Monday, March 9, 2015


teaching the kids here the "white girl tricks" lol

me and an investigator in mazate! her name is stephany and she is gonna get baptized this week :)

Me with the familiy marroquin! I LOVE THESE PEOPLE!!!! #foreverinmyheart

lourdes and hermana felizamy. last night in mazate..and it rained!!! "the heavens are crying for you!"

me and carmen! :)))


me and hermana rosas and elder kahl! elder kahl is from Colorado and is in my group!! :)

me and my comp! hermana Mendoza!!!

MALACATÁN!!!! :) the new home of hermana canty! (for at least the next 6 weeks!) 

the four hermanas in the zone!!! :) hermana rosas and i are still together hahahaha

a mountain in our area...we have tons of them and had to climb up that to get to a house of some menos activos! (my legs are gonna be ripped after this area lol)

me and the familia GALINDO!!!!! :) (they are amazing!!!!!!)

me a little girl here..she is kinda a terror but is SO ADORABLE!!!! :) so its okay!

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