Monday, June 1, 2015

Culebras y Milagros y Nivel 2


well to start i would like to tell you all a story! 

It was tuesday night, after a nice guatemalan rainstorm, and my comp and i were arriving at our house. we were talking about the day we had and the rain and the usual stuff we talk about at night. we walked into our house and turned the lights on (better comp turned the lights on) and we we welcomed home by a lovely SNAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES! a snake was in our house!!! a real, live, slithering, SNAKE! i freaked out and ran up the stairs and so did my comp. but luckily she is a little more brave than i am and she ran to get a broom to kill. (mean while hermana canty stood on the stairs.) and my comp began to try to kill this snake. after about 5 minutes of trying to kill it, it hid itself in a part of our wall and didnt come out. my comp hit it like 3 times really hard and it was we thought it would just die. so we went to bed normal and without thinking to much about it. wednesday were the changes and the 2 other sisters went to reu, so i woke up wednesday and was gonna make pancakes for my comp and i. so i walked down the stairs, and to be honest i was looking for the snake, and what would you know, I FOUND HIM!!!! he was in a corner by the desk of the other sisters!!!! and so hermana canty did what she does best..i called for hermana leon to come and kill it! hahahaha well my comp really is like a jungle worker, bc she killed this snake with 2 brooms!!! and where was hermana canty during all of this....she was standing on a kitchen chair!!! hahahahaha we also called our neighbor to come and help us throw the snake out! and so since that day every time we walk into our house at night we are almost scared to death!!! but thats the joys of the mission!! :)))) 

now to the spiritual part! ;) this week was really good!!! :) our area has been struggling a little bit to find new investigators, so we did an area attack (i think thats what it is in english...its where the zone comes to the area and everybody works in the area for like 2 hours. tracting and trying to find new people!) well we had a lot of success with that!!! :))) we received like 14 references of people to go and contact!! :) and we saw miralces!!! :) my comp and I and some elders worked in a part of our area where we go almost daily !!! but this day we found a new street!! (really not new, but I've never seen it! lol) the Elders went in and worked there and my comp and I worked near there! there was this house super close to this street that we contacted. And that is when we found Flor. we started to talk to her and she told us that she has a friend who is serving a mission (and i actually know her! we met in the ccm!!!! which is kinda weird) and that she has gone to church several times! we only had a short lesson with her, but really the Lord put her our path!! i am super excited to see her progress! its also really cool to see how different people find different parts of areas!!! :)))) 

i am always amazed at the love that heavenly father has for these people! i cant only imagine how great his love is, bc my love for them is really big!! thats the key to missionary work! LOVE!!! thats the key to the gospel, LOVE. i was really sad to hear about Elder L. Tom Perry´s death, but i know that he is happy! i know the only way to have true happiness in this life is through this gospel! thats what the world doesnt understand, it doesnt matter if you are a good person, if you dont enter into the gate of baptism, WITH AUTHORITY, you cant receive the fullness of the blessings Heavenly Father has!!!! i just want to scream in a microphone sometimes to help these people realize that!! but i also know that Heavenly Father has a time and a plan for everyone!! and we are here to LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!! :)))))) 

i love you all so much! thanks for being so great! BE SAFE THIS WEEK!!!! :))) and enjoy summer!!!

Hermana Canty

ps: I HAVE FINALLY PASSED LEVEL 1 WITH MY COMPS! hermana leon is my first comp that i have been with for more than 1 change!!! WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! :)))))

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