Monday, February 8, 2016

Casa De Gringas y Cucarachas


boy do i have lots to tell you all, so lets get started..

FIRST, changes were this week...and guess what. I HAVE MY FIRST GRINGA (WHITE) COMP IN 15 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!! its so wierd and i love it. her name is hermana gunderson. she is from chicago and has like 4 1/2 months in the mission. also fun fact..she read my blog before the mission so we were basically already friends lol she is so pilas!! this is the first comp ive had in a LONG time that has tried hard so to be obedient. its a LOT funner to do it with your companion. ive tried all my mission, but its like 2 cows pulling a wagon..when only one pulls hard and the other doesnt it makes it kinda difficult. well now the 2 cows are pulling together and the wagon is beginning to roll!! :DDDDD its really weird to walk around with another white girl..we draw a lot of attention... lol

SECOND..we had a lesson with la familia cardenas this week that could have been filmed for the district videos. (it was THAT powerful) we went with our district leader and wow was the spirit so strong. Hermana Jimi told us that he wants to get baptized now, and hermana mildred just wants to recieve an answer. they have a fecha for the 20 of Feb so keep them in your prayers please. this family is SO special to me!!!

THIRD..we had an investigator Giovani in church yesterday! we met him like 2 weeks ago and then he kinda disappeared but yesterday morning we were passing for some investigators and no one was home or was gonna come and we thought of him and after waking him up...he came to church with us! and he loved it!! he also accepted fecha for 20 of Feb!! he is so believing. like he doesnt have a ton of knowledge of churchy things but he believes so easily and wants to know the truth! :D

FOURTH..i realized something yesterday in church. it was testimony meeting and every person who went up but 1 was a sister. as i realized that i remembered the talk from general conference in octuber from elder nelson when he talked about the importance of the women in the church and how we need women who can testify with CONVICTION and POWER to help build the church. that made me so grateful for the testimony i have obtained in my life, and especially on the mission. but something else i realized that made me sad is that ONLY ONE brother shared his testimony. the men of the church hold the power of god and should share their testimonies always!!!! i think lots of times we take for granted the testimonies that we have. so dad and chance..share your testimonies!!!!! :))) and everyone else too!! THE POWER OF A SIMPLE TESTIMONY CHANGES LIVES!!!!

i love this work. it is truly the greatest work that their is in the world and we are all a part of it. i know my savior lives and loves me and that these guatemaltecos are his children. I LOVE THE CHAPINES!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope this week goes great for all of you and that you know how much i love you. :))))

con amor,
Hermana Canty

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