Monday, December 14, 2015

Have I Been Here Before!?


well the big news of the week... HERMANA CANTY HAD CHANGES!! AND IS AGAIN IN MAZATENANGO!!!!!! :D

but other than that this week was good! like i said im in mazate again. but not it the same zone...there are 2 zones here and now im in zona lincoln. its the zone that covers more of the city part of mazate...its kinda weird to be in the city city but i love it. i work a lot in an area thats called San Gabriel, and its really big actually!! im still learning the area, but i love it. my new companion is hermana chan. she is 24 and is from CANCUN MEXICO!! she is super short and a little we are opposites but she is so great!! she keeps wild hermana canty under control!! ;) she is a great missionary, she is a convert and has such a strong testimony!!!!! i am very lucky and happy to be her companion!! :) i dont know too many member yet bc this weekend was stake conference, but the ones i have met are great!! :)

well we saw some miracles this week!!! 

1) on Saturday we received a reference of a guy named Jorge, and we called him and invited him to the conference sunday morning. well he couldnt come in the morning, but at 5 pm there was a missionary/musical devotional and we invited him to that...AND HE CAME!!! he really liked it! we are gonna meet with him this week to actually teach him but he is really great!! :)

2) the choir last night was from stakes in malacatan and coatepeque...and guess who i saw...PEOPLE I KNOW FROM MALACATAN!!!!!!! i saw my favorite family and members from malacatan!! i was so happy to see them i was jumping around like tiny when we get home!!! ;) these people really are my family!!!! also the choir/orchestra was AMAZING!!!!!!!! there is such a spirit in music!!!!! :)

also just wanted to share somehting with you all...SHARE THE GOSPEL!!! we have the truth and should not be afraid or ashamed to share it!!! :))) but if you are afraid to open your mouth and share it...FIND OTHER WAYS!!! there are so many ways you can share the gospel...use them and share it!! :))))) 

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! i love hearing your stories and experiences and i love being able to share mine!! the mission is the BEST! there is nothing better than being a missionary. I TESTIFY OF THAT!!!!!! :)))) have a great week and be safe! enjoy the snow and we will be seeing each other soon!! :)

Hermana Canty

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