Monday, February 29, 2016

Hazme Andar en La Luz

HELLO FAMILY!!!! :)))) happy leap year!!! :D 

well so many amazing miracles happened this week so we will get started!!

WE REACHED LEVEL TWO!!! level two means that the investigators get thier SECOND asistence at church...Hno José came to church yesterday!!! we were really happy because we have a lot of investigators who have only one asistence and yesterday we left level one!!! :))) we were super happy to see him!! (yesterday was just a great day in church!!!!) 

also remember the family we found last sunday!? well the wife came to church yesterday! her name in Janeth and she is SO positive!!!!! we went with her and her family a few times this week and everytime she was so great and expressed her big desires to come to church..and she did!! and she stayed for all of the classes!!!!!! :)))) we went with her last night to challenge them to baptism..and she was a little hesitant but i know with some work she can do it. we had 2 lessons in one. one of which was WAY great!!and the other..was not. to make a very long story short lets just say that i am so greatful for the restoration. last night the husband of janeth was expressing a lot of doubts he had and wasnt too willing to accept the invitation to pray. after a long time of him expressing some of his beliefs and doubts about the church we just felt prompted to TESTIFY. (in short..) we do not ask people to throw away what they know, we ask them to ADD to the light they already have and strengthen it. we invite them to clear the darkness away and find the TRUE light. i KNOW that joseph smith saw God and Jesus Christ and that they restored the church through him. i KNOW that the book of mormon is the only way to know the truth and if we really read it with real intent and not doubting..god WILL answer. i KNOW this church is the ONLY church that has the authority to act in God´s name and perform saving ordinances. after testifying to him we left them the invitation to pray..and something that has always broken my heart in the mission is when the people FEEL the spirit and dont accept it. like it says in 2 Nephi 33:1-2 " the power of the Holy Ghost carrieth it unto the hearts of the children of men...but behold, there are many that harden their hearts against the Holy Spirit.." its so true. the spirit brings the words UNTO our hearts..but if we harden our hearts it wont have an effect. i am so grateful to have felt the spirit. i felt it so strongly and so did hermana gunderson and so i KNOW they felt it. we cant harden our hearts. but i know that if he really does pray about the things we said..he can feel it to. 

but the most amazing thing that happened this week...THE FAMILIA CARDENAS GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we hadnt seen them for almost 2 weeks and on monday we were really worried bc Jimmy had a fecha for the 27 so we decided to pass by their house and we saw them! but we were there for like 5 minutes when jimmy told us, "so hermanas we are still good for the 27 right!?" we were was surprised but of course super happy!! he then whispered.."mildred is also getting baptized!" now that REALLY shocked us!! the last time we had talked to her she said no. well then mildred came and jimmy told us she was getting baptized..and she was like, "NO." we were kinda surprised..and didnt want to make the situation weird so we just sat there like...uhhh okay :) but then on tuesday morning we get a call from jimmy telling us to call mildred. and so we did..and she told us, really quietly, "hermanas im getting baptized on saturday too!" and we had to ask her to repeat it! but she was so excited! and of course so were we!! we made all of the preparations and on saturday we had one of hte most spiritual and beautiful baptismal services EVER!!! there were some speed bumps on the way...(as they were pulling into the church they hit a car and were a little flustered by that) but it turned out great. a bunch of members came to support and hermana gunderson and i did a special musical number, to mildred´s (and my) favorite hymn! "teach me to walk in the light" it was super pretty!! and to make the baptism complte...on sunday we showed up to church like 5 mintues before and they were already sitting there...IN SUNDAY DRESS!!! like he had a white shirt and tie..WITH A TIE PIN, and she was in the cutest shirt and skirt...with sleeves and the skirt was long!!! I ALMOST CRIED WHEN I SAW THEM!!!! they were confirmed and we have a FHE with them tonight to help them start that habit!! i seriously love this fmaily and am so grateful to be apart of their lives. 

what i learned this week is that baptism truly does set people free. my testimony in the priesthood and revelation grew so much this week. as missionaries we walk around in the middle of people who are trapped by sin and sorrow...but as we teach them and they get baptized they drop those chains and are FREE!!!! :DDD i love being amisisonary. i love you all too!! and good luck with everything this weekend! i hope it goes well and that we get some good wins!! ;) LOVE YOU!!!

con amor

Hermana Canty

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