Monday, October 26, 2015

El Momento Es Ahora

HELLO FAMILY!!!!!!!!!! how are you all!? well i would just like to appologize now in advance if this email is kinda hard to understand...the keyboard is a special one and doesnt work to well but hopefully the spirit can help you all understand what i would like to share haha

well a little about my week! we had a great lesson with ana and her daughter! we went with the zone leaders to meet with her and without even asking she shared with us a challenge that she has. she smokes( it was like a brick wall that came out of nowhere!!lol) but she has ALL the desire to stop and since meeting with us has reduced the amount she smokes everyday. ITS PROGRESS!!!!:))) to help her we made cute little scriptures and rolled them up like cigarettes (we even colored them..) so that when she feels the urge to smoke..instead she can read a scripture. she was very greatful for that. (small acts of LOVE go a long way!) but what is even cooler is that they are gonna get baptized Novemeber 7th!!! we were inthe lesson and she was telling us that she was thinking about throwing a big party for her birthday!!and then she thought `i can spend a lot of money on alchol or i can get baptize this day..iwill get baptized` it was a super cool experience!!!! she is SO prepared and will be so pilas in the church!!! :)))

also! FRANDY BLESSED THE SACRAMENT!!!!!!! and he is going to the temple this weekend and will take a name of one of his family members in to do the baptism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is so pilas!!! i realized this week that if i have had no other reason for coming to Reu, its for Frandy!!!!!!! he is seriously a miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

also this week we had interviews with Presidente Ruiz, and they were really good!!!:)))) he shared with us about Pride!!!!! and wow...since then in my scripture study i have read nothing but pride!!!! let me tell you, WE NEED TO BE HUMBLE!!!!! he also said something that stuck out to me, "the lord is speaking to us, but we are NOT listening" that hit me! the lord is advancing his work and is calling us to prepare PROMPTLY! but yet we are prideful and put the things of the world ahead of the things of God and we dont prepare. that is what i have learned this week, that while the worldly things (school, work, friends, etc) are important to live, without the spiritual things (prayer,scripture study, repentance, church,etc.) we cannot live HAPPILY!!!! 

I LOVE YOU ALLL SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! thank you for your examples to me!!!! keep working hard and be safe this week!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!:)))) 

Hermana Canty

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