Monday, December 21, 2015


WOW!!!! ITS ALREADY CHRISTMAS TIME!!! it feels like just last year it was this time!!!! ;)) but either way MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!! :))))) well this letter will be a little short..because WE ARE GONNA TALK ON CHRISTMAS DAY and i dont want to ruin all of the surprises, but here was a little about my week 

When i got here to Lincon we didnt have too many investigators, and even though we are still trying to find more, last week we found a FAMILY!!! :))) its a couple and they are so cute. there name is the la Familia Mejia (Karla and Gilberto) we me Karla first and Gilberto this week. well we talked to them about the Book of Mormon and left them an assignment in it to read. well when we went back 2 days later we were GREATLY surprised. *one of the challenges here is that the people dont read very often so when they do its a BIG thing!!* well Karla told us that she was waiting for Gilberto to get home from work to read it, but that she was curious and wanted to read it sooner. but when she picked up the book she felt something tell her, "wait for Gilberto..this is for the 2 of you." and so she waited until he got home and then they READ IT TOGETHER!! she said they were a little scared to read it because they werent sure how they were going to feel or what would happen..but they said a prayer first and felt better and then started reading. and as they read she said they felt more confident in reading it and felt the spirit. I TESTIFY THAT THEY DID FEEL THE SPIRIT!!!!! i was so happy when she told us that. they are so great!!! i know that the lord is working in their lives and that they will continue to progress!! #christmasmiracle

we also had a christmas devotional with Presidente Ruiz and it was so great!! can i just say that i love christmas!!!! i am so grateful that our salvador loved us sufficiently to WILLINGLY leave the presence of our heavenly father and be born HUMBLY in a stable. the king of all the world was born in the most humble way, and he lived his life like that too. HE is the reason for christmas, HE is the life of the world, HE is the hope of the world, HE is the SAVIOR OF THE WORLD! and we must always remember that!!!:))

well thats about all i have today! i love you all so much!!!! have a great christmas eve and day and we will see each other at 6:00 pm mountain standard time and we will talk more!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! dont forget to think of 2 gifts that you have received from christ, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))

con amor,
Hermana Canty