Monday, August 24, 2015



well today is a beautiful and hot day in the grand city of RETALHULEU!!!!! :))))) yep thats right la hermana canty had changes!! i still cant believe i am here in reu, but here i am and im ready to work! i am in an area called San Carlos. its like 15 min from Reu but we have to come here 3-4 a week so i feel like im in Reu!! my companion is la hermana Romero! she is 19 and is from Nicaragua!! :))) i like it, even though its SUPER different from malacatan! (not gonna lie it was harder to say bye those people than it ever has been in the misison! they were my family for 6 months!!!!!!!) but i am super excited for this area! its super big and there is lots of ground to cover and lots of almas to save!!! :))) (mom your prayers for a new challenge were answered in GRAND measure!!!!)

well this week we had a GREAT opportunity!!! we got to listen to the voice of President Russel M. Nelson. (he was going to come to Xela tomorrow but because a of a storm that is coming in and his health he couldnt come to guatemala, so we watched it live video cast from Honduras!!!!) there are so many things that i learned!!! a few about marriage ;) and a lot about missionary work!!!! :)))) he gave 14 topics to study to help our investigators GO TO THE TEMPLE!!!! the thing here in central america is that there are a TON of male members who dont have the preisthood! and they are menos activo!! so he encouraged us to help them return to the church and RECEIVE the preisthood!!!! he talked alot about family history work (by the way, grandpas work!?) and how we need to help our investigators go to the temple!!! it was so amazing to hear his voice and feel of his spirit, even if we werent in the same room!!!! 

we also got to listen to the area president, Elder Duncan and his wife! and some thing that hermana Duncan said really stuck out to me! she said that our circumstances depend on us!!! life can be hard, unfair, boring, unsuccessful, and everything else bad! but it can also be easy, just, exciting, SUCCESSFUL and everything else GOOD!! it depends on us, and then she said, "CHOOSE JOY!!!!!!!!!" i invite all of you to do the same! no matter the circumstnaces, CHOOSE JOY!! it makes all the difference!! 

but President Nelson said something in the conference that helped me a lot! he was ending his talk and gave us all a blessing. but more he gave our families a blessing. a blessing of HEALTH and PROTECTION!!! i konw that our family is going through something very hard right now, and i know that heavenly father has a will for everything! but i also TRUST in the words of the apostle!!! we will be protected and we will be able to accept the will of God. i know that heavenly father is watching over you all and know that i pray for you everyday! keep praying hard and working hard! I LOVE YOU!!! :))))))) have a great week and know that we are in the work of the lord!!! :))) THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!! :))))


Hermana Canty

ps: there is a video on youtube i think that has the baptisms of the mission reu!!! and its misionretalhuleuAgosto15, i think! im not sure look it up! theyre really cool!!! :)))) LES QUIERO MUCHO!!! :)

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