Monday, August 31, 2015

Small Miracles :)

Hey Hey Hey!! :) its a beautiful SUNNY day here in Reu!! :)) 

well i loved your emails, thank you so much for emailing me each week! i love hearing about how you all are! good luck with ALL activities this week!! :)

anywho! this week was a week of Small Miracles!! :)) it started Tuesday, we were trying to contact this lady who we met last sunday (super cool!) but she wasnt home! and as we were standing outside of her house this other girl passed by and i just felt the need to talk to her so i asked her if she knew where the other lady was, well she didnt and then continued on her way. well as we were standing there waiting to figure out what to do, this guy started whistleing at us, like all the men do here...but the girl who passed by turned around and said, "hes telling you girls to come here" in a joking voice. but we didnt have anything else planned so we walked over there. we went with the mentality that it was just gonna be a weird lesson and nothing was gonna come of it. but it turns out that this girl, whose name is Beatriz, and the guy, Dilan, live together, dont go to a church, and want to learn more. MIRACLES!!!! normally we ignore the men, but we listened! and we found a family!! :)) also to make it even more miraculous, they came to church this sunday!!!!!:)) i know that heavenly father is watching over san carlos! its not an easy area, and there are days where we walk around without finding anyone, but i also know that heavenly father is there with us and has people ready for this gospel!!!! 

also i just want to give a little advice, this week is the elections here in guatemala and things are super crazy haha and so we are buying a bunch of food storage for emergencies! but do we as a family have food storage?? or at least a 72 kit ready and put together?? idk, just htis week i was thinking about that. for 2 days we didnt have electricty and we were a little unprepared for that, abnd it got me thinking about home and if we have the preparations. just a thought... :)))

well this week was a good week, but i dont have too much time!! good thing i have my journal!! ;)) anywho! just want you all to know that God works through many ways! he has a plan and he works by small miracles everyday. keep your eyes open for these miracles and if you can,w rite them down and read them again in a few months! you will be amazed!!! :))) i love you all so much and i am so grateful for you! i love this gospel and my Savior Jesus Christ! he lives and we are in work!! :)) have a great week!!! :))) I LOVE YOU!!

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