por el constante esfuerzo. es duro fracasar, pero es todavia peor no intentar. no hay vicotria sin batalla!!" transalted: THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER FORM OF TRIUMPHING IN MISIONARY LIFE (or life in general) OTHER THAN CONSTANTLY TRYING. ITS HARD TO FAIL BUT ITS EVEN WORSE TO NOT TRY. THERE IS NO VICTORY WITHOUT THE BATTLE. how true that is!!!! we must never let satan win, we must, "press forward with faith in christ...and we shall have eternal life."
one thing i learned from general conference, the main idea i got from it, is ETERNAL LIFE. we are not here to win 3rd or even 2nd place. god has given us EVERYTHING we need to win the state title. he has already told us the game plan of the other team, and has given us every play that we need to beat them. i mean he has already put us in the perfect place to create the perfect play every time. we have the GREATEST coaches in the world, President Monson and Jesus Christ. all we need to do is open our ears and our hearts and FOLLOW THEM!!!!!! do what they say, and BAM! the state title of the celestial kingdom is ours. PLEASE DONT BE SATISFIED WITH 2ND PLACE, god has shown us what we need to do to gain eternal life. PLEASE!!!!! put in practice what was said in the conference, because we dont just have these to make us feel good, they tell us what we need to do and prepare for in the next 6 months.
i know that jesus christ lives and guides this church. he is the person we follow. and HE is our savior. i know this church is true and that this gospel is what we need in our life. one quote i LOVED from conference. "IF THERE ISNT RIGHTEOUSNESS THERE ISNT HAPPINESS!!!" I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! thank you for your love and support always! have a great week and remember how much i love you!!!
con amor,Hermana Canty

Monday, September 28, 2015

Well hello there everyone!!! :))

i hope this past week was great for all of you!!! :) :)

well my week was a good one! a little slow with the work but its okay!!! :) this week our hermana leader, hermana galland, came with me!! (its funny because it reminded me of the time we did divisions in mazate and neither of us could speak bc i BARELY had 3 months and she had 2! needless to say this time was a lot better...we could actually understand!) it was really great!!! she and i think a lot alike!!! but it was a little weird to be comps with a gringa finally.... but we had a great time and i really learned a lot about the SPIRIT!! thats the main thing that matters in missionary work is the spirit!!! and in our lives really :)))

i was also studying this week and found a quote that i LOVED. it was from President Boyd K. Packer. and it said (more or less) " there is a great power in the church, in all of us, that is untapped bc we are too busy trusting in our knowledge and power rather than in the Lord´s. if we would REALLY pray and ask for his help we would be able to accomplish MIRACLES!" i love that! i saw that this week, there were times when we just trusted in our own abilities and we didnt have any success, but the times we trsuted in GOD´S power, we saw miracles!! its the same in our everyday life. he wants us to talk to him about the small things, so did it!!!! 

this week is General Conference, and i want you ALL to watch at least ONE SESSION!!!! (there are six so it shouldnt be too hard!) i know you are very busy but i promise you that this general conference will change our lives! we are the only true church on the face of the earth and we will get to hear the voice of the ONLY PROPHET OF GOD!!!!! that is your assignment this week for FHE to watch the conference and tell me about your favorite talk!!! :)))) INVITE YOUR FRIENDS!!!!!! :)))))) i love you all so much and hope this next week is great for all of you!!!! thank you for eveything!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

con amor,. 
Hermana Canty favorite food...pigs feet.. ;)

Monday, September 21, 2015

Parade time in Guatemala!!

 INDEPENDENCE DAY IN GUATEMALA!!!! and typical things everywhere! ;))) the little boy is a nephew of a member!! 
INDEPENDENCE DAY IN GUATEMALA!!!! The girls are random... but i liked their dresses!! :))) i have a lot of pics but dont have enough time to send them all so this is just a preview!!! :))))))


HELLO FAMILY!!!! :)))))

this week was a great week!!!! we really saw miracles!! we found a family of 6 this week, their name is the familia velasquez, and they are so great!!! :))) they are so open to hear the gospel and to make it even better, the 3 daughters came to church yesterday!! it was a really great experience to be able to see how excited they were to come to church!! :))) we have only had like 2 lessons with them but i am VERY excited to see how they progress!! :)

also, FRANDY GOT BAPTIZED!!!! :))))))) thats right! it was so great!!! his baptism was at 2 pm and when we got to the church, he was already there!!! (that like never happens, the people here run on CANTY TIME!!! its actually even a little worse than canty time lol) it was so cool! and he was in a white shirt and dress pants ready to go!! his baptism was really great! and he got confirmed on sunday (again he was there before we were...slackers...) Frandy really is a testimony that God prepares people in remarkable ways. i was reading my journal and my agenda to see when was the first time we met him, and it was August 28. HE GOT BAPTIZED IN 3 WEEKS!!!!!! he was VERY ready for this gospel! and he wants to go to the temple!!! :))))) 

this week i was reminded of the PRIVELAGE AND BLESSING i have had to be a missionary. i saw some of the hermanas who are serving in mazate, and they were telling me about my converts there. cristian, remember him!? always goes to teach lessons with ALL of the missionaries, in the entire zone!!! and he is preparing to start his mission papers!!!!!!!!! its people like Cristian who make all of the hard days worth it!!!!! i know that he was really prepared by the hand of god to be baptized!!! (as are all of the people who get baptized, but he was so fast!!)

also my comp and i have a phrase that we really like that she found this week!! "No one is predestined to receive less than ALL that the Father has for his children." WOW!!! we were sent here to receive a body and the ordinances necessary to return to live with god, and if we do tht we are promised WORLDS!! and even if we think we arent worthy of these blessings, they are promised to us! and we are PREDESTINED to receive them, why would we strive to receive anything less than ALL that god has for us!? WE DONT WANT TO BE THE FIRST LOSERS!!! we are striving for the state championship, not a 2nd place trophy. we must do ALL we can to receive that blessing!!! :))))) 

this week we also wnt to Xetulul!!! it was cool because we went the day after i hit one year in th mission! i have little time left in the mission but also a lot of time! and i want to make the most of this time and be sure i find those people who i promised i would find in the premortal life!!!! i have a great work to do, and its the greatest work i will do!!!! i love you all so much and am very grateful for the famil i have!!! thanks for everything!  your prayers are felt and your love even more!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!! :))

Hermana Canty

ps..we went to mazate today for pday and i saw Lourdes, my favorite member from mazate!!! SO COOL!!!!!!!!!! :)))))