Monday, February 1, 2016

I Stand All Amazed

i hope everyone is doing well and that you arent freezing your toes off!! :)) im just sitting here..baking like a vanilla cake in the oven!! :) but its all worth it!!

well about my week...KAREN GARCIA GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!! :DDDD it was the craziest experience i have had on the mission...she came to church last sunday, we had our first lesson on tuesday, interview on wednesday, she was baptized saturday, and she was confirmed sunday!!! WOW!!!! (it happened like that because she had already had attendences and SHE WAS PREPARED BY THE HAND OF THE LORD!!!) the whole week i just stood in shock because i couldnt beleive what was happening. everything fit so perfectly together..that there is NO doubt that this is GOD´S work and not ours. She would not have been able to be baptized without the lord´s help. but like always satan tries to come in. we were in her baptism and she had changed into her clothes and we were about to start but she started feeling really sick and looked like she was going to pass out. (she has a small problem with convulsing and she felt the same symptoms that she feels right before she usually does it so we were a little worried...) but then a thought came to my mind..."give her a blessing." so we asked out district leader to give her a blessing...and in the blessing he promised that the lord wanted her to do this and that she would be able to complete this ordenance. it was really a special blessing. almost immediately after the blessing she felt and looked a lot better! and the rest of the baptism was great!!!! also she was confirmed on sunday and even brought her little girl to church. i still dont really beleive that it happened because like i was a true miracle..and they usually blow your just know that the lord is working in the vineyard of Mazatenango.

he is also working in the ENTIRE vineyard of the Mission Retalhuleu!! this month the theme was 200+++! and that was our goal as a mission. MORE THAN 200 BAPTISMS!! in Novemeber Elder Alonso, the 2nd counselor in the area presidency, came to the mission and told us that we "are a mission of 200 or more every month." and it took us 2 months to fulfill that promise, but we did it. we finished the month of January with 203 new converts, and SOULS saved!!! it is so amazing to be apart of the lords work. i know with out a doubt that hte lord is wokring here...presidente and all of us missionaries have been working so hard to eliminate the bad things in our lives and trust in the lord more throught FASTING AND PRAYING! and to see the lords words somethign so amazing. that again...i dont quite understand.

i love being a missionary, i know that hte lord has always worked in my life and has truly performed MANY miracles throught it, but as a missionary i see miracles in a different way. they are the SMALL miracles everyday that make the difference. in like in basketball...the last 3 piont shot in the last 5 seconds doesnt win the game...even though most people like to think so...its the CONSTANT effort throughout the entire 32 mintues..every pass..every play..every point..that truly win the game. thats the miracles in the mission...the miracle we saw this week of karen is one that is so big i dont understand...but the constant small miracles that i see everyday (when someone lets us into their house..when the investigator keeps his committments..when we eat our favorite food) that have truly converted me. i know with all my heart that this is the work of the lord...and i am just a small simple missionary and instrument in his hands. like the song says, "I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me, confused at his grace that so fully he profers me," the lord loves me, and he loves these people and THATS why we do his work.

I LOVE YOU!!!! have a great week!!! :))))

con amor,
Hermana Canty

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