Monday, April 20, 2015


7 months and expecting?!


how are you all doing!? great i hope!!! you all sound great in your emails! thank you for the birthday wishes..even though im not quite 20 yet, i still feel like a child!!! :) 

anywho! my week was GREAT!!!!! :) it started with a great surprise tuesday!!! normally on the tuesday before changes during out district meetings we find out who has changes! well presidente didnt have them ready so they didnt tell us! and we didnt find out until 7:45 that night!!! well hna mendoza had changes!! she is in Reu now! i seriously love that girl!!!!! she is so amazing!!!! 

but we also received some other news!!!! IM A MOM!!!!! yep thats right! i am training a new missionary!!!! her name is hermana leon and she is from el salvador!!!!! she is a convert to the church of 1 year and 7 months!!!! and wow is her testimony strong! training is fun..but different! you forget that the new missionaries dont know the schedule very well yet! but its getting there! and she has a lot of desire to learn!!! i am seeing the words of hermana hernandez come to pass! she told when our change ended that the lord would give us the gifts we need to do the work he has for us! and how true that is!!!! :))))

also i want to share with you all about our most recent convert, MARIA INES!!!! :)
she is 12 years old! and is one of the smartest people i have met! we have been teaching her since i got here!! :) and last monday we went to make sure she was still set for the 18 to be baptized...and she said she had to pray about it! well this little KNOWS how important prayer is!!!!! long story short..she prayed 3 times! and EVERY SINGLE TIME she received the same answer! we went on wednesday to see what her answer was (the second time she prayed) and she said, "hermanas i want to be SURE, and i know that god will answer! this is the last time i am going to pray! and when i receive the getting baptized!" we sure enough! we went on friday to visit her and she said she had received her answer! and that saturday at 6 pm she was getting baptized!!!!! i almost cried when she said that!!!!! 

this week i have had a little bit of a cold and less of a voice and some problems with my stomach! but when i saw this little girl walk into the baptismal font...none of that mattered!!!! NONE!! another soul was saved this weekend! and the lord used me and my companion to help save it!!! :) she is a huge witness to me that GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS!!! she said that she felt a peace wash over her and a joy in her heart! THAT IS THE SPIRIT!!!!! we wont always see visiones, 99.999% of the time we dont see them, we wont always have huge dreams, or life changing moments. but we WILL feel peace, joy, HAPPINESS, calmness! i know we will!!! i have not only seen it in the lives of SO many investigators, but in my own life! 

we are children of god! this life has no purpose if we dont return to his presence, bettered!!!!! that is why we are here! to be tried and tested, and to prepare ourselves to RETURN TO LIVE WITH GOD!!!! i love you all so much and am so grateful that i have such an amazing family like you all!! please be safe and eats lots of food for me on wednesday!! I LOVE YOU!!!

con mucho mucho amor,

Hermana Canty