Monday, June 15, 2015

And Again I Am Reminded

HELLO FAMILY!!! :)))) oh how are you wonderful people!! :))))))

well i am a REALLY bad daughter because i have been so busy here in Guatemala that i forgot to wish the WORLDS GREATEST DAD EVER a happy Fathers Day! (im so sorry dad, i promise i do love you lol) so in honor of the worlds greatest dad, and the worlds greatest dad-to-be, 

HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!! (dad and jeff!!!)

but anyway, a little about this week!!! so do you remember José Antonio, the joven i talked about last week! well he is our miracle of the week!! :) all week we went with him and tried to put a firm baptism date, but he was a little unsure still. but i knew that we needed to invite him on a sunday, after church! we planned to do that. well sunday came and we called him in the morning and he was already getting ready to go to church. and we showed up at 7:50 (church starts at 8) and he was already there!!!!! and he stayed for all the classes and participated in them too!! well we went to the relief society and he went to the young mens. and i guess there were only 5 young men (1 of which was José Antonio) and so for the batallon mormon that we do every sunday we went to look for the young men who havent been coming! well after church we didnt see jose...he left really fast! and we tried to call him, and nothing! so we were a little worried bc we didnt have a firm cita with him. but we went to the activity, and when we walked in, guess who was sitting the front row, JOSE ANTONIO!!!! our investigator came to visit less active members!!!!! wow!! and he really liked it!! 

and we challenged him with the baptism date, AND HE ACCEPTED!!!! :)))))) i was so happy! ALSO! (sorry so many things happened yesterday!) our ward is going to the temple on saturday, and jose is going with them too!!!!!!!! wow!! how amazing is that! i have really seen the truthfulness of the words of President Hinckley when he said, "every {investigator} needs 3 things, a friend, an asignment, and be nourished by the good word of god." WOW!!! friends (the young men making jose feel at home) the asignment (the batallon mormon) and the word of god (church and the temple) THE WORDS OF THE PROPHETS ARE TRUE!!!! :))) i am so excited for jose antonio!!! :)))}

this week i learned a lot about elevating our spirituality (we had a sisters conference monday and tuesday and that was the theme) and how my eyes have changed! i am half way through my mission, and that terrifies me!!!! but i also still have a lot of time to work in this marvellous work we call missionary work!!! :) i know that our Heavenly Father loves us and is waiting to pour ALL of his blessings on us, if we obey him and let him! he loves all of his children, and how blessed are we to KNOW that we are his children! Keep working hard and TRUSTING in the lord!!! he is aware of each and every one of us!! i love you all so much and am so blessed to have you as my family!!! thank you for everything! have a great week and be safe!!! :)))) I LOVE YOU!!!! :)))))

con mucho amor,

Hermana Canty 

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