Monday, June 29, 2015

Muy Buenas Tardes

Muy buenas tardes!! :))) espero que todos estén felices y saludables!! :)))))

well this week was a good one!! for starters, we have another meeting with Presidente Ruiz on wednesday! and he talked to us about the Divine Law and Repentance!! (SUPER GREAT!!!) he said something that i REALLY liked, he said, we will all experience our personal Gethsemane. and it is in THAT moment that we come to appriciate the saviors sacrifice more fully!" he also told us, "if you ever think, ´how would i have acted in the times of Jesus´ look at how you are now, ITS THE SAME!" wow!! how i love Presidente Ruiz! those two phrases just hit me! its true, every one of us will at some point in our lives have our "personal Gethsemane" and it is in that moment that we need to turn to the Lord and TRUST in him and USE his atonement!! im sure you all can think of at least a small Gethsemane that you have had to suffer, i invite you all to look at how you reacted, did you turn to the lord or turn away from him!? either way, how can you better prepare yourselves for the NEXT Gethsemane that you will have to do!?

This week has been a week of miracles and small trials. trial and miracle #1 JOSE ANTONIO was baptized!!!!!!! :))))) the service was so spiritual and so beautiful!! but he came late to sacrament meeting and wasnt confirmed.... so we will wait til this sunday!! trial and miracle #2 im a little sick, but the lord is STRENGTHENING THE WEAK!!!! and i have been able to work!!! :))))

but i want to share a quick story with you!! so i hope you all remember Alba (the reference that the elders gave us who is REALLY positive!!) well we went with her yesterday (she didnt come to church again....) and i asked her if she knew that hte church adn the book of mormon were true. and she said, YES! i have prayed and i have even cried bc ive been so happy! and i had a dream!! well she began to tell us the dream she had it goes like this:

we were in her internet, and we were talking, but i was crying. and she asked me why i was crying and i told her that i was so happy that i didnt have words! but that i was also sad. and i just cried, laughed, and cried again! 

and then she woke up! but as she was telling us this dream, i just felt so full of love for this sister!!!! i am so happy that she has recieved an answer to her prayers and knows its true! but also sad bc she hasnt physically showed that faith (by coming to church) and so now that is her challenge, to come to church and forget the fears!! :))) 

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!! its the greatest thing i have ever done! and it makes me sad to think that i have so little time left, but also makes me work harder so that when i finish i have no "what ifs" I KNOW THIS CHURCH IS TRUE!!!! i know that Jesus Christ is my savior and the savior of ALL of us!! i love you all so much and hope you continue to press forward and be strong!! :) I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Canty

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