Monday, June 8, 2015

Meet the Mormones, Malacatan

Buenas Tardes Familia!! :)

well first off...sorry for not sending fotos. its just a lot of the computers have virsuses and i have lost a lot of pics. so i will try to print more off and send them to you, or wait!!:)

but i dont have too much time this week so i will give a brief overview of the week (dont worry im writing in my journal again so i will have all the details there!! :P) but where to start???

1: Hermana Alba
we did an area attack this past week and two of the elders contacted her in her house and she said we could visit her! well we went back and visited her! she is SO PILAS!!!! we taught the restoration and gave her a book of mormon and she is reading it!!! we also challenged her with the date of the 20 of June to get baptized and she accepted it!! and said she was coming to church!!! (#golden investigator) but like a lot of them here...they have family from other churches. sunday morning we called her to tell her we were gonna pass by, and she said that her dad had yelled at her for agreeing to come to church and a bunch of other really bad things. i was so sad for her, bc this lady has seriously felt the spirit!!!!! she has!! and its just the fears of the family that are preventing her! but i nkow that if it is her time to be baptized heavenly father will help!!! we are going to pass by this week to see how we can help! bc when someone has felt somehting like she cannot deny it!! please keep her in your prayers.

2: José Antonio
he is a teenager and is really cool! we met him like 2 weeks ago and he has been super pilas since then! he is having a little trouble with reading his book of mormon! but he is more animated to do it now! and also he came to church!!!! :)))))) its been a while since we have had a positive investigator in church and so we were SUPER happy!!! :))))) we are going to put a fecha with him this week! :) i will keep you posted!

well lots of other things happened, but they can be summed up with, HEAVENLY FATHER LOVES US!!! i have felt his love so much this week! even when the work is hard, when the temptations and trials come, HE LOVES US!!! he never forgets about us and he knows our personal challenges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please trust in him and PRAY to him! talk with him and he will help you! 

i love you all so much and know that i have the greatest family in the whole world!! :))))) thank you all for everything!

Hermana Canty

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