Monday, December 29, 2014


i really like the one where i am sitting on the ground...this girl didnt want to take a picture but i talked to her about the video (el es la dadiva) for like 10 minutes and asked if we could go visit her! it was a super cool experience!! :)

Hello Hello

well hello my beautiful familia!! :))) 

first things first, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! :)))) i hope this year brings everything that we all desire, and that we are all ready for the MUCHISIMAS bendiciones que el SeƱor tiene para nosotros!!! :)))

thirdly, this week was great!! on christmas day we all went to this members house and we made lasagna!! me and my comp went earlier to help the zone leaders make it and it was so much fun..and finally felt like christmas! at around 1 pm we ate lunch and it was super cool because we had the whole zone together on 1 (actually 4) table!!! :) we also did a gift exchange within the zone! which was fun!! :)) after that everyone left to go skype with their famliies! but hermana hernandez and i had some lessons..we went and had some lessons! and then at 7 hermana hernandez talked to her family! they are super cute :)) it was a really good christmas! even though nothing was the same as it usually is for christmas, it was for sure one of my favorite christmases!!!! :))))

also this week was great because we now have 3 investigators with fechas for baptism!!! :)) wilmer (the investigator with the book of mormon..i told you about him when we skyped lol) he just has to talk to his mom and then he can be baptized..and his fecha is for this weekend!! :)) hopefully it all works out and he can take the next step in the gospel!!!! :))) also, Jaime Marroquin! his fecha is the 17 of january!! :)) he is super cool and we had some really good lessons with him this week!!!! his family has gone through like 4 or 5 sets of missionaries, so they already know basically everything! so when we go, we read a lot from the book of mormon! which is always super cool and really spiritual!!! :))) 

this week is going to bring a lot of change...the wards here are splitting into 2..which means that we are now going to be the missionaries over 2 wards..until they bring other missionaries in! but its also kinda cool because we can bring more investigators to church! the only down side is that we will literally spend all day in church and hardly any proselyting! because we have church from 8-11 and from 2-5! i am really excited to see how this goes! and i know the lord has a plan for this area!!! :))))

other than that the week was super calm! i took a ton of hopefully you all like them!!! just know that i love each of you so much! and i am seriously blessed to have each of you in my life!! thank you for your example! and dont stop being the great people i know you are!! 

with love from guatemala!!

Hermana Canty