Monday, June 22, 2015

Handler´s Miracle Piece


it sounds like you are all doing great...which is what i like to hear!! :) staying busy with all of the camps and trips and everything...whooo hooo!!!! :)) 

well this week was a good one!! :) we are preparing José Antonio for his baptism this weekend!! its also his birthday that day so we are trying to make it super special!! :))) he is really pilas and has such a desire to learn and grow in this gospel!!! :))) also we have had to put in pause some of our investigators, which is sad, but the time of the Lord is precious, and he knows when they will be prepared!! :) speaking of prepared, the Lord has placed PREPARED people in our path! we met like 3 different people this week who are SUPER postive. and i am super excited to see how the gospel helps them!! :)))

but today i want to focus my email on Thursday. we had interviews with Presidente Ruiz that day and so it was a spiritual powerhouse for sure!! :))) he is truly an inspired man, called of God. he knows exactly what to say and share to help each one of us!! (espeically Hermana Canty lol) but also during the interviews we have different workshops! well this week my comp and i were in charge of giving a workshop..SCARY lol but it was about the importance of the holy ghost in conversion! and wow!!! how much i learned from this!! we found a scripture as we were studying that i love!! its in 2 Nephi 33:1

 1 And now I, Nephi, cannot write all the things which were taught among my people; neither am I mighty inwriting, like unto speaking; for when a man speaketh bythe power of the Holy Ghost the  power of the Holy Ghost carrieth it unto the hearts of the children of men.

i love this scripture bc its like us as missionaries, we arent always the most powerful in speaking and writing, but if we have the Holy Ghost, WE CAN DO EVERYTHING!!! i have a HUGE testimony of this, not just with not knowing spanish, but the lord can speak through us if we have the spirit. well that was the basis of our workshop!! :) 

but like the title of my email says, the assistants shared a GREAT story with us!!! it is about Handler (a great musician from a long time ago) and the story is really long but to sum it he was really famous and then got paralysed in half of his body. he tried a lot of things, and a lot of reading in the bible (especially in Isaiah 53) and after some time he was healed. he wasnt as famous as before and was really poor, but had such a testimony in the healing power of the atonement! and so he wrote a new piece, called Messiah! (he wrote this piece in 13 days, and normally to write such a piece takes more than 1 year!!!!!!) and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! and anyway the story goes on and he still doesnt have money, but to earn some money and help people in a debters prision (prision for people who cant pay of their debts) he does a concert to raise money to help free this people from their debts. well he raised so much money that he was able to free 152 people!!!! (we were watching a video of this and listening to Messiah!!) and then in the video they compare it to Jesus Christ. and how he saved all of us from our own personal "debter´s prision" Elder Russell M. Nelson said, (and i love this by the way) "The Lord Jesus Christ paid a debt he didn´t owe because we owed a debt we couldn´t pay." how true that is!!!!! bc of the atonement we are all free from our debts and can be saved!!!!!! handler saved 152 people, while christ saved ALL people!!!! i wish i could send you the video bc its so amazing but hopefully you can look up on youtube the music and see how beautiful it is!!!! 

Presidente talked more about this and the atonement! and we watched a great video from bruce r mckonkie (spelling check...) about his testimony of jesus christ, and wow!!!! HE KNOWS CHRIST!!!!! i hope to one day have a testimony just as strong as his!!! i know that my savior jesus christ loves me and is there to help me 100% of the way!! he truly is the SAVIOR and REDEEMER of the world!! how lucky we are to know this truth!! i know that only through this church we can recieve ALL the blessings that God has for us. and i know that the Lord LOVES US SO MUCH MORE THAN WE CAN IMAGINE!!!!!! 

thank you all for everything!!!!! have a great and enjoy your summer and the trips and everything!! :)))) I LOVE YOU!!!! :))) 

Hermana Canty

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