Monday, October 5, 2015



thats the only word that comes to my mind when i think about this conference! HOW GRATEFUL I AM TO KNOW THAT THE PROPHET AND APOSTLES ARE CHOSEN OF GOD!!! i fully sustain the 3 new members of the quorum and am very excited to see what plans god has for them, and for us!!!
how was conference for you all!? i knw you are all very busy but PLEASE!!! find 15 min and chose one talk!!!! i would like to reccomend any of the talks from the the sessions, Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon!!!! hahaha they were all AMAZING!!!!!!!! but i would also like to challenge you all to do as invited the 70 (sunday afternoon session..but dont remember which one...) to PONDERIZE A SCRIPTURE!!!!! i am going to try to do that from now on and see how well i get by the end of my mission!!!! :))
this week was one of testing for me. i LOVE san carlos. and i love the people here..but they are the cause of ALL the stress in the life of Hermana Canty. we had a slow week, but also a week of learning. i know that there are people here for us to find and we will keep working until we find them. i would like to share something that presidente ruiz sent me today. he said, "No hay absolutamente ninguna otra forma de triunfar en la vida misional si no es por el constante esfuerzo. es duro fracasar, pero es todavia peor no intentar. no hay vicotria sin batalla!!" transalted: THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER FORM OF TRIUMPHING IN MISIONARY LIFE (or life in general) OTHER THAN CONSTANTLY TRYING. ITS HARD TO FAIL BUT ITS EVEN WORSE TO NOT TRY. THERE IS NO VICTORY WITHOUT THE BATTLE. how true that is!!!! we must never let satan win, we must, "press forward with faith in christ...and we shall have eternal life."
one thing i learned from general conference, the main idea i got from it, is ETERNAL LIFE. we are not here to win 3rd or even 2nd place. god has given us EVERYTHING we need to win the state title. he has already told us the game plan of the other team, and has given us every play that we need to beat them. i mean he has already put us in the perfect place to create the perfect play every time. we have the GREATEST coaches in the world, President Monson and Jesus Christ. all we need to do is open our ears and our hearts and FOLLOW THEM!!!!!! do what they say, and BAM! the state title of the celestial kingdom is ours. PLEASE DONT BE SATISFIED WITH 2ND PLACE, god has shown us what we need to do to gain eternal life. PLEASE!!!!! put in practice what was said in the conference, because we dont just have these to make us feel good, they tell us what we need to do and prepare for in the next 6 months.
i know that jesus christ lives and guides this church. he is the person we follow. and HE is our savior. i know this church is true and that this gospel is what we need in our life. one quote i LOVED from conference. "IF THERE ISNT RIGHTEOUSNESS THERE ISNT HAPPINESS!!!" I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! thank you for your love and support always! have a great week and remember how much i love you!!!
con amor,Hermana Canty