Monday, November 30, 2015

Its the Most Wonderful time of the year


how are all of you wonderful people doing today!? well i hope your thanksgiving day was full of turkey and stuffing and rolls
and pie!! (mine was too!!!...weird!! :))) 

well as i was thinking this week on Thanksgiving Day i realized that i have LOTS to be grateful for!!! for you all as my family, for my health, for the chance to be a missionary, for the people i have met here, for the church, but most of all, FOR MY SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!!!!!  without him all of the other blessings i have would not exist. i am beyond grateful for him and everything he did/does/will do for me!!!! that is why i LOVE this time of year!!!!! its the time where the entire world can focus on him! there is a new video out from the church, PLEASE WATCH IT AND SHARE IT!!!! we are so blessed to have the gospel and we must share it!!!! :))))

well just a few updates for the week...

carlos came to church this week!!! :)))) he has been hot and cold but he really like the classes yesterday and is progressing really well!! :))) also lorena came too!!!! she had to leave early to see her family (she only sees them on weekends...) but we werent even sure if she was gonna come!!! :)))))))) and we also met a really cool guy this week! his name is franklin. he was studying MALACATAN for 4 months and just got back!!! and he was working with a member who talked to him a lot about the church, and then BAM we showed up to his house. he is super cool and really positive. we told him we would call him sunday in the morning for church, but when we did he didnt answer. we were kinda bummed but also really happy because carlos was there. well when we walked into the church one of the elders asked, "hermana is that guy in the green shirt your investigator!?" i thought he was talking about carlos (who had a red shirt lol) and i said "no.." but as i looked at him i shouted..."YES!! FRANKLIN!!!" i was so happy to see him!! he had gotten to church early and was sitting there. luckily the members were pilas and immediately starting talking to him and one even sat by him :))) it was a great surprise!!! :))))

also this week as a zone we went to a nursing home to visit the elderly. and it was so fun!!! :)))) first...the nursing homes here are a bit different then at home...but still cool! :P we met some really cool people from lots of religions and lots of places but it was great to sing for them and share some juice and cookies!! it really made there day better. but i had a great experience. we walked in and we were saying hi to all of them but there was this one lady sitting on a chair in the hallway and as we said hi to her she just stood up and wrapped him arms around my stomach and hugged me!!! she has some mental disorder, and couldnt talk, but as we stood there hugging i knew our spirits were talking...i couldnt tell waht they were saying but i know they were talking!!! and i just let the tears flow. i will probably never see that lady again but i know we will be friends in the next life! and i look forward to getting to know her more personally!! it was a super cool experience visting the elderly.

i love this work and i love my savior. he is the reason for everything! and as december comes in i hope we can focus on him!!! have a great week and keep up all the good work! enjoy the snow and cold!! :)))  I LOVE YOU!!!!! 

con amor,
Hermana Canty