Monday, January 26, 2015


 our pday activity...we did a scavenger hunt...all over my area!!! :))) these are the things we had to do 

some random fotos of corte and hna hernandez and I and the view of guatemala!!! :))
 its an iguana!!!!! I HELD IT!!!! yuck!!! hahahaha

Hello Again!!!!:))))

Hey familia! :))

Well my week was good!! cambios were this week, and my beloved comp hermana hernandez had changes! she left and is now in Tecunuman! (super far away lol) however! i have a new comp!! :)) her name is Hermana Gonzales, and she is from Honduras!!! :) she is super cute and a super hard worker!! even though i was really sad that hna hernanadez left (and we cried a lot lol) but i also really like cambios! they bring a new energy into the work! hermana gonzales is a hard worker!! from the first day she got here we have worked hard all day and foudn 16 new investigators this week!! not all of them are super positive but hey! we have to find a lot to find the positives!!!! :) it was really fun!! we did a lot of contacting (which is weird because i dont usually like contacting in the street) but it was so fun! we did a bunch of random fun activities to help us! like on thursday we had to talk to people in blue shirts!!! and contact them! and then on sunday night we were looking for people in white shirts!! it was really fun!!!!!! :)))) 

 i was really nervous for changes! bc we knew that hermana hernandez was gonna leave and i was really nervous to be in charge of the area (not a comp A but as the only one who knew the area) and hermana hernandez told me something that helped me so much! and i have seen this come true this week! she said that with every assignment or thing we need to do the lord will give us the strength and the capacity to do it all!!! even the things we dont like to do, he will help us! and i have seen that this week! he has given me more confidence as a missionary and more confidence in my spanish!!!!! :)) he truly qualifies the called!!! :) ALSO!!! i finished my training!!! i am officially a real missionary!!!!! whoooo hoooo!!!! 

I also have a quick story!! yesterday cristian (the recent convert of ours) came with us to some of our lessons!!!! :)) it was so cool to see how pilas he is! and to see how much he knows already!! the whole time i was like a proud mom! hahaha he also helped an investigator to pray!!!! it was so cool!!! lets just say that i dont know what the lord has planned for him...but it is something huge!!! i cant wait to see what it is!!!!! :)) i am very blessed to have been a part of his conversion!!!!!! :))) 
well thats about it from the week!! sorry if it doesnt make sense or is lame lol but know that i love you and pray for you all every day!!!!! :))) dont forget how much the lord has blessed us and how much his gospel means in our lives!!!! i love you all and hope you have a great week!!! Nos Vemos!!!! :)))))

 CON MUCHO AMOR, Hermana Canty

Monday, January 19, 2015

Smiles (:

 The niƱos that we play soccer with at night! (they live by us and ALWAYS ask us to play with we play for 10 minutes sometimes) 

 The sunset the other night! I LOVE GUATEMALA!!

 The hermanas in my zone (Hermana Terry, Hermana Rosas, Hermana Hernandez, and me)

 Armando (he turned 8 the same day as chance..his mom is menos activo and his dad isnt a member so he was a convert baptism!!) 

they are  amazing!!!!!! they have a son who is the red who is 7 and the other lady is just a friend of theirs!! their names are William and Laura!! SO AMAZING!!! (william was the first very first baptism!!)