Monday, January 4, 2016

Will You Come To Church With Us? :)

I will tell you a little about my week!! :)

we went with Hermana Karla (the wife of the family mejia) this week, and she is passing through LOTS of trials. her little son of 1 yr is really sick and she is also having some health problems that are scaring them and hno gilberto isnt progessing as much as we would all like...but she is doing great!! she told us from the first visit this week that she was going to come to church, and even though they were both sick (her and her son) they came!!!!! :DDDDD she loved it!! i was so happy..not that they were sick..but that EVEN THOUGH they were sick they came to church. she really understood the importance of coming and she felt the spirit! also we went with our district leader to visit her this week and when we got there she was VERY busy! she was running around all day trying to find medicine and this of the sort..and the elders offered to give the baby a blessing. and she accepted. she had so much trust is the power of god and the POWER that the elders have that she accepted without hesitation, she said "i would LOVE that!" she told us that she didnt really understand exactly what is the priesthood but that she knew the blessing would help her baby. it was amazing to see her faith!! i testify that those elders have the power of god to do things like that!! :)) (that same day they actually gave 3 blessings in our area..super cool!!)

also we have another investigator...whose name is also Karla, but we will refer to her as Karla R. she also came to church yesterday!!! :)) the sisters had been teaching her before but stopped..and yesterday was the first time she came to church in the whole time!! it was kinda weird bc her little baby was crying a lot and she didnt get to listen to too much but she really liked it. we are gonna work with her a lot to help her and find members that can help with her baby!! :)) she is really cool!! :) i will keep you all updated on her!! :))

i hope this week goes EXCELENTE for you all!! you are the best family. remember that this year is the year to help our heavenly father in HIS work!! share the gospel at all home and visiting teaching..BE STRONG in the is the ONLY way to find joy in this life AND in the next! i love you all so much!! have a great week!!! :D

con amor,
Hermana Canty

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