Monday, March 23, 2015

Yo quiero Ser Soldado Fiel

Hello family!!!! 

well this was a good one for sure!!!! on thursday we had the opportunity to go to san marcos (the land of cold here in guatemala..its like 2 hours from my area!) for a multi-zone conference!!! it was great!!!!! we were really helped to be better!!!! i love the multi zone conferences bc eventhough we always get a "good talking to" (if you know what i mean lol) we are always made better! i always feel so much better after them, like i can do anything!!!! but one thing we talked about was the general conference and how we are gonna have lots of big plans to help alot of people come to the conference! its so cool to see how big this is here...and to see the invitations they are making for it!!! i hope each of you is preparing for the conference and that you are inviting people already!!!! :)))))) WE HAVE A LIVING PROPHET AND WE GET TO HEAR HIS VOICE!!!!!!!!!!! 

also we had a baptism yesterday! he is the nephew of our ward mission leader and is super cool!!! we had his baptism at 7 am on sunday bc his other uncle came from the captial to baptize him and wasnt coming until late saturday night! so it was kinda a long day but also really special!!!!! :)))))) 

also today we finally had a pday lol what i mean when i say that is we have a new rule in the mission that every week, as a zone, we have to baptize a certain number, our goal as a zone is 4, and if we dont meet that goal we cant have a pday as a zone (like we normally did before). but if we meet the goal or pass the goal we can!!! :) well this week we had 5 baptisms as a zone and it was really cool!!!!! :)))))) we just went to the church to play basketball but still it was nice to play again lol i was picturing in my mind state basketball ;) hahaha so have no fear, i can still play lol

i love being a missionary..even though its hard and a lot of times i dont know what to do, i love it!!! the lord has prepared so many people and its a huge blessing we have to be members of the church! one thing i learned this week is that help from the members with the new converts is ESSENCIAL!!!! they need help..and its our responsibility as members to help them! i have met a lot of less active people who say that if someone had visited them, the situation would be different! so please VISIT THE RECENT CONVERTS!!!!!! 

i love you!! have a great week!!! :)

con mucho amor, 

hermana canty

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