Monday, November 9, 2015



i hope you are all enjoying your brisk november days! :) please enjoy them for me, Guatemala is starting to heat up again!! :)

well enough about the weather..THIS WEEK WAS FULL OF MIRACLES!!!!!!!! :))

1) Hermana Galland came with me again this week and it was one of the greatest days i have had on the mission. GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS! we decided that day that we were going to talk to EVERYONE! and not have any fear!! so thats what we did. we got on the first bus and started talking to these 2 women who were seated in front. and it turns out that one of them, Amariliz, is SUPER positive, we have taught her twice already and she is really interested!!! (also her eyes are literally golden!!!..thats the conversation starter!:P) we then just talked to every person we saw in the street..every tienda we stopped in! and in one of them we found a super cool family!!!!! we found lots of new investigadores that day and even more we saw that when we ASK god for righteous things he gives thm to us. and if we show him we are willing to do HIS will and NOT ours...even more blessings we will receive!! 

2) My comp sprained her ankle this week (doing an example in zone meeting...oops..we were running for some cookies..and she sprained it...not very bad but its the first time so it hurt a lot!!!) and the nurse told her that she cant walk for a week!!!!!! we were so sad bc we had found lots of new people and wanted to go with them to help them learn more..but nurses orders. so we started calling the members..and luckily..EVERY DAY i was able to leave for at least 3 hours to work!!!!!!!!!! i did divisiones with members and other missionaries to be able to work but i was able to and we helped these new investigators progress. my comp was sad she couldnt leave but was also so grateful for the BLESSINGS that the Lord gave us these week. (i also learned that EVERY LITTLE THING IN OUR LIVES HELPS US ON THE MISSION...for example..all of the times i sat on the table and watched dad tape my ankles helped me be able to do that to my comp this week!! :P)

3) In my study this week i learned lots of things but one stood out to me. its a quote from President Brigham Young. "The men and women who want a place in the Celestial Kingdom will discover that we must battle DAILY!!!" i love this!! because in this life we are battling the evils of the world to be able to overcome them and enter the celestial kingdom...and so its a DAILY battle, not just a "once a week" battle!!!! we are not part time members, or even part time children of god...ITS A FULL TIME JOB!!!!!!!! i love having this knowledge and this tesimony. 

4) I have learned more of the Living Christ (Presidente Ruiz has asked us all to memorize spanish of course lol but its so cool!!) but to memorize this declaraction and be able to say in my head whenever i want has really strengthened my testimony of MY savior!! HE LIVES AND IS THE REASON FOR ALL WE DO!!!!! i am his representative for this time of life and it is such an honor to be able to wear his name!!!!!!!!!! if you havent read the living christ i invite you to read it and try to memorize it!!!! IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!!!!

well that was about all that happened this week...its another week of amazing work in guatemala!! with corte and tortillas!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

con amor,
Hermana Canty

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