Monday, August 10, 2015

Doctrina y Convenios 76:22

"Y ahora, después de los muchos testimonios que se han dado de él, éste es el testimonio, el último de todos, que nosotros damos de él: ¡Que vive!"

Buenas Tardes Familia Canty!!! :))))

how are all of you today!? it sounds like your week was a VERY eventful week!! congrats chance and em on your fair projects!! whit and jeff i am VERY excited to be the aunt of Grayson!!! mom i am so glad you like your night shifts and that you have been able to go to church!! and dad you also deserve a congrats for fair bc i know you helped alot! and now youre gettin ready for school so enjoy your potatoes a little longer!!!! well this scripture that i wrote to you all describes what i have learned this week!!!!!! and it starts with this!!

President Ruiz challenged us to memorize the 1st 4 paragraphs of The Living Christ before the 19 of Agosto!! and i have been memorizing it all week!!! to be honest im not sure if ive ever read it, but i did and now that i am memorizing my testimony is growing so much!!! yesterday i had to give a talk in church (i didnt know i was going to give a talk until the sacrament was being passed.... but thats the life of the missionary right!?) anywho!! i wasnt sure what to talk about but this scripture came to my mind! and so i shared that and basically just bore my testimony!! I KNOW THAT MY REDEEMER LIVES!!! Jesus Christ is the son of God and HE LIVES!!! we are not members of a dead church, we are members of the ONLY TRUE CHURCH on earth! we are members of CHRIST´S church!!! how blessed are we!!!!! it was something that presidente Ruiz said taht got my attention, he said that if we dont gain a testimony of anything else here in the mission we need to gain a testimony that we know that Christ lives!!!! my testimony is FAR from perfect or great or complete but i can say with MORE ASSURANCE now, that i know that Jesus Christ lives!!! (if you havent read The Living Christ, DO IT!!!!!!!) 

also! we saw how much faith can do!!! remember Nancy!? the jovencita who lives 2 hours away and came to church last week!? well she came again!!!! her mom was really sick this week and had to go home to help her and wasnt sure how she would come to church. well we werent sure either, but we did as the scriptures say and we fasted and prayed for her! well Heavenly Father gave her the way! she showed up to church on sunday. and boy did we have lots of questions for her! the first one, "HOW DID YOU GET HERE!?" and she told us that her AND her mom left their house at 5 am and had to catch a bunch of rides to finally make it to a town where a normal car was coming to malacatan!!! THIS GIRL HAS 17 YEARS!!!!!!!!!  and her faith is so much bigger than mine!!!! she trusts so much in the lord and never doubts!!!!!!! if all of us could have the faith of Nancy, WOW!!! miracles!!!! 

also with faith!! our recent convert brandon (he has 10 years) is super pilas!! we werent sure if the member could pass by for him to bring him to church and so we went to get him sunday. but to our surprise when we got to his house he had already left to the church!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and when we got there, sure enough he was there sitting in the front row!!! WOW!!!!! its amazing the effect this gospel has on all of us! it doesnt matter our age! if we have a desire to follow Christ, he will put the way for us to do so!!!! 

lots of things have happened this week, within our family! the news of grandma libby makes me very sad while the news of whit and jeff makes me very happy!! i know that these are all trials and blessings that come from a LOVING heavenly father. may we have the faith sufficient to see the miracels he has prepared and may we follow his commands so that when he needs us we will be prepared!!! 

i love you all so much and am very blessed to be a part of this family!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE SUPPÒRT PRAYERS AND EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are my strength in those tough days!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Con MUCHO amor,

Hermana Canty

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