Monday, August 3, 2015


Miracles Come When We Least Expect Them


i hope you are all enjoying the beginning days of Fair!!! :))) im sure you are all very excited for ALL that it brings!! :) GOOD LUCK SHOWERS!! ;))

well this week really was a great week!!! 

FIRST!! we had a multi-zone conference with Presidente Ruiz on Wednesday! and wow!! it was great!! it started with a test of the Book of Mormon! (we were challenged to read it in 1 month! and i did it!!! it was a LOT of reading, 8 chapters everyday, but it was so great!!!!) we also had some REALLY great workshops about teaching by the spirit, finding families, and having a lot of success in august! but my favorites talks were from Presidente and Hermana Ruiz. they truly are inspired people!!!! i am truly blessed to be able to learn from them and have them as my leaders in the mission!!! :))) but we saw a true miracle in this conference. ¿do you remember the elder i told you about who was really sick and we were fasting a lot for him? ¿elder portillo? well anyway, him! we were able to video chat with him! it started out with presidente ruiz talking about the book of mormon and how it is a HUGE testimony of Jesus Christ. and how if we dont have a testimony in anything else it needs to be that Jesus is the Christ and that he Lives!!!! :)) we then watched 3 testimonies from the movie "Special Witnesses" and to close Presidente was talking about how if we have this testimony in Christ that when our "Gethsemanes" come we will be prepared to endure them and will endure them with faith. he then told us he had a surprise. it was then that Elder Portillo´s face showed up on the screen. he then proceded to share his testimony with us of the Living Chirst. wow!! how powerful his testimony is! i only knew elder portillo for 1 change and we didnt talk to much but one thing i do remeber of him is that he was a great missionary and has a greater testimony!!! and i was reassured of that testimony wednesday!! (the miracle of this is that tuesday he had a big tube in his neck, which he had had for 2 months, and they took it out!! MIRACLES!!!!) we will all go through our own trials but if our testimony of Christ is strong. WE WILL NOT FALL!!!!! :)))

SECOND!! we have this investigator Nancy, who we have been teaching for a while but hasnt been able to come to church bc she lives 2 hours away and isnt here in malacatan on the weekends. she is SO pilas and has been since we first met her! but we were thinking about droping her bc she hasnt been able to come and her family doesnt give her permision to get baptized (shes 17) and so we went tuesday to visit her one last time and she told us the best news i had heard all week!!!! HER PARENTS GAVE HER PERMISSION!!!!! she talked to them and they finally said that if she wanted to do it that it was her choice and that she could!!!! well that was amazing! but we were still worried about how we were going to get her to church bc she lives so far away. well we called her friday night and she said that she wasnt going to go to her house bc she had a lot of homework and that she was going to come to church sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!! thats right! after 3 1/2 months she was finally able to come to church!!!! she has a fecha for the 15th of August!!! and she tells us every time we go taht she NEEDS to baptized!! this little girl will do GREAT things in her life and even greater things for the Lord!! this experience taught me that it isnt our timing that matters but the timing of the lord! he knows when the people are ready! he knows when they need to be baptized! and we just need to trust in his timing more!! i also learned PATIENCE!!!!! 

we saw many miracles this week and it was a true blessing! but my testimony of fasting grew so much! this week we saw EVERY SINGLE THING we asked for in the fast come to pass! EVERY THING!!!!! and even more miraculous is that it happened within 5 hours of starting the fast!!!! HEAVENLY FATHER DOES NOT LIE! if he promises us something, and we are obedient, he will bless us!!! i also want to share my testimony, but in spanish bc its a little easier to do so right now... ;)

testifico que esta iglesia es verdadera y realmente es la iglesia de JESUCRISTO!!! solo por medio de esta iglesia podemos regresar y vivir con nuestro Padre Celestial. SÉ que Dios nos ama y NUNCA olvida de nosotros!! somos imperfectos pero la ayuda de él podemos ser mejores cada dia! JESUCRISTO NOS AMA! el Libro de Mormon es verdadero y cambia las vidas de las personas! somos una familia eterna! LES AMO MUCHISIMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! have a great week and good luck with all your shows and sales and work and everything!!! work hard, pray harder!!!!!!! :)))

Hermana Canty