Monday, December 28, 2015

AÑO NUEVO!! 2016

Wow!!! it was so great to talk to you all on Christmas Day!! and look what this week brings, A NEW YEAR!!! i cant believe another year has passed!!!! its crazy how many things happen in a year! 

well i dont have too much to share because we talked about most of it on christmas, so i will give you guys some challenges!!! ;))) with the new year we always like to make goals..and many times we dont complete them for MANY reasons, but this year i want you all to think about a goal, but a SPIRITUAL goal!!! we always want to be much better than we currently are, and that is a process we need to start now! but we also need to keep in mind that we must start with ONE THING AT A TIME. so i hope you can all make at least one spiritual goal for the year of 2016. it can be anything; read the book of mormon everyday, pray morning and night, fast every month, go to all meetings in church, whatever it is..PLEASE MAKE THE GOAL!!!! the thing i have learned most on the mission is that the spritiual goals matter more!!! its so weird because i will have to think about life goals too this year, but the spiritual goals are the most important because they will help acheive all other goals we have. so that is my challenge to you all!! make a spiritual goal and keep it!! :D

also, la familia mejia is doing great!! unfortuantely their little boy got really sick this sunday and couldnt come, but they were so sad they couldnt come. i know that satan is putting lots of trials in their way but i also know that heavenly father is helping them. they read the book of mormon and hermana karla is so excited and loves learning more and more each time we visit them. i know that they are a miracle family and i am so excited to be able to know them and help them. please keep them in your prayers too that they will be able to overcome the trials that they are having right now!! 

i know that this is the work of the lord, if it wasnt, we as missionaries would have already destroyed it, but i am SO THANKFUL for the oportunity that i have to be a representative of jesus christ and to be able to testify every day of his life and his power. like i said when we talked...if you have doubts of that READ THE LIVING CHRIST!!! keep a copy close by so that you can read it anytime. I KNOW he lives and that he is our savior. he truly is the LIVING CHRIST. 

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!:)))) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! :)))) 

con amor,
Hermana Canty

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